r4yHello, sorry about flooding again, I am just here for fun and I am not going to rant05:46
r4yI missed the fact that duandesign replied to the next link I am going to post either that or he added a hello in the logs, sorry about the whole flash thing and hope I haven't been any trouble05:50
r4yAnyways, anything I could learn or do to get the gecko plugin for Firefox working would be cool. Dang, I guess I should try the Windows version of Firefox for flash through wine or playonlinux though05:51
r4yIt's also nice now that I can get grub to load linux oses so that when my brother uses the internet he can use Lubuntu temparely, but personally I like Ubuntu 10.04 the most but it's partly from being used to how it works05:54
r4yFor one thing I noticed when using Lubuntu was(but I now realize it was an iso file and wasn't installed) when I dropped a file from the home folder to the desktop it didn't appear how it would normally05:55
r4yAnother thing is finding the right color and theme setup tomy liking05:56
r4yI guess that's allI have to say for now05:57
r4yThankyou all for putting up with me and helping me05:57
r4yAnother thing I think I saw was that Lubuntu had flash 11.2 installed but under the filesystem I didn't see the file libflashplayer.so instead there were gecko plugins which were also installed.06:11
Siking_1982Hey guys I'm new to Ubuntu, just trying to learn for a new job - anyone know of any good web resources preferably video tutorials out there (such as Linda.com stuff)??? Thanks in advance :)11:20
isiah_s_youtube i guess, what are you looking to learn?11:43
Siking_1982Just the basics but ultimatly I will be supporting it. I found a good youtube by essayboard, just was wondering if there was any  well known place to go apart from the support documentation. I.e a professionally made vid like the stuff from Linda.com...11:57
Siking_1982thx for getting back btw :)11:58
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r4yHelp, deluge says ubuntu.com: Error: Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker, I am trying to upload torrents of ubuntu14:30
r4yWell one of the torrents seem to be working and I had another working before14:37
isiah_s_going to need a lot more info to solve this one14:41
r4yOK, just in case I added http://ipv6.torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/announce under edit tracker for each torrent that didn't have it and had the other14:41
r4yI think the problem  was having is fixed14:42
r4ythe torrents that didn't have that had http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/announce14:42
r4yI should go, have a good day Isiah_s14:44
r4yand have a good everyone else here14:44
r4ybye :) /14:44
isiahwhat does dracut do?20:44
holstein!info dracut21:30
ubot93dracut (source: dracut): A new initramfs infrastructure. In component universe, is optional. Version 020-1 (quantal), package size 137 kB, installed size 668 kB21:30

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