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inductiveloadhi! i'm looking to rebase a branch of a repo onto the current head, but i'm not sure how to go about it. the branch is question is here: https://code.launchpad.net/~inductiveload/lubuntu-artwork/lubuntu-artwork12:55
inductiveloadall i have on this machine is a checkout of that branch, though12:57
rihnapstorhow to check bzr version ?13:01
Pengrihnapstor: "bzr version"13:16
jelmerinductiveload: rebase doesn't work very well in checkouts, so you may want to unbind it first14:01
mgzor just merge in trunk14:01
jelmerinductiveload: after that, just "bzr rebase /path/or/url/to/upstream/branch" should do the trick14:01
jelmermerge is usually a better idea, indeed :)14:02
inductiveloadhmm, ok, i did a merge already (to an older head), so I can do that again14:06
mgzare you settled yet jelmer, or still a-roving?14:08
Kakaduif i have a repo which is on the revision 5. Than I execute `bzr update` and there are some changes. How can I checkout *last* revision?14:25
Kakadu(It is automatization script so executing `bzr log` and looking for the latest number is not mine variant)14:26
Kakadu(I can parse log output but I want something more simple)14:27
mgzupdate does update the tree14:31
KakaduI thought about that but it seems that `update` doen't. `bzr revert -rN` prints changes when switching revision and does not if N is the same revision. So I do `revert -r5` than `update` and than `revert -r5`. Nothing is printed. So, it seems that `bzr update` does not change revision number.14:33
mgzwhat's you actual setup? just a standalone branch? lightweight checkout?14:34
KakaduI executed `bzr branch lp:ubuntu/ocaml-syck` and so some experiments14:35
Kakadus/so /do /14:35
mgzyou probably just don't want to use revert14:35
mgzthat changes the tree contents, but doesn't change the revision14:36
mgzeg, instead, do `bzr branch -r5 lp:ubuntu/ocaml-syck` then cd in and do update - the right thing happens14:36
KakaduI want to simulate situation when `bzr update` have added added information about some new commits14:36
mgzor, `bzr pull` rather there14:37
mgzupdate is for checkouts really14:37
KakaduGot it!14:38
Kakadumgz: many thanks14:38
LarstiQmgz: my offer on providing you with some snow still stands, btw ;)14:53
mgzha! sun today14:55
mgzwe did get some snow falling this week, but it hasn't stuck14:56
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