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Noskcajcan someone test the xubuntu raring beta 2 iso's, they release tomorrow and need testing07:30
Noskcajskellat, about bug 761094, shouldn't you make a new one if it's a different thing that happens?07:37
ubottubug 761094 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) ""Download updates while installing" checkbox does nothing" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76109407:37
skellatNoskcaj: Just got up this morning.  Just filed new bug, attached to report, and fixed said thingie.12:31
knomepleia2, any way you could handle b2 release notes/announcement?13:28
knome    Documentation is updated to 13.0413:48
knome    New version of Catfish (0.6.1) is included and fixes a lot of bugs13:48
knome    More updates for the Greybird theme13:48
knomeanything else we want to mention in the b2 release notes?13:49
knome/ announcement13:49
knomei've create a release announcement in xubuntu.org, anybody in the team can go fix and extend13:50
ochosiknome: updates for greybird? that might be misleading because of the obvious visual regressions in the login-dialog and some other gtk3 apps (unless v1.1.1 has been uploaded)14:12
knomeochosi, feel free to edit that point then. we did do some fixes artwork-wise for b2, right?15:49
skellatNone that got uploaded in time as far as I am aware15:52
ochosiyeah, from b1 to b2 i don't think there's any difference16:00
ochosiknome: ^16:00
knomeochosi, fortunately you have x.org access ;)16:02
skellatAnd I just did an apt-get source on shimmer-themes to see about doing quick fixes then a repack16:05
skellatIt wouldn't make it into Beta 2 but hopefully into Final16:06
knomeskellat, you should cooperate with ochosi on getting the themes fixed "upstream"16:06
skellatIs upstream on Launchpad or elsewhere?16:06
knomeskellat, even direct upload access to the repositories could be fine.16:06
knomecode is at https://github.com/shimmerproject/16:06
knomebut the upstream is ochosi too...16:07
knomeso... no reason not to fix it there16:07
skellatI've been told it is lunch time so I'll let things roll with the stuff on Github.  Once that's set we can roll from there.16:08
* pleia2 just woke up16:10
knomegood morning sunshine!16:10
* pleia2 yawns and goes for coffee16:18
pleia2looks like we have some articles to write :(16:20
pleia2my fiance is out of town this weekend, so I have some time16:23
pleia2some errands to run, and sunday I have a class, but otherwise16:23
knomenot sure how much time i will have, but on my late nights probably some hours16:25
knome(at least)16:25
pleia2ochosi: are you able to write an article or two?16:25
knometwo? huhu16:26
pleia2I'll have to dig through the piles of articles I wrote for FCM 16:26
knomei'm wondering if there's something on our blogs we could possibly reuse16:26
knomemaybe this? http://open.knome.fi/2012/12/12/community-to-developer-communication/16:27
pleia2I dunno16:27
knomeme neither16:27
knomeit could possibly be part of some community/contribution article16:27
pleia2window resizing?16:27
knomethat? http://open.knome.fi/2012/10/08/open-source-benefits-for-students/16:28
knomedunno how it fits.16:28
pleia2not so much16:28
knomeor possibly http://open.knome.fi/2012/05/30/why-do-i-contribute-to-open-source/16:28
knomethat's not too long though16:28
knomeand overlaps with one existing article a bit16:28
knomei think i'm writing too boring articles for end users :P16:29
knomeanyway, i think i'm off for now16:30
knomepleia2, can you take care of publishing the blog article on b2?21:30
knomepleia2, thanks.21:40
knomei need to go to bed soon, so i won't be around to do that in any case21:40
knomethe article is pretty much ready though21:40
pleia2ok :)21:41
knomeoookay, i'm out21:42
knomesee you later! :)21:42

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