didrockshey BigWhale06:24
BigWhaledidrocks! :)06:24
BigWhaleHow's it going? :)06:25
didrocksgood! yourself?06:27
BigWhaleJust did a Freeze Exception for Kazam. I'm happy now. :))06:28
didrockssweet! ;)06:29
BigWhaleAnd today I'll be bugging Mir developers. :)06:30
didrocksgreat ;)06:34
didrocksjoin #ubuntu-touch06:34
* didrocks takes more coffee06:34
jibelgood morning06:38
didrockssalut jibel!06:38
jibelsalut didrocks06:38
BigWhaledidrocks, I actually joined ubuntu-mir :)06:41
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone06:47
chrisccoulsonjibel, are the jobs running for the firefox PPA's? (eg, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/raring-ppa-adt-ubuntu_mozilla_daily_ppa-firefox-trunk/)06:48
didrocksgood morning chrisccoulson :)06:49
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks06:49
jibelchrisccoulson, hey, they do
jibelchrisccoulson, the publication to the public jenkins is broken again06:50
chrisccoulsonjibel, ah, thanks06:50
jibelchrisccoulson, I resurrected the publisher, it will catch up with unpublished builds06:52
chrisccoulsonthanks :)06:52
jibelyw :)06:52
pittiGood morning07:06
didrocksbonjour pitti! tu t'es levé tard aujourd'hui! :)07:06
pittididrocks: oui, je le sais; I was awake late to try and fix my effing landline phone07:06
pittimy wife's and our spare number (which we never use) both work fine, but mine always says "not reachable" for someone who called07:07
pitti"for anyone who calls", I mean07:07
didrocksnot fun :(07:08
pittiso I went through the Telekom web UI for checking redirections, my router's IP telephony configuration, my phone's ISDN configuration, tried registering the handset at the router instead of the phone base station, etc.07:08
pittiI realized how darn complicated a landline phone is these days :)07:08
pittibut as a workaround I installed an app on my mobile now which talks to the router over wifi07:09
pittithat actually works really well, but I don't want to leave wifi on all the time as it drains a lot of power07:09
didrockswaow, you have low-level solution and access to your configuration :)07:09
pittiwell, I eventually filed a service ticket at telekom07:10
pittiI managed to break my isdn phone during the process, as it seems to have a custom PIN number which I don't know :)07:10
didrocksannoying ;)07:11
ogra_pitti, try 1234 :)07:22
ogra_(its the telekom after all)07:23
seb128hey desktopers07:23
seb128happy friday!07:23
didrockssalut seb128! bon vendredi :)07:24
seb128lut didrocks, à toi aussi ;-)07:24
didrocksmerci ;)07:24
BigWhale12345? That's the stupidest combination I've ever heard! ;)07:29
pittiogra_: already tried that07:30
ogra_BigWhale, well, its friday :)07:30
seb128hey pitti, ogra_, BigWhale07:31
ogra_moin seb07:31
seb128is "1234" pitti's password?07:31
BigWhaleogra_, it was Spaceballs reference. ;)07:31
pittiseb128: *ssssh*07:31
BigWhaleseb128, for his ubuntu upload ssh key :>07:31
seb128pitti, I can't believe nobody managed to crack it in all those years :p07:31
pittiseb128: if you want to crack something, please crack the pin number of my landline telephone base station :) I failed07:32
seb128I guess you tried 0000 ?07:32
* seb128 suggesting the other obvious after 123407:33
ogra_well, you also could try something fancy ...07:33
ogra_... like 432107:33
seb128what brand/device is that?07:33
BigWhalepitti, do you have kids? if so, give it to them ...07:34
BigWhalemy daughter unlocked my iphone screen lock in a matter of minutes. :>07:34
pittiBigWhale: heh, no07:34
seb128ogra_, thanks for releasing the lock on the archive btw :p07:36
seb128pitti, what brand/device is that you are trying to unlock?07:36
pittioh, is it thawed again?07:36
pittiI thought it was supposed to stay frozen until release07:36
ogra_heh, sorry for sitting on it for so long07:36
seb128pitti, it's frozen, but at least reviews are done and stuff are accepted again07:37
ogra_pitti, it is ...07:37
seb128pitti, which was not the case yesterday07:37
pittiseb128: T-Easy C-520; but nevermind, I already tried the reset steps several times (they don't work), and tried several standard pins07:37
ogra_i did a late image build  so uploads were held back07:37
pittiseb128: ah, ok07:37
seb128pitti, broken device I say07:37
pittiseb128: I unregistered my DECT handset and registered it at my router for testing whether that'd fix my landline problem, but now I can't register it back at the phone07:38
seb128pitti, the documentation says the pin should be 000007:43
pittiseb128: I know, but it's not (I did look through the documentation, and googled quite a bit)07:43
seb128buy french next time :p07:44
* seb128 hides07:44
jpds"Canonical is located in an English speaking country."07:44
pittididrocks: DidierTV!07:47
* pitti just watched the first 10 mins07:47
didrocksroh :-)07:48
* pitti n'aime pas de vin rouge07:48
didrockspitti: tu aimes le pain au moins?07:48
seb128didrocks, le pain noir mais c'est pas du pain...07:48
pittididrocks: oui, j'aime bien le pain !07:49
pittiwe even bake that ourselves07:49
pittiseb128: *slap*07:49
seb128pitti, ;-)07:50
didrockspitti: ça va, on te donne une moitié de carte de résidence alors :p07:50
pittiwhite bread is much less wrong than AZERTY, but still wrong :)07:50
pittioh those cultural differences07:50
seb128didrocks, don't listen to him what he calls bread is not bread07:50
didrockspitti: ok, un quart de carte alors :p07:50
didrocksseb128: I just downgraded him ^07:50
seb128good ;-)07:50
* seb128 hugs didrocks pitti07:51
* didrocks hugs seb128 and pitti07:51
* pitti aime les autres nourritures07:51
didrockspitti: right, but there are requirements07:51
didrocksreal bread, wine and azerty07:51
pittid'accord, je vais manger le pain blanc07:51
seb128didrocks, I guess most people can deal with the bread and wine07:52
seb128not sure about the azerty :p07:52
pittiJe n'utilise pas de clavier allemand soit07:52
didrocksseb128: they don't know what they miss, do they? ;)07:52
seb128one layout to rule them all07:52
didrocksI would put that under the "simplification, one core experience" tag07:53
didrockslike, why dealing with those xkeyboards bugs?07:53
pittiazerty *is* a keyboard bug!07:53
* pitti gets his asbestos pants really quickly now07:54
* pitti mettre son pantalon de asbestos très rapidement maintenant07:55
pitti(however wrong that sentence was)07:55
Nafalloliquid bread?07:56
pittididrocks: ok, so deal: white bread and ignoring traffic lights, but PC105/US07:56
pitti. o O { merci dieu c'est vendredi }07:57
didrockspitti: I think I would put that for a vote, and wait for the strikes feedbacks07:57
seb128we can't even say it has been a long week07:58
seb128it has a been a 4 days or less week for most of us07:58
pittiseb128: so we had to put a week's worth of work into just 4 days!07:59
darkxstpitti, are we able to get a retracer setup now? I think the bulk of packages will have ddebs08:01
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didrocksseb128: talk for yourself!08:02
didrocksseb128: happy Thursday btw :p08:03
didrocks(you are working tomorrow, isn't it? ;))08:03
seb128didrocks, ;-)08:03
pittidarkxst: able yes, but I didn't find time to set it up yet08:03
darkxstpitti, ok, whenever you get a chance08:05
darkxstalso are we able to add bug patterns?08:05
pittidarkxst: yes; I propose we just use the normal ubuntu ones08:06
darkxstpitti, ok08:10
GunnarHjseb128: Good morning, Seb! Can you please add a Precise task at bug 1161953?08:58
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1161953 in language-selector (Ubuntu) "gnome-language-selector crashed with TypeError in _expand_pkg_pattern(): not enough arguments for format string" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116195308:58
davmor2seb128: I've hit an issue, this problem with the album art I have images galore but I have no idea where to file it :)09:46
seb128GunnarHj, done09:53
seb128GunnarHj, hey09:53
seb128davmor2, if it's happening in different places ... gstreamer1.0 I guess09:53
davmor2seb128: right will do09:54
davmor2seb128: I've made this private as it contains the link to the file and I've subscribed you so you can pass it around and see what I see.  I'm going to do a fresh i386 install today and see if I see the same thing there too.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gstreamer1.0/+bug/116492810:11
ubot2`davmor2: Error: launchpad bug 1164928 not found10:11
seb128davmor2, thanks10:11
davmor2seb128: precise and quantal both show the album art only raring that isn't, however it does show the online stuff in the dash until you download it :)10:13
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xnoxlarsu_: I mean, I don't even understand how come it does work a bit actually after your review =)))))11:09
xnoxwill try to fix up later.11:09
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Sweetsharkseb128, bdrung: https://plus.google.com/u/0/101094190333184858950/posts/byfaUDmpYCn -- do we want to land that in raring proper still? if so, how so?12:53
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bdrung_Sweetshark: i want it in raring. we need to have it in until 17th (the final freeze)13:40
bdrung_Sweetshark: can you prepare the release in git and provide the orig tarballs?13:46
bdrung_Sweetshark: btw, are you aware of bug #1153350?13:47
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1153350 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) "LibreOffice4 Global Menu Items Do Not Highlight on Mouse Hover" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115335013:47
jhodappLaney, ping13:53
bdrung_Sweetshark: please also build depend on liblangtag13:59
mptmterry, hi. I'm looking at bug 1077205. If there were, say, 20 updates, how long would it take for Software Updater to compile and display the changelogs for all of them, concatenated together? A second or two? Ten seconds? Thirty seconds?14:00
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1077205 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "update-manager should have a view that shows the changelogs together for all changes that that will be applied" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107720514:00
mterrympt, the delay in doing that is mostly network based.  We'd have to download each changelog separately14:00
mterrympt, downloading one right now takes a second or two14:01
jhodappLaney, I'm curious if you have plans to package and push out the latest gst-plugins-bad v1.0.6? If not for a release, I am wondering if you could package it up for me for use in Ubuntu Touch development. Obviously I'd be interested in the armhf and -dev packages.14:02
Laneyjhodapp: You caught me just as I got back from hols :-)14:08
LaneyI'll look at that next week and see what the changes are14:08
jhodappLaney, awesome :)14:08
jhodappLaney, ok...not to put too much pressure on you because someone else might be able to help if you can't, but I'll be waiting on this package soon to continue my development14:09
LaneyI assume monday will be fine :-)14:09
jhodappLaney, absolutely14:09
jhodappLaney, thanks for your willingness to help out14:09
Laneyno worries14:09
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seb128Laney, \o/14:22
Laneyhey seb12814:22
Laneywhat's up?14:22
seb128Laney, had some good holidays?14:22
seb128Laney, just good to see you after those 2 weeks ;-)14:22
seb128Laney, enjoy your end of holidays w.e14:22
Laneylots of lovely walking, even if a bit snowy!14:22
seb128Laney, and don't forgot peer reviews if you didn't do those14:23
* Laney mainly came online to delete email :P14:23
seb128^ everybody as well14:23
Laneyyeah I didn't - just got one to do this evening14:23
seb128that's to be done for today14:23
Laneyneed to go to the post office to get a delivery though, so later14:23
seb128Laney, have fun ;-)14:23
Sweetsharkbdrung_: preparing in git and tarballs, sure cando. liblangtag nope, not in main.14:31
seb128desrt, hey, when do you plan to do a glib 2.36.1 release? just asking because I don't want to do 2 uploads and I'm pondering backporting those patches or waiting for a tarball14:31
Trevinhopitti: did you read my ping about logind and indicator-session?14:31
bdrung_Sweetshark: the MIR for liblangtag is approved (bug #1161087)14:31
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1161087 in liblangtag (Ubuntu) "[MIR] liblangtag" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116108714:31
desrtseb128: i was planning to follow the schedule14:33
desrtie: apr 1514:33
Sweetsharkbdrung_: k, I still find it icky to do that change this late. Using the packaged liblangtab has no enduser testing on Ubuntu and only very limited testing on debian.14:34
bdrung_using the packaged liblangtab has the advantage of making SRUs simpler14:35
bdrung_there shouldn't be that big difference between the bundled and the packaged liblangtab, right?14:36
seb128desrt, sounds good, thanks14:36
Sweetsharkbdrung_: no, there shouldnt. but the devil is in the details. "not tested" means "doesnt work (at least somewhere)". There are still things that can go wrong (e.g. doesnt link on armhf for example) that are really painful with a builds-in-a-day-package.14:42
bdrung_Sweetshark: does link on one arch, but not on the other?14:43
Sweetsharkbdrung_: hey, liblangtab did only fail on armhf ;)14:51
bdrung_Sweetshark: yes and that an easy to detect and fixable problem :)14:52
Sweetsharkbdrung_: true. k, I will add it, but you take full responsibility for that ;)15:09
bdrung_Sweetshark: okay. i hope that i wont regret it15:53
jbichacyphermox: hey could you take a look into bug 1072518? restarting networking is a great way to crash Unity or GNOME Shell and things shouldn't be that fragile16:01
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1072518 in ubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Restarting network crashes (apparently) the desktop manager" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107251816:01
cyphermoxahah, cute16:11
tkamppeterjasoncwarner_, hi16:15
pittiTrevinho: no, I didn't16:17
Trevinhopitti: hey16:18
Trevinhopitti: it was about https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-session/+bug/1165027/16:18
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1165027 in indicator-session "Indicator-sound Hibernate/Suspend capabilities are inconsistent with unity dialogue" [Medium,In progress]16:18
Trevinhopitti: charles is working on it now, though16:18
Trevinhopitti: another thing I've noticed is that logind has not a way to inform that suspend/hibernate support changes...16:19
Trevinhopitti: but it seems to happen when installing a kernel16:19
pittiTrevinho: polkit-desktop-privileges got fixed today, to disallow hibernate in polkit the same way as it's disabled in upower16:20
Trevinhopitti: ah, so that bug is not valid in the sense that they're always showing the same value, isn't it?16:21
pittiTrevinho: not sure what you mean with this, but polkit will now disallow hibernate regardless of whether you ask upower or logind16:21
rickspencer3seb128, on my netbook, the ubuntuone control panel is not starting up, not sure what package to file a bug against, or is this a known issue?16:22
Trevinhopitti: mh, I mean that for example in my notebook logind is returning "yes" on CanHibernate, and Upower is returning false...16:22
pittiTrevinho: right, that's fixed now16:22
seb128rickspencer3, can you run "ubuntuone-control-panel-qt" and copy the output?16:23
pittirickspencer3: ubuntuone-control-panel-qt starts here, FTR16:23
seb128wfm as well16:23
rickspencer3thanks pitti16:24
rickspencer3so that's not installed16:24
rickspencer3I wonder if that's part of the problem :)16:24
Trevinhopitti: cool16:24
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davmor2seb128: so the raring i386 install from todays iso is displaying the same issues as my amd64 version ref the album art17:05
seb128davmor2, I'm unsure about the dash17:06
seb128but I think that rhythmbox/indicator-sound is a rhythmbox bug17:06
seb128I found a commit upstream I need to try17:06
davmor2seb128: from what I understand the dash pulls in from the RB db so that could be the cause there too maybe17:07
davmor2seb128: you have to open RB once before the dash shows your local music at least17:08
seb128oh ok, that makes sense17:08
seb128I will keep you updated17:08
davmor2seb128: if you package a fix I'm more than happy to confirm it17:09
seb128davmor2, thanks17:11
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* didrocks waves good evening and week-end!18:16
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cyphermoxjbicha: not much to say there but "then don't do that"19:29
cyphermoxit's pretty much expected behavior:19:29
cyphermoxsudo restart networking will run through the stopping part for that upstart job, which emits deconfiguring-networking19:29
dobeymight anyone in here know the answer to http://askubuntu.com/q/278233/50737?sgp=2 ? rickspencer3 maybe?19:29
cyphermoxjbicha: that's the stop condition for the system dbus bus19:30
cyphermoxjbicha: so obviously lots of things belly-up19:30
cyphermoxjbicha: I agree that gnome-settings-daemon shouldn't crash though, but you'll hardly get away with very many things working after doing that anyway19:30
jbichacyphermox: I don't know much about upstart but is breaking the desktop really necessary?19:31
cyphermoxnecessary, no, but it's expected that things will go bad if you shut down dbus19:32
cyphermoxI mean, everything is impacted by that19:32
cyphermoxNetworkManager, upower, etc.19:32
jbichait's necessary for dbus to be killed?19:33
cyphermoxit's part of what needs to happen at shutdown, yes19:35
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cyphermoxand the networking job isn't meant to be used to do whatever people are trying to do with it19:36
cyphermoxthe best I can say, is that perhaps it could be renamed to avoid this kind of issue19:37
cyphermoxbring up your concerns on the ubuntu-devel@ mailing list, I think this belongs being better investigated and discussed.19:37
jbichaok thanks19:37
cyphermoxbut the quick answer is; networking isn't to be used for that, ifup and ifdown are the tools for the job19:37
cyphermox(or restarting the network-manager job)19:38
cyphermoxthere's further things that could explode just by restarting networking too, as it will at least bring up/down the lo interface.. you probably want to avoid that as much as possible19:38
jbichawell we could just mark the bug invalid and tell people to use sudo service network-manager restart if needed instead19:42
cyphermoxwell, there is a genuine bug in gnome-settings-daemon -- it should be crashing because of this19:45
cyphermoxI updated the bug already19:45
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rickspencer3hi dobey20:40
rickspencer3so, I don't think that functionality has been added to the sdk so far as I know20:41
rickspencer3dobey, I know they've recently added "side stage vs. main stage" though20:41
dobeysdk meaning the plug-in to qtcreator?20:42
dobey(hi :)20:43
rickspencer3dobey, no, I would think Ubuntu Components20:43
rickspencer3I would expect MainView would have an formFactorChanged signal or something that you can respond to20:43
rickspencer3but I don't know if it's been even really designed into the API yet, much less implemented20:44
dobeyso would basically have to have different builds for each format, right now?20:45
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