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crfHi, when I log out and then log back in, the volume applet disappears.02:33
crfalso, the sound settings "OUTPUT VOLUME" is greyed out02:34
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exalthello im installing beta 2 and im stuck on 27%08:12
exaltany ideas08:12
haipinganyone encounter this issue that 13.04 gets no sound output on MacBook Pro Retina ?09:17
howlymowlyhi poeple..  I am testing out the 13.04 beta09:21
howlymowlyand get an error when trying to compile some of my programs:  /usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.7/libstdc++.so when searching for -lstdc++09:21
howlymowly/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lstdc++09:21
howlymowlyis there some compatibility problem with gcc ?09:22
howlymowlyor a link which isn't where it is supposed to be?09:22
howlymowlyor a link which isn't where it is supposed to be?09:22
arif-alithis is going to be a long shot, but going to ask anyhow09:41
arif-alibefore installing 13.04, my laptop was able to charge without any problems09:41
arif-alibut after installing 13.04, none my OS's allows for charging09:42
arif-aliany ideas on what it may have changed for this to happen?09:42
arif-aliI have Bodhi 2.1.0, Ubuntu's 12.10, 13.04, PCBSD 9.1, and now none of them charge09:43
howlymowlyarif-ali: I have the same problem since 12.04  ....  what hardware do you have?09:46
howlymowlyI myself have a vorstro 131009:46
howlymowlysadly I did not find a solution09:46
arif-alihowlymowly, Lenovo E53009:46
howlymowlyhmm.  well...  that#s not the problem then I guess09:46
arif-aliI did an install of Win7 last night, that didn't work either09:47
arif-aliuntil I installed Lenovo Power Manager09:47
arif-alihowlymowly, did you try in BIOS?09:47
arif-aliSo I am presuming it is something to do with some power manager setting that we need to tweak in Linux09:48
howlymowlyarif-ali: nope, I did not09:51
arif-alimy laptop does charge while in BIOS09:52
arif-alibtw, your stdc++ error, have you installed both 32bit and 64bit libraries09:53
howlymowlyarif-ali: yepp,  I think so10:10
howlymowlyI am on a 64bit machine10:10
howlymowlydoes it help removing one of them?10:10
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arif-alihowlymowly, if you have both, then it should be able to grab the relevant onw11:00
streulmahello, Ubuntu 13.04 works pretty fast :)11:08
streulmaonly I have 2 bugs11:08
streulma3 bugs11:09
streulmafirst I can't get the installer to the disk partitioning screen11:09
streulmathen there is Verg mijn wachtwoord in place of Vraag mijn wachtwoord in installer.11:09
streulmaand I can't change the background color in Unity.11:10
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arif-alistreulma, I had the same issue wrt disk partitioning, but I just used debootstrap to install onto one of my LVMs11:34
streulmaarif-ali: it's solved... creating new MBR with GParted, and then I can to the installer and repartition my drive11:35
streulmaarif-ali: just, on my PC notebook it works11:35
arif-aliright, didn't have the luxury of redoing my partitioning, or MBR11:36
streulmafind my Ubuntu install on Macbook Pro very fast ! :)11:38
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BluesKaj"Morning all12:24
SonikkBluesKaj: afternoon here12:25
BluesKajhi Sonikk12:25
kapatHello, just upgraded to the raring beta, and after reboot X was broken13:53
kapatwhere should I submit a bug report?13:54
smartboyhwkapat, type apport-bug "xorg" I think in a terminal13:54
kapatalright, now X started, but unity is completely frozen.14:02
kapatshould that be a bug against unity?14:02
kapatWhat's the current best way to configure X in Raring?  I have a basic xorg file that sort of works, but I thought you guys moved away from using xorg.conf a while ago14:07
bjsniderkapat, what graphics chip is this14:10
kapatbjsnider: It's an integrated intel chip14:12
bjsniderok, it's non-standard to be using a xorg.conf14:12
bjsniderare you passing along unusual flags to it or something?14:12
kapatbjsnider: It worked fine in 12.10, after the upgrade x started, but unity was completely unresponsive14:13
bjsnidercan you pastebin your xorg.conf please14:14
kapatTried using the failsafe xorg file, which started x and unity kind of sort of worked14:14
kapatbjsnider: http://pastebin.com/LYXJR1GV14:17
kapatThat one works14:17
bjsniderit's not necessary14:17
kapatbut unity is still completely frozen after it starts14:17
bjsnideryou can remove it14:17
kapatalright, how can I debug unity?14:18
kapatI can log in just fine, but after I log in I have a mouse cursor but no buttons respond14:20
kapatand it seems that the title bar doesn't finish loading14:20
kapatand the second screen just has a solid color14:20
kapatbjsnider: So, I have a bridged interface set up in /etc/network/interfaces for this machine, when it is enabled x starts, but if I comment it out and let network-manager handle the connections, then I get the "System is running in low-graphics mode" message on boot14:26
kapat /sigh, desktop is completely hosed after upgrade. Any ideas to get unity working again?15:08
xubuntu947Hi there, is there anyone who have some problems with installing xubuntu 13.04 beta 2 ?15:14
kapatxubuntu947: I think you're going to have to be more specific than that15:17
SuperLaglove 13.0415:17
SuperLaghad major issues earlier on... but now I'm running it on my work desktop, it has been great15:18
SuperLagso if I've learned anything it's that "YMMV" is sooooooo true :)15:18
xubuntu947all right, after internet connection and aditional software screen something goes wrong and i have this screen: http://i45.tinypic.com/biklci.jpg15:19
xubuntu947everything stuck up - nothing happen15:20
xubuntu947but in background something is working - when i hit for example: F1 - DVD is reading and HDD start working for short time.15:22
kapatxubuntu947: Looks like something crashed... if you can figure out what it is you can try submitting a bug report15:27
kapatxubuntu947: Sorry, that's not super helpful15:27
xubuntu947well, i have no ide whats goes wrong15:27
xubuntu947i have only this : http://i45.tinypic.com/biklci.jpg15:28
xubuntu947what is: wl_cfg80211_detach+0xca/0xd0 ?15:28
xubuntu947wireless config ?15:29
kapatxubuntu947: that is the wireless driver. Maybe try turning off your wireless card, and see if it works better15:38
thebishophas Canonical considered making Shotwell the default image viewer and maybe even remove the barebones Gnome image viewer?15:40
thebishopShotwell really works fine as a viewer, and doesn't take long to load15:40
thebishopsince there's no File-> Open/Edit separation within Nautilus, I think Shotwell gives you the best result.  If you only wanted to view, you wouldn't complain about Shotwell, but if you wanted to do basic editing, Image Viewer won't cut it15:42
LaiquendiHey there!16:49
LaiquendiCan anybody explain a situation of Ubuntu 13.04 and systemd?16:49
BluesKajLaiquendi,  systemd is being looked at , that's all . There's no timeline for adoption16:51
LaiquendiOh. So it is not available at a users choice either?16:52
BluesKajLaiquendi, dunno16:53
LaiquendiThanks for answers!16:53
tgm4883you'd have to write startup jobs for everything16:53
BluesKajor install archlinux if you really want it that much :)16:54
johnjohn101can someone fix pidgin so that the accounts screen is accessible from the notifications16:59
bean__johnjohn101: you'd have to take that up with the developers of pidgin, most likely16:59
bean__or whoever handles the integration between notifications and pidgin16:59
trismjohnjohn101: which notifications? if in unity, the notify-osd notifications don't allow interactions...or do you mean in the messaging menu?17:01
jbichaLaiquendi: Ubuntu 13.04 is using some of systemd's services, 13.10 will probably use logind also which is a fairly important piece of systemd; Ubuntu has no plans to move away from upstart as a foundation though17:02
johnjohn101trism:  I not sure where the error lies.  does ubuntu do a custom pidgin or is this just plain vanilla?17:10
trismjohnjohn101: we have the pidgin-libnotify package that handles both the notifications and the messaging menu support (the envelope icon in the panel)17:17
trismjohnjohn101: it isn't part of the pidgin source17:17
johnjohn101what is that code written in?17:43
johnjohn101just seems like some work needs to be done with it.  i think there are some bugs entered17:44
trismjohnjohn101: c17:45
pedorhi, anyone is using kubuntu 13.04?18:14
pedorI'm thinking to upgrade to 13.04 before the final release18:20
BluesKajpedor, that's what ppl here do , use 13.04 , it's quite stable so far and I assume you're a KDE user , so that's even better :)18:26
ironhalikso... hows the final beta doing? :>18:32
pedorBluesKaj: yes, silly question, for a moment I forgot where I was, lol. yes, kde user. I'm using it with a live usb, it's the fastest kubuntu on pendrive I ever used.18:33
BluesKajironhalik, it's not ready yet18:36
pedorBluesKaj: do u use kubuntu?18:37
BluesKajpedor, yes18:37
ironhalikBluesKaj: uhm, but did they release beta2?18:38
ironhaliktheres some varying info around the net18:38
pedorops, sorry, nice18:39
BluesKajthey mistakenly made an early anouncement , ironhalik , afaik18:39
ironhalikoh, I guess I'll got with the dauly one then18:39
pedorI donwloaded the "beta" as soon as I saw the news. After downloading I saw it was still the alpha18:42
ironhalikpedor: the 'beta2'?18:42
pedorat least when I created the live usb it said alpha18:43
ironhalikWell, the daily works ok for me, I just need to reinstall it on one of my PCs and hoped for a more polished image18:43
ironhaliksince I had lots of problems with the installer18:43
pedorironhalik: hm, maybe it's safe to wait until the final release18:45
ironhalikI'm an update junkie :>18:45
pedorI'm already using kde 4.10.2 but was looking for the the new packages in the 13.04, expecially libreoffice18:45
pedori like to test, but... I use this note to work18:48
ironhalikI do too, java/android development18:48
ironhalikIn case it goes FUBAR, I got clonezilla images of my OS drive18:49
pedorreally? what problems did you had on install?18:49
jrris 'update-manager -d' the correct way to go from 12.10 to 13.04?18:49
ironhalikpedor: the installer would hang after formatting the partitions :)18:49
ironhalikjrr: yeah, if you're upgrading18:49
jrrit has the big scary "this is still ALPHA" warning18:49
ironhalikjrr: yeah, there are no guarantees18:50
jrrwill the resulting system differ from what I would get with a beta2 iso?18:50
ironhalikjrr: the moment you run dist-upgrade, it will upgrade to beta, then to final18:51
pedorhow long it takes to upgrade?18:51
ironhalikdepends on the system, I would reserve around 1h+18:51
pedorironhalik: it's a lot of time... to install it usually takes less than half hours18:51
ironhalikpedor: yeah, but the upgrade process is different18:52
pedoris it safier?18:52
ironhalikWhen I wasn't able to install 13.04 from iso, I did an upgrade and it went well18:52
ironhalikit wen't well for me, YMMV18:53
ironhalikonce from 12.10, and once from 12.0418:53
pedorI never did a upgrade before18:54
ironhalikI did an upgrade from 9.10 all the way to 12.04 once18:54
ironhalikand it worked :>18:54
pedorwell, I already have 4.10.2 and I can add a ppa for libreoffice 4.0, I think I'll wait, hehe18:54
pedorusually I have so much ppa that I'm afraid to break it all18:55
pedoralmost a private rolling release, lol18:55
ironhalikI'm running xorg-edgers ppa, for my radeon 7770 drivers18:57
ironhalikeverytime I connect my MTP phone, the radeon module crashes :>18:57
BluesKajpedor, I just comment the ppas until the new OS is installed , i don't trust muon. then i copy the new ppas into the sources.list if available for the OS18:58
pedorBluesKaj: hm, I could try this18:59
pedorso, fresh install or an upgrade?18:59
ironhalikbackup and try upgrading18:59
ironhalikI rsync most of my OS drive before such things19:00
pedorrsync? how?19:00
BluesKajpedor , if i have a decent OS install presently then I'll , sudo do-release-upgrade -d19:02
ironhalikpedor: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Full_System_Backup_with_rsync - heres a nice art about doing OS backup19:02
ironhalikthat's data only, if you wan't do backup whole partition and restore it in case of failure, use clonezilla19:03
pedorBluesKaj: I installed this kubuntu few days ago19:03
pedorironhalik: where do you put your backup?19:04
ironhalikpedor: second drive19:04
pedorironhalik: don't have one :/19:04
BluesKajpedor, this kubuntu ?19:04
pedorBluesKaj: yes19:04
BluesKajwhich is ?19:04
ironhalikpedor: you could put it on second partition, but it's _much_ less safe19:05
BluesKajthen just update and upgrade first , pedor , the the release upgrade19:05
pedorI had a strange bug with time (it kept changing to 3 hours forward) few weeks ago and changed to xubuntu. although it's a stable/solid de it's not kde19:06
pedorI'll backup my work stuff to a pen drive now and try a upgrade. while in upgrade is it possible to use the system?19:07
ironhalikpedor: unless you use some specific system wide configs, backuping home dir should be enough19:08
ironhalikand you can always exclude ~/Downloads19:08
pedorironhalik: ok. hm, is 13.04 still on kde 4.10.1? I'm running .2 . any problem?19:11
ironhalikdunno, I'm running Unity19:11
pedorBluesKaj: do you know about that?19:12
ironhalik"4.10.2 will be uploaded shortly after this beta release."19:13
ironhalikit regards beta2 release of kubuntu19:14
pedorso, is it ok to upgrade?19:15
ironhalik_probably_ :>19:15
BluesKajpedor, running 4.10.3 here already19:15
ironhaliknoone can give any guarantees here19:15
BluesKajerr .2 that is19:15
pedorI'll do the upgrade so19:16
pedorwhat's the difference between upgrade and fresh install?19:16
pedorBluesKaj: what is the command to upgrade?19:17
BluesKajsudo do-release-upgrade -d19:18
pedorhm, it seems it doesn't have all the translation to pt-br19:21
pedorbut, that's ok19:21
pedorBluesKaj ironhalik: the upgrade started, let's see what happens19:48
johnjohn101oh lord19:54
solsTiCehi. Is this a bug in roaring ringtail that UTC=no in /etc/default/rcS or it's my previous installation that cause that problem ??20:03
solsTiCealso I tried 13.104 because I had ajightmarish experience wih nouveau driver in 12.10. with graphic corruption. There is still problem in 13.04. I had no luck using the nnvidia driver in 12.10. may be this time ???20:04
solsTiCenouveau is working fine in archlinux for me20:05
trismsolsTiCe: I have UTC=no in my 12.10 upgrade from 11.10 I think, and also UTC=no in a clean install of 13.04 so I think it is just the default20:05
solsTiCeah I said it was a bug because I just read ┬žUTC=yes is a default since 11.something20:06
solsTiCemay be not20:06
solsTiCehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime Multiple Boot Systems Time Conflicts paragraph "Since Intrepid (8.10), UTC=yes is default" which is obviously worong.20:08
pedorBluesKaj: everything is working and a lot more smoothier, I'm quite impressed21:06
pedorhm, now I can't install firefox...21:18
bjsnideroh, sure you can21:20
bjsnidereverybody can isntall firefox21:20
pedorbjsnider: /var/cache/apt/archives/firefox_20.0+build1-0ubuntu1_i386.deb21:21
pedortrying to overwrite '/usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop', which is also in package kubuntu-firefox-installer 13.04ubuntu221:21
pedorbjsnider: I just did an upgrade21:21
bjsniderremove kubuntu-firefox-installer21:21
bjsnideror do an -f install21:22
bjsnideror both21:22
pedor-f install?21:22
pedorremoving kubuntu-firefox-installer worked21:23
bjsnidersee, everybody can install firefox21:24
pedorbjsnider: hehehe, thanks21:24
pedorI'm impressed with this beta release, until now it seems to be faster than 12.1021:25

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