smartboyhwzequence, how many tests have you done?10:05
smartboyhwlen-1304, any spare time to do some testing?10:07
smartboyhwbah I can't mark an ISO ready:(10:10
smartboyhwDamn the etherpad is too slow to load10:14
Tm_Tzequence, smartboyhw: you were in need of ops?10:25
smartboyhwTm_T, well at least I want to be op. I am in constant need to change the topic of channel. zequence is the project lead and hedeserves op rights...10:30
smartboyhwzequence, give me a confirmation that https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/Beta2/UbuntuStudio is OK.10:42
smartboyhwzequence, the amd64 has passed the Mandatory testcases. I am considering to just mark it ready. The post-installation thing will take some time.10:45
smartboyhwEspecially when the person who tested the install didn't do the live and post-install10:46
smartboyhwAlmost accidentally deleted the beta 1 announcement:P11:07
Tm_Tsmartboyhw: it was an almost accident that you deleted it? (;11:09
smartboyhwTm_T, actually I accidentally deleted it and I undone the deletion11:10
smartboyhwIt's back anyway11:10
smartboyhwAnd soon I will want somebody to change chan topics again:(11:10
Tm_TI've been hoping zequence to nudge me so I would handle the rights11:11
smartboyhwTm_T, I want zequence to tell me things too:P11:12
smartboyhwzequence, I passed the post-installation for amd64. I will be marking Ubuntu Studio amd64 installation ready.11:26
smartboyhwDinner time11:32
* smartboyhw wonders where is zequence today12:20
smartboyhwzequence, all tests for i386 are complete. I have marked the i386 image ready. In total the installation ones are all ready. However the upgrades are a bit of a problem.12:33
smartboyhw!testers-#ubuntustudio-devel is <reply> smartboyhw, len-1304, Len-nb, zequence please help to do some testing12:34
smartboyhwTm_T, approve that:P12:34
zequencesmartboyhw: Upgrading works, but is not perfect. I did two upgrades yesterday.12:39
smartboyhwzequence, yep. We need to do the ones upgrading from an image.12:39
smartboyhwzequence, which arch do you want to do?;P12:40
smartboyhwAnd is the release notes OK?12:40
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "And are the release notes OK?"12:40
smartboyhwTm_T, here's zequence:)12:41
zequencesmartboyhw: Are you going to do one of the upgrade tests? You choose the arch. I can do both, but I need to install Quantal first12:42
smartboyhwzequence, me too I need to install Quantal first12:43
smartboyhwamd64 for me then12:43
smartboyhwzequence, please help to do i386:)12:43
zequencesmartboyhw: I think you should add that upgrading, while it will work, may introduce some issues to some people. So, upgrading is not the recommended way to install 13.0412:43
smartboyhwzequence, yep. Later then12:43
zequencesmartboyhw: Ok. I'll do the i386 then12:44
zequencesmartboyhw: Looking at how the testing has gone so far, I'm not sure the beta will be released on time12:45
smartboyhwzequence, thanks12:45
smartboyhwzequence, why?12:45
zequencesmartboyhw: Cause not everyone is ready yet. And, that is not strange, because of the delay we had12:45
zequenceBut, it does seem like we can make it anyhow12:46
smartboyhwzequence, I do agree. Thank God we completed the image ones12:46
Tm_Tzequence: I could hand the channel founder rights to you and op rights to smartboyhw, is that ok for you?12:46
zequenceTm_T: Sounds good12:46
Tm_Tthanks, will do when I arrive home (:12:47
zequenceTm_T: Thanks12:47
smartboyhwTm_T, thanks!12:47
smartboyhwzequence, updated the release notes.12:49
zequencesmartboyhw: Looks good :)12:50
smartboyhwNow a shower while 12.10 install12:50
smartboyhwzequence, how's your upgrade testing going?13:21
len-1304smartboyhw, sorry, ran out of time last night. Got the live done and have been running the post install test, which is mostly ok too.13:29
smartboyhwlen-1304, I did it already:) However it is good that you do a double-check:)13:30
len-1304I do need to do another install though. but it would have to wait a few hours at least13:30
* len-1304 has to do his days work first13:30
smartboyhwlen-1304, no worries:)13:32
len-1304Anyway, while I would never call things complete, 13.04 seems to finished so far as what we set out to do this cycle.13:35
smartboyhwlen-1304, +113:35
smartboyhwAs zequence says, it's high time we plan for 13.10 (S-cycle)13:35
len-1304does it make sense for the settings manager to handle sysadmin as well as settings?13:40
len-1304zequence, ^^13:40
len-1304The way xubuntu has done their settings manager, some things that logically belong in System are now in the settings manager. In my opinion, if we are going to do that then all the system stuff should be there.13:43
len-1304or none of it.13:44
smartboyhwlen-1304, I think we should stick to Xubuntu.13:44
smartboyhwNow is the time of reality of upgrades13:45
len-1304Menu settings will upgrade gracefully, they are not like panel settings :)13:46
smartboyhwzequence, my test is done and is OK I think. No GTK error here13:47
smartboyhws/GTK/LightDM GTK Greeter/13:47
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "zequence, my test is done and is OK I think. No LightDM GTK Greeter error here"13:47
len-1304However, it does not make sense that software install is in settings as an example.13:47
len-1304If I was to move the few remaining System apps into the settings manager things would be more consistent and make more sense.13:49
len-1304The settings manager already has a System area in  it, and I think that if there was no System submenu, people would automatically choose the setting manager as the place to look for system kinds of things.13:52
len-1304In my daily use of xubuntu, I have found that I often look in the wrong place for a system tool, it might be in settings or it might be in settings.13:53
smartboyhw"it might be in settings or it might be in settings!?"13:53
len-1304sorry one of those should be system13:54
zequenceI think probably user settings should be in settings, and system wide settings in system13:55
len-1304Ok, so not like xubuntu then13:55
zequenceI'm also asking myself if Xubuntu works with XFCE on making any changes on the settings manager13:55
len-1304The settings manager is really just a menu. It has a menu file just like the main menu.13:56
zequenceCause that is more like a mix of things13:56
len-1304The problem is that a lot of system apps include settings as a category.13:56
=== jta is now known as jta_MoBuff
len-1304and a lot of settings include system as a category.13:57
=== jta_MoBuff is now known as JTa
smartboyhwzequence, how's the testing?13:58
zequencesmartboyhw: I'll do it when I have time. I don't use a virtual install, cause it doesn't affect hardware diffs14:01
zequencehardware related diffs14:01
smartboyhwzequence, I went through some old Ubuntu Studio IRC logs + Mailing list archives, and I can't seem to find when Scott actually became Project Lead...14:07
zequencesmartboyhw: I've never asked him: I wasn't around at the time. ttoine or perhaps holstein would know14:14
zequenceastraljava too perhaps?14:14
smartboyhwzequence, hmm14:14
smartboyhwOld history:P14:14
smartboyhwEr Tm_T clearly didn't approve it for me:(14:16
smartboyhwThis factoid will be useful in future14:16
zequencesmartboyhw: Don't think he has come home yet14:16
smartboyhwzequence, one interesting thing: Edubuntu has their own council right? They have 5 council members but only 7 Edubuntu members (LOL)14:16
smartboyhwVery interesting14:17
zequencesmartboyhw: I think it shows that we flavors need more people involved14:18
smartboyhwzequence, not like that in Kubuntu14:19
smartboyhwwe got 55 Kubuntu members (including me)14:19
zequenceyes, Kubuntu is doing well14:19
smartboyhwBut the others, not14:19
smartboyhwI think it is thanks to Canonical's support in the early days + rep of KDE14:19
ttoinezequence, I think scott became the natural leader after Cory give up14:22
smartboyhwttoine, just like zequence became the natural leader after scott give up? 14:23
smartboyhwThat seems to be the way to born an Ubuntu Studio Project Lead 14:23
ttoinesmartboyhw, something like that, yes14:23
smartboyhwKubuntu teaches me a lot of things14:24
smartboyhwe.g. How to package, how to do seed management, the importnace of copyright file, etc.14:24
smartboyhwttoine, well if our team doesn't grow that will be the process in the future:P14:25
smartboyhwzequence, would it be wise to mark the upgrade testcases ready?14:27
zequencesmartboyhw: I'd rather do them first. I'm just about to start working on that14:29
smartboyhwzequence, well OK then:)14:29
zequenceIt seems like we've had a bit of help with a couple of test cases14:29
smartboyhwzequence, just mark it after you finish it14:30
zequencenicks I don't recognize14:30
smartboyhwzequence, yes:)14:30
smartboyhwThe install ones14:30
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "merejomusic"14:30
smartboyhwHe did post on Google+ that he thinks 13.04 is the best (he has been using it since 8.04)14:30
zequenceAh yes. It's him14:31
zequenceHe seems quite pleased with 13.0414:31
smartboyhwzequence, you should be happy about that:)14:32
zequencesmartboyhw: Oh, I just remembered yet another important change with 13.04. Two bugs are fixed. Let me get them for you..14:33
smartboyhwzequence, bang14:33
smartboyhwStill time to update it though14:33
smartboyhwWhich two?14:33
zequencebug #95643814:33
ubottubug 956438 in jackd2 (Ubuntu Quantal) "jackdbus crashes on stop" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95643814:33
ttoinesmartboyhw, I think too that in small Open Source projects, people contributes for some time, then do something else, etc... and often, the one with the most time to spend become the leader ;-)14:33
smartboyhwAh that bug and?14:33
smartboyhwttoine, +114:33
* smartboyhw clearly isn't one:P14:33
zequenceThis is soon fixed in both Quantal and Raring too, but is one very important one for audio folks14:34
smartboyhwzequence, s/Raring/Precise you mean?!14:34
zequencesmartboyhw: Yes14:35
zequencebug #116363814:35
ubottubug 1163638 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "fails to release card to jack" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116363814:35
zequenceI'm preparing the SRU process for this bug. That report is a part of that14:36
zequenceIt is fixed in pulseaudio 3.0, which is shipped with raring14:36
smartboyhwzequence, good:)14:36
zequenceWith a little luck, both will be fixed in Precise and Quantal at around Raring release time, so in effect, all of them will work as well for audio more or less14:38
zequencestill, worth mentioning in the release notes14:38
zequencejackd 1.9.9 fixes #956438, and pulseaudio 3.0 fixes 116363814:39
smartboyhwzequence, OK14:39
smartboyhwzequence, we also got a new tester plimptm14:45
smartboyhwzequence, and it seems that he doesn't find your problem...14:45
smartboyhwzequence, how's the testing?15:37
* smartboyhw suddenly notices that zequence is away:(15:37
smartboyhwzequence, I am switching to mobile. See ya15:40
=== ubuntu-studio is now known as zequence-q
zequence-qAnother thing we really need to look at for next cycle is why we install both -generic and -lowlatency for i38615:45
smartboyhwHello zequence-q:)15:45
smartboyhwzequence: I think maybe the -pae problem15:45
zequence-qI would guess that is it too15:46
zequence-qah, upgrading won't upgrade the proprietary nvidia driver I think15:47
zequence-qI'm seeing it is being installed by default on 12.1015:47
zequence-qIt's called nvidia-current, but such a package does not exist in 13.0415:47
zequence-qSomeone already  mentioned this i think15:48
smartboyhwBTW I updated the release notes with the bugs15:48
smartboyhwAnd I got my announcement ready;)15:48
zequence-qsmartboyhw, Great15:48
smartboyhwzequence: So how's the upgrade?16:00
Tm_Tno I'm not slow16:07
smartboyhwTm_T LOL16:08
=== ubuntu-studio is now known as zequence-r
smartboyhwzequence-r: How's it?16:14
zequence-rsmartboyhw, Just about to upgrade to raring16:14
zequence-rTm_Tsudapium,  Terve16:15
Tm_Tsudapiumzequence and smartboyhw, all should be set (:16:15
zequence-rok. thanks!16:16
smartboyhwIt works16:17
zequence-rMaybe only raring gets this problem. From /var/log/syslog .. "No volume groups found"16:19
zequence-rIt's not finding my partitions16:19
zequence-rHas happened before, but it doesnt happen every time16:19
zequence-rI will reboot and try again16:20
zequenceI'm unable to do the upgrade on this machine, so I will need to repeat the procedure on another :(16:28
smartboyhwzequence: Damn why?16:28
zequencethe partition manager isn't able to scan my disk16:29
zequenceMay be a raring only bug, which might has something to do with having many logical volumes16:30
zequenceI have something like 8 different OSs installed here, out of which 6 are for Ubuntu Studio testing16:30
smartboyhwWhat the...16:30
smartboyhwzequence: Two for kernels at least?16:31
zequenceCould be the same bug that em guy had who was here and on #ubuntu-installer yesterday16:31
zequencesmartboyhw: Both archs, 3 releases16:31
zequence= 616:31
smartboyhwzequence: wow16:31
smartboyhwzequence: Find the backlog of yesterdays #ubuntu-installer channel at irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/04/0316:32
zequencesmartboyhw: I have it in my own irssi log, but thanks :)16:32
=== smartboyhw_ is now known as smartboyhw
smartboyhwzequence: How's the upgrade test?17:39
zequencesmartboyhw: Soon finished17:40
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "Yay"17:40
zequenceYat works surprisingly well too :D17:41
zequencelen-1304: I'm thinking more about links to IRC, forums and stuff like that. If we want more participants, it may be smart to make those links really visible. The first step is really that people come in contact with us. We should add a couple of links to the desktop at least17:46
zequenceI'll want to make more work on the website too, to make it easier for users to get in touch with us, and realize they could help, if they want, etc17:47
zequenceThe installer is already great, when it comes to this17:47
zequenceMaybe a bit of text editing would be in order though. But, that's just details17:47
zequencebtw, probably not that many here are on the forums that often. I know I'm not (I was only for a short period)17:48
zequenceIt has a lot of activity17:48
zequenceI think by far more than any other of our communication channels17:49
smartboyhwI am, but not that active now17:49
zequenceI'm going to pay more attention to the forums from now on. That is really where we get to interact with most users, apart from our website and social sites17:49
zequencemail list and IRC are important too, but they have much less traffic17:50
smartboyhwzequence: Did you report your upgrade result to the ISO QA Tracker718:00
zequencesmartboyhw: I'm doing it now. I'll let you know when I'm done18:04
zequencelen-1304: Actually, I had another look at the menu, and realized, system is probably used for applications that are somehow related to the system - not making settings for it, while settings is all about adjusting settings, not matter if global or not18:05
zequenceBut, it still doesn't look perfectly organized18:06
zequencesmartboyhw: I'm going to mark it failed, since the lightdm-gtk-greeter theme is not correctly updated18:08
zequencesmartboyhw: But, it's ok to release anyway18:08
zequenceI'm just going to make a bug report about this18:08
zequenceWell, it's the same bug as before really18:16
zequenceJust one less error this time18:16
zequenceI've marked them ready18:17
zequencesmartboyhw: ^18:18
smartboyhwzequence: OK18:27
zequencehmm, seems the greeter bug is actually not because of the upgrade at all (well, not the theming anyway)18:53
zequenceIt looks bad on the live ISO even, when you log out18:54
Len-nbzequence, That makes sense. But take a look at what xubuntu has in settings. There are a few things in setting that don't belong. Like install this to your hard drive should really be in system not settings.21:59
zequenceI deleted all my blog posts by mistake22:28
zequence3 of them22:28
zequenceSeeing words like "do you want to delete all.." should make alarm bells go off, but apparently not for me22:29
zequenceAh, they were only trashed. Got them un-deleted23:46

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