allenaproaksoax: My branch for the find_nodegroup() stuff should be PPAed up in ~40 minutes: https://code.launchpad.net/~allenap/+recipe/find-nodegroup-redux11:33
AskUbuntuMass post-node-enlisting installation fails or doesn't start! | http://askubuntu.com/q/27815412:25
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roaksoaxallenap: awesome!! thanks a lot for working on it14:00
allenaproaksoax: You're welcome. I'm sorry I wasn't able to do it sooner.14:17
allenapI hope it works!14:17
roaksoaxallenap: no worries I understand you've been busy :). I'm currently integrating FPI changes into it and then I'll do some testing14:18
ALL`can someone refer me to a good tutorial on setting up maas on ubuntu 12.04 LTS?15:48
roaksoaxALL`: maas.ubuntu.com16:11
ALL`roaksoax: thanks, I ended up downloading 12.10 instead and going with it so it matched the documentation.17:10
roaksoaxALL`: cool17:13
ALL`another question.... (i am pretty new to managing VMs/Clouds) if we have servers that their bios does not support PXE I assume we can use something like gPXE?17:27
roaksoaxALL`: yes19:07

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