azendThat email dscassel forwarded out about an hour ago is dreadful19:38
azendIt basically says, "We don't think our software releases are generally good enough for new users to be able to handle so please only give them LTSes"19:40
azendEvery LTS I've ever run has been buggier than a regular release19:40
bregmawell, one of the recent decisions that came out of UDS was that the non-LTS releases were not intended to be targeted for non-tech-savvy users19:48
bregmamost tech-savvy users who are willing to risk using an in-development (non-LTS) version should already know how to download and image and write it to a USB stick anyway19:50
azendperhaps but then it follows the same logic as Arch Linux does20:07
azendPlus, I thought one of the new things in the Ubuntu Development Cycle was a push to make each dev build stable20:09
azendTo shorten the span between builds and to perform continuous integration testing20:10
IdleOneThe non-lts version have always been a "test ground" for new tech20:20
IdleOnemaybe not officially, but that is how I have seen them.20:20
IdleOneIMHO cutting cds/dvds for LoCo teams down to LTS only is a financial decision.20:21
IdleOnesame with the virtual UDS. To be honest I can't really blame Canonical but it does make me sad a little.20:22
azendyeah that is very true20:25
azendthe cost of shipping those discs out must have been ridiculously expensive20:25
azendI do miss the days of ship-it for everyone though20:25
azendtxwikinger2: nice job.20:45
bregmathe interval between dev builds is now on the order of 24 hours21:23
bregmaI don't think the cost of pressing and shipping DVDs was significant21:24
bregmaI think it's more likely this is a part of the conspiracy to switch to rolling releases21:24
dscasselI'm not particularly upset to see the CDs go.22:09
dscasselI still have a box of 12.10s I don't know what to do with.22:09
dscasselAnd they cost me ~$25 in brokerage fees every six months.22:09
dscassel (admittedly better than the $40 it used to be)22:09
dscasselAnd the most common response I get when handing out CDs is "who installs from CD anymore?"22:11
dscasselfollowed closely by "Do you have 64bit?"22:11
dscasselWhich probably means I'm targetting the wrong people, but hey.22:12

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