warjanI've got problem with mono libs. I'm on raring. Prob is I can't see all classes from gnome namespace. On mono-project's docs there are Font and PrintDialog classes in Gnome namespace. There aren't on my system.07:42
warjanCan anyone help to investigate the issue07:42
warjanI've checked - packages are installed. -dev also.07:43
warjanAnyone can help with my problem?08:00
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warjanOr should I ask somewhere else?08:00
warjanI've looked for help in #mono chan08:00
xnoxwarjan: i think printdialog might be in a separated additional package.10:32
warjanxnox What would be the package that have Font and PrintDialog classes?11:02
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mfilipeI'm confused about develop software for Ubuntu16:17
mfilipeI wanna use QML + Python + Sublime Text editor16:17
mfilipecan I use the quickly package?16:17
mfilipeI can also use c++16:18
mfilipeI'm using 12.04lts16:19
commandolinemfilipe: quickly uses GTK and gedit, so that might not be the best choice in this case.16:21
mfilipehum... what is the best choice in my case?16:22
commandolinemfilipe: for Ubuntu Phone, only QML/C++ is guaranteed to be working in the future, so if you want to develop for that just get the Ubuntu SDK.16:23
mfilipeI prefer git than bazaar16:23
commandolineNot sure if that SDK is VCS-dependant, but I know some projects made in it are hosted on github so it's probably fine.16:24
commandolinefor desktop apps you can use the combination qml/python/sublime text just fine by using PyQt4 (although that still uses Qt4's QML, which is slightly different.)16:24
mfilipeit is a desktop app16:25
mfilipeok, I will try implement on c++16:26
mfilipeI need install something special? is there some tutorial?16:26
commandolineoffers info on using QML with PyQt4 (but then you have the limitation that it's Qt 4 only)16:27
commandolinewell, the new thing is using the Ubuntu SDK so that's probably the best to start with...16:28
commandolinehttp://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/ gives info on it (I know that site is mobile oriented, but you should be able to use the same techniques for desktop apps, as far as I know.)16:29
mfilipecommandoline: thanks man!16:32
mfilipeI will follow the /gomobile16:32
davidcallemhall119, ping19:35
mhall119davidcalle: pong19:37
davidcalleI would like to fix an expired paste.ubuntu.com link on http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/app-developer-cookbook/unity/creating-a-wikipedia-unity-lens/19:37
davidcallemhall119, but I forgot my password to the admin, could you?19:38
davidcalle(and I don't seem to be able to get it back)19:39
mhall119davidcalle: sure, can you email me the info needed to fix it/19:40
davidcallemhall119, sure, thanks19:40

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