pkhhi, I've just installed lubuntu-12.10. everything great, but when I run a command from the menu that's set 'terminal=true', I get xterm rathre than lxterminal. is there a setting to change this default?07:10
xll11I'm a first-time linux user, any benefits of choosing lubuntu over ubuntu?07:54
neurotusxll11, memory usage might be the greatest benefit07:57
neurotusmy lubuntu takes currently 155MB07:58
neurotusmax 400-500MB07:58
neurotusmy windows uses 3,7GB07:59
pkhI choose lubuntu over ubuntu on a high-end ultrabook with oodles of rm -- less crap, more responsive. just make sure you install something like synapse to save you walking the menus all the time08:00
RarrikinsWhy does the networking applet say that wireless is disabled even though Enable Wireless is checked?10:06
RarrikinsI found that rmmod and modprobe of the wireless driver fixed it, but I'm still wondering how it happens.10:08
JohnDoe_71Rushttp://s.pikabu.ru/post_img/2013/04/04/11/1365101207_281457401.png for smile10:20
skdrHello, I got a quick newbie question: I saw that Chromium isn't updating on 12.10 without the 3rd party PPA. If I add this PPA, will each new update be handled by Lubuntu's Software Updater or is there some other software that takes care of updates from 3rd party PPA?13:44
tortikWhy is system language menu downloads a languag-pack-kde-en on Lubuntu 12.04? IS there something related to kde?17:50
flazerhey guys, just had a quick question from someone.  They are on 12.04, and want to try out the 13.04 beta for testing.  They want to know if there is a way to jump straight from 12.04 to 13.04 beta without reinstalling the system19:31
flazeror also, without having to go to 12.10 first19:32
Unit193Technically you can try, but it's not recommended and not supported.  You should be able to use the alternate to upgrade, though.19:33
phillwflazer: it is something that is going to investigated during 13.10, but at present we can give no idea as to if it will bork your system.19:34
flazerwould another way to beta test be to use a live usb? and not actually install the image to your system?19:35

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