vexcan anyone help me understand why this upload failed? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/136200636/upload_4468458_log.txt01:00
StevenKWhat's your Component line in your control file?01:01
vex:/ I don't have a Component line01:02
wgrantIt's part of the Section line01:02
wgrantIt looks like you have "Section: 9.0/something"01:02
StevenKWhich is bong01:02
wgrantThat's parsing a changes file01:02
StevenKvex: Yes, don't do that.01:02
wgrantvex: What's that 9.0 doing therE?01:02
vexfor.. the dev package.01:02
StevenKwgrant: Yeah, dpkg will helpfully just put whatever you have in the .changes01:03
wgrant9.0 is a version, not a component01:03
wgrantUsually you'd omit the component from the control file01:03
StevenKSoyuz is strict about it01:03
wgrantSo just "Section: libdevel"01:03
vexidk why it's there. I'll remove it.01:03
vexthanks :)01:03
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TheLordOfTimecan someone provide me a sample dput.cf entry for PPAs?  my dput.cf went and poofed itself into nonexistence.04:41
wgrantTheLordOfTime: The default Ubuntu dput.cf has everything you need04:48
tsimpsonTheLordOfTime: you can just use a ppa url with dput ppa:<lp_username>/<ppa>04:48
wgrantdput ppa:USER/PPA whatever.changes04:48
* TheLordOfTime shrugs04:49
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wgrantLaunchpad's about to go offline for a minute or so for a database upgrade.09:59
wgrantAnd it's all back.10:03
chrisccoulsoni guess that is what caused the upload failure here? https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa/+build/446912710:14
wgrantchrisccoulson: Hm, indeed. I guess the timing must have been terrible, since the DB was back by the time it tried to record the error.10:22
wgrantA retry will work.10:22
zequencewgrant: Sure it's back? We're unable to login here..10:45
wgrantzequence: An unrelated issue with Ubuntu SSO has just sprung up, it seems. It's being fixed.10:47
smartboyhwwgrant, thanks10:47
czajkowskiSSO != Launchpad10:47
zequenceI see10:48
smartboyhwczajkowski, well we don't know whether the sso is a problem to Launchpad...10:48
wgrantSSO is used to log into Launchpad10:48
smartboyhwAnyway, thanks for the notice:)10:48
wgrantSo if you're not already logged in, it needs to be up :)10:48
czajkowskiit's also used to log into a lot of things10:48
smartboyhwwgrant, czajkowski is there a channel to ask about SSO10:48
czajkowski #canonical-isd10:48
wgrantSysadmins are on it already10:49
smartboyhwczajkowski, :)10:49
smartboyhwwgrant, wow thanks10:49
wgrantsmartboyhw, zequence: Should be fixed.10:52
smartboyhwwgrant, yeah10:53
smartboyhwOK confirming that it works now10:54
smartboyhwThanks wgrant and czajkowski10:54
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bacBjornT_: i just reviewed your last branch.  Thanks for all of the contributions!18:57
czajkowskioh bac how are things19:06
bacczajkowski: good.  i suspect you don't want to hear about the weather.  :)19:18
czajkowskibac: would you believe it's warmer in ireland than it is in the UK am frozen to the bone here since I got back last night19:22
czajkowskibac: not seen dog shots in ages, please fix :)19:22
bacczajkowski: yes, i think i'd believe that.19:22
bacczajkowski: weimphotos?  that i can do.19:22
czajkowskiI'm dealing with chickens here, they are not the same19:23
czajkowskinoisy beggers19:23
bacczajkowski: done19:28
bacczajkowski: and even one with giant attack chickens19:29
czajkowskioh nice19:29
czajkowskinever seen such a grown dog stick it's tongue out before19:29
czajkowskiit's like he's been told off for something and he's having non of it19:30
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