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smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, ping04:04
JoseeAntonioRsmartboyhw: pong04:04
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, as I think we discussed before: What will gonna happen for Open week?04:05
JoseeAntonioRsmartboyhw: I still need to talk to the classroom team, will let you know once everything is set04:05
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, :)04:06
* smartboyhw decides to spend today translating the Ubuntu Packaging Guide04:19
smartboyhwLong way to go04:20
vibhavgood morning04:22
smartboyhwHello vibhav04:27
vibhavhello smartboyhw04:32
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dholbachgood morning06:35
nigelb*yawn* Morning dholbach06:54
dholbachhey nigelb06:55
dholbachhow are you doing?06:55
nigelbSleepy. But it's a Friday \o/06:55
nigelbHow about you?06:55
dholbachabout the same ;-)06:55
dholbachwe haven't chatted in a very long time - where in the world are you right now? what are you up to?06:56
nigelbI'm still in Bangalore, but I work with Britishers and Germans (Do you knwow OKF-DE?)06:56
smartboyhwnigelb, OKF-Desktop Environment!?06:57
dholbachsmartboyhw, DEutschland (Germany)06:57
smartboyhwdholbach, ah LOL06:57
smartboyhwI preset DE as Desktop Environment06:57
dholbachnigelb, no, I'm afraid I don't know much about them06:58
smartboyhwSince Deustch is after all only "De"06:58
dholbachsmartboyhw, maybe something using ".de" would have made more sense to you ;-)06:58
smartboyhwdholbach, yep:-)06:58
nigelbdholbach: Well, I work with them and report to some of them. So, I can afford a late start, which is nice.06:58
dholbachnigelb, but what they're doing looks very interesting06:58
nigelbThey did the thing where the German laws were put in git.06:59
smartboyhwnigelb, XD06:59
nigelbAnd you can do diff to see when things were updated, which is awesome (why haven't anyone thought of that until now?!)06:59
dholbachyeah, that's brilliant07:00
dholbachnigelb, interesting would be a "git blame" to find out who wrote which paragraph of the law in question ;-)07:00
* smartboyhw is finding nigelb's name in "Our Team"07:00
nigelbdholbach: Yeah, and what changed :D07:00
smartboyhwHmm I can't find it07:01
smartboyhwAh got it07:01
nigelbheh, I was about to link you :)07:01
smartboyhwNigel Babu -- Service Unit Date Wrangler and Developer07:01
nigelb*Data, but yes.07:02
smartboyhwnigelb, good sentence of describing you "Nobody is sure if he actually ever sleeps." LOL07:02
smartboyhwYou DO sleep don't you?07:02
nigelbhehehe, that was contributed by friends, it was too funny not to put in :)07:02
dholbachmhall119, shall we have a quick chat later on about the app dev upload spec?07:23
smartboyhwdholbach, on the App Dev thing: So long the ARB:P07:24
dholbachsmartboyhw, what do you mean07:25
smartboyhwdholbach, will it disappear? (Sort of)07:25
dholbachsmartboyhw, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppDevUploadProcess goes into quite a bit of detail about having less manual steps in the review process, but more security measures and automated checks07:26
smartboyhwdholbach,  yep07:27
smartboyhwI know:)07:28
dholbachI'll make everybody's lives a bit easier :)07:29
smartboyhwdholbach, LOL07:30
smartboyhwI think coolbhavi will miss it:)07:30
dholbachfor some weeks I participated in app reviews07:30
dholbachit was QUITE a bit of work :)07:30
smartboyhwdholbach, :)07:30
dholbachdon't worry - we'll keep Bhavani busy :)07:30
dholbachhe's on the dev advisory team, on the loco council and in many other places07:30
smartboyhwdholbach, whoa@07:31
meetingologysmartboyhw: Error: "_@" is not a valid command.07:31
smartboyhwUh I don't know meetinglogy exists here...07:32
smartboyhwczajkowski, aloha:)08:23
smartboyhwelfy, aloha:)08:23
czajkowskidholbach: well done on creating this weekends canoninical make changes headline - Now defaulting to French08:53
dholbachhaha, yes :)09:08
czajkowskibloody hell pepople can't see the funny side in things at all these days :)09:08
elfyglobal infection I think czajkowski - sad but true09:18
jussidholbach: nigelb smartboyhw thank you for the birthday wishes  :)11:18
smartboyhwjussi, :)11:22
elfyjussi: you older again? and wiser?11:31
jussielfy: older yes, wiser..... mmmhm?11:31
smartboyhwolder != wiser ;P11:31
jussiespecially in smartboyhw's case  :P11:31
smartboyhwjussi, LOL11:31
smartboyhwOh good now the nominations for Regional Membership Board ended. Let me see will I get in:P13:56
dholbachjono, how are you feeling today?14:27
jonodholbach, better, thanks :-)14:41
jonostill not 100% but getting there :-)14:41
dholbachjono, are you in a meeting right now? could I have a few ticks of your time to prepare the myapps call later on?14:46
dholbachor maybe we can slightly repurpose our demo call?14:46
jonodholbach, I can't right now, but we can re-purpose the demo call14:47
dholbachok cool14:47
bkerensajono: so if I have a sauce made too should I apply that as I'm grilling or marinade on top of the rub?15:01
bkerensaI just put the rub on last night but also have a nice sauce too15:01
jonomhall119, call?15:03
jonobkerensa, brb call15:03
dholbachjono, you froze :)15:57
bkerensadholbach: :) you fancy sponsoring a quick bug fix so we have a working calculator in raring? :P16:55
dholbachin a call16:55
dholbachbusy right now sorry16:55
jonobkerensa, hey17:36
jonosorry, was on calls17:36
jonoso, steak17:36
bkerensajono: I'm here (and debconf14 meeting ;) )17:37
jonobkerensa, generally you only apply limited seasoning to a steak before you cook it17:37
bkerensaI had always marinaded meat with sauce before usually17:37
jonobkerensa, but if you want to add sauce, add it just before it is done so it caramelizes17:37
bkerensathis is my first time using the rub17:37
jonodon't add it at the beginning otherwise the sugars in the sauce will burn17:37
jonosteaks usually don't take long to cook17:37
jono10mins and you are done in many cases17:38
jonoa nice hot grill will sear them nicely17:38
jonosmoking is different as you cook it at a low temp17:38
jonobut usually you don't do steaks there17:38
jonobkerensa, one thing you should do is try to find the hot spots on your new grill17:38
jonoall grills have really hot areas17:38
jonoyou want to know how to manage them17:39
bkerensajono: yeah I noticed that the first night I cooked.... the flame guard has vents and thats where the hottest points are17:39
bkerensamuch different from cooking over charcoal grill17:39
jonobkerensa, a good test here is to put pieces of toast across your grill and put the burners on the same heat level and see which slices are burned mopre17:40
jonothose are your hot spots :-)17:40
elfydon't put your hands in those places ;)17:40
jonoelfy, indeed17:41
bkerensajono: oh I singed my hair on one hand the other night17:41
elfyglad you're feeling better jono17:41
jonobkerensa, lol17:41
jonoI have done that17:41
jonoelfy, getting there17:41
jonostill a little under the weather, but making progress :-)17:41
jonoI am away on vacation next week17:41
jcastroI just made the _perfect_ scambled eggs17:42
popeywith salmon?17:42
jonojcastro, awesome17:42
popeyif not, not perfect17:42
elfyjono: good - I spent a week in bed 2 weeks ago - real flu17:42
jcastrowhat? no, with bacon of course17:42
jonosalmon, ugh17:42
popeytry harder17:42
jcastroI thought I had the flu yesterday, ends up it was just messed up pizza.17:42
jonowhich transformed into pavement pizza17:42
jonojcastro, sorry we didnt get a chance to talk re. 2.0 plan17:43
jcastrofood poisoning is probably the worst anything of anything17:43
jonoI have some calls this afternoon but will add input today17:43
jcastroyeah, we can go now if you want or this afternoon17:43
jonojcastro, I am hoping we can find a bit of time later17:43
jcastroso far the overwhelming input has been to put names to commitments17:43
jonobefore you finish for the day17:43
jcastroright now it's like "core team" instead of a person17:43
jonothat never works well17:43
jonogotta run, prep for call17:44
jcastrobasically, the TLDR is I am a blogging/marketing death machine for the next month.17:44
jcastroand by death I mean _Megadeth_. \m/17:44
AlanBellhow the heck did alienware partner with canonical and get the logo wrong? http://www.alienware.com/ubuntu/17:45
jcastroget em AlanBell!17:46
chilicuillol AlanBell17:48
AlanBellI don't get how that happens17:51
bkerensajcastro: openstack \o/17:51
bkerensaAlanBell: :) Didn't Canonical's brand guy leave?17:51
bkerensaHe used to pretty heavily police logo on Planet17:51
jcastrothere's pretty much no escape from sladen, irregardless if he works for canonical or not.17:52
bkerensajcastro: ahh so he is still around17:53
bkerensathats who I was thinking of17:53
jcastroI've seen him around17:53
czajkowskihe's amazing17:55
philballewczajkowski, happy Friday!18:05
bkerensaMark your calendars ;) <moray> DebConf team to organise DebConf14 in Portland, USA including help from Portland bid team18:05
SergioMeneseshi everybody!18:06
czajkowskiphilballew: postcard went yesterday18:06
philballewczajkowski, thanks! I said I would find you on Friday to find a time work on that project iirc as well.18:08
czajkowskifree now ?18:08
czajkowskibefore I head to the pub18:08
czajkowskiand inhale a pint18:08
philballewlove it18:08
czajkowskiphilballew: invite sent18:09
philballew1 sec18:10
* philballew attaches webcam18:10
chilicuilhi SergioMeneses, good morning18:16
SergioMenesesphilballew, jajaja18:17
SergioMeneseschilicuil, \o18:17
popeysaw this and thought of jono http://imgur.com/gallery/ucY7xE018:49
philballewim tempted to call that number now19:03
IdleOneno DVD 4 U19:26
SergioMenesesIdleOne, only for lts versions19:28
bkerensaSergioMeneses: so what happens in between LTS releases when people contact our LoCo asking for DVD's?19:34
bkerensaEven if interim DVD's are not produced we should at least have more LTS DVD's to meet demand locally in between19:35
czajkowskibkerensa: LTS DVDs will be avilable19:35
bkerensaczajkowski: but only for events right?19:35
bkerensaWell conferences even19:36
SergioMenesesthanks czajkowski for answering ;)19:36
czajkowskiSergioMeneses: np19:36
bkerensaso for things like Global Jams.... Hack Days.... Release Parties we just tell them to buy DVD's ?19:36
bkerensaand when a University asks for some we tell them the same too ^19:36
czajkowskiwaiting on my dinner to arrive19:36
SergioMenesesI need a cup of coffee19:37
bkerensaSergioMeneses: but it is late there19:37
czajkowskiI've never heard of giving out dvds to jam days or hack days, most people download isos and use them in VMs from what I've seen. or download before and share with others on the network and but to usb19:37
czajkowskiperhaps universities may contact canonical directly, but universities tend to have money so they can buy them also19:38
czajkowskican aalways be bought there as well19:38
czajkowskiohhhh WANT - http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=107619:39
SergioMenesesbkerensa, 14:45 here ;)19:45
bkerensaczajkowski: shipping for us is very expensive... I'm assuming its quite reasonably priced for folks in Europe but it cost nearly as much for shipping as it does for the product19:47
AlanBellgosh, a manual laptop19:47
bkerensa10 DVD's cost almost $30 USD delivered19:47
chilicuildvds are so 00s, usb is the way to go 8) http://www.artlebedev.com/everything/flashkus/19:49
czajkowskibkerensa: can be just as expensive tbh19:49
czajkowskiwhen I buy stuff in the USA and ship here I have customs and shipping to deal with as well19:50
SergioMeneseschilicuil, I don't know, taxes will be expensive19:51
czajkowskigeneral feedback on places and on irc has been makes sense to do this with the dvds20:03
czajkowskiand many teams last year didnt actually apply for them20:03
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jonobkerensa, cooking yet?21:17
bkerensajono: no no its only 2:18pm21:18
bkerensaI have to wait till 6pm21:19
jonobkerensa, ahhh sweet21:19
jonojcastro, quick call?21:24
* AlanBell observes a new logo on http://www.alienware.com/ubuntu/22:22
SergioMenesesAlanBell, perfect!22:24
AlanBellclose enough, certainly22:24
* chilicuil is not sure which one was better22:24
AlanBellthat one shouldn't really be presented quite like that on the background, but meh, it will do22:25
AlanBellold style logo is still there on the home page banner22:25
SergioMenesesAlanBell, I think the last one is better (imho)22:28
marcoceppiI think this one definitely stands out more22:54

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