bp0jbicha, well that would be great.00:00
bp0something interesting about gnome-clocks is that the link exists in the clock popup even if the package is not installed. It just does nothing.00:03
phillwjbicha: just keep quiet about lxle ;) , it's none-unity, but they have done a fantastic job. It's nice to be able to tell people to go out and try our flavours and see which is best for you. And all for zero cost.... (P.S., no you cannot kidnap my comms guy, but he is very good at getting these pesky 'social media' sites on Fb, G+ etc set up)00:04
darkxstjbicha, bp0 I will take a look at it00:06
roastedbp0: I noticed the same thing. I thought gnome-clocks was just a broken package because gnome-clocks was listed there.00:06
roastedbut I had to install it in order for the gnome clocks link within the clock menu to open00:06
jbichaphillw: cool, camelinahat (~butler-matthew) is our social person00:06
darkxstit probably needs to be added as a dependency, but until recently it didnt exist!00:07
jbichabp0: I filed https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69730100:19
ubot5Gnome bug 697301 in calendar "'Open Clocks' shows even when gnome-clocks isn't installed" [Normal,Unconfirmed]00:19
phillwjbicha: get https://launchpad.net/~butler-matthew to send me an email to phillw@ubuntu.com - He has no listed email address.00:22
darkxstjbicha, gnome-weather seems to be using adwaita dark theme, looks a bit odd!00:26
bp0I'd like Terminal to use dark, but I don't think that can be set by users00:27
roasteddarkxst: are you a dev?00:31
jbichadarkxst: like GNOME Web's private mode :| https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69607800:32
ubot5Gnome bug 696078 in General "We need specific incognito/private mode styling" [Normal,Unconfirmed]00:32
jbichadarkxst: it looks like the Debian package is missing several gir depends00:34
bp0I agree with that bug I guess, I think dark content might use the dark theme and light the normal theme maybe00:34
bp0so if you like grey on black in terminal, then you should be able to use dark theme :)00:34
jbichadarkxst: I pushed the dependencies fix to Debian svn00:40
darkxstjbicha, ok00:43
darkxstI will upload to staging?00:44
jbichadarkxst: the regular gnome3 ppa is fine too00:44
jbichadarkxst: the mozjs17 stack in staging has been working fine for me today00:45
darkxstjbicha, sure, I have been running it for months now, without a single issue!00:46
darkxstit should be safe to move into gnome3 whenever00:47
jbichayes go ahead00:47
darkxstjbicha, straight copy or should I change the package versioning to be more inline with current packages?00:52
jbichadarkxst: I think a copy is fine00:53
darkxstjbicha, I don't get your commits via 'svn' for some reason00:53
darkxst'svn update' even00:54
jbichadarkxst: I don't know, it was rev. 37496 and 37497; I can push to the ppa if the svn isn't working for you00:56
darkxstjbicha, yes I can see them on web interface, but svn client doesnt see them. go ahead and push them00:57
darkxstbp0, is that your root password ;)02:01
bp0it was02:01
darkxstIRC is probably not the best place to enter passwords ;)02:02
bp0screen turned off and didnt lock for some reason02:02
bp0so I just typed it thinking the screen would be locked02:02
bp0silly gnome, oh well02:03
bp0oh, not root I guess, just user02:05
bp0didnt see that word02:05
bp0how's the gnome-weather thing coming?02:05
darkxsti386 is built, amd64 is waiting in the build queue02:06
bp0whoa, what is this start in 8 hours bit?02:07
darkxstguess its a little busy right now02:10
darkxstis unity really this broken? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/+bug/116135302:11
ubot5Error: launchpad bug 1161353 not found02:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 1161353 in Ubuntu GNOME "gnome-session crashed with signal 5 in g_settings_get_value()" [High,New]02:12
darkxstjbicha, what do you think of landing logind in the ppa?02:22
darkxstjbicha_, ^02:23
jbicha_darkxst: I'd be more comfortable with backporting from 13.10 (but that won't happen until what, May or June?)02:25
darkxstjbicha_, yes I think the plan is to switch over shortly after S opens02:27
darkxstessentially needs dbus, polkit, g-s-d, g-c-c, gdm, gnome-session and accountservices rebuilt02:30
jbicha_that's just my opinion, if you think the benefit outweighs the risks and don't mind all the work, I'm not stopping you from uploading to the staging ppa02:30
darkxstwell the big thing is the power management stuff02:32
darkxstthat was removed02:32
darkxstfor ck02:32
darkxstmajority of those packages are already in staging, so not much extra work really02:33
darkxstwell the first 2 are in pitti's ppa02:35
phillwjbicha_: A nice staging area is good, lubuntu has two, the 'official' one and the 'unofficial' one. Needless to say, the latter one gives a better idea of where our devs are thinking :)02:38
darkxstphillw, I think you missed the important part of the conversation ;)02:50
darkxsti.e. landing logind support into staging02:50
phillwdarkxst: soz, I'm still too many hours into beta 2 release and should really be in bed!02:51
snkmadhi all, i followed the instruction from site webup8-http://goo.gl/MBsnR, and installed gnome 3.8 on ubuntu 13.0412:41
snkmadbut i can't log in with gnome classic12:42
snkmadok i had to do a apt-get dist-upgrade, now i can login13:08
snkmadbut i can't see the wallpaper, it's all white, i only see it when i restart13:09
snkmadwell this is by far worse than the old gnome session fallback13:11
roastedhello friends!14:05
roastedIs there a way to submit a bug specifically against the Gnome3 PPA?14:35
roastedI found a Gnome bug that was semi recent and bumped a comment up saying that I'm on Gnome via Gnome3 PPA and I'm still missing my battery icon. Their response was: Gnome3 PPA means https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3, right? It14:36
roastedstill has gnome-settings-daemon at 3.6.4, which would explain why it doesn't14:36
roastedwork for you. Mixing different versions of low-level core components like this14:36
roastedis not something we support upstream - please contact the maintainers of that14:36
roastedPPA instead.14:36
roasted(whoops - sorry about the multi line thing)14:36
roastedI checked synaptic and sure enough I'm on 3.6.4 with that daemon. I guess that's all it is?14:56
ricotzroasted, take a look at ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3-staging14:57
roastedIt was advised of me to avoid staging, actually.14:58
roastedis staging pretty stable? (is that a dumb question?)14:58
ricotzafair jbicha isnt comfortable with moving it the main ppa yet14:58
ricotzroasted, if you insist on a "more" working power management you can test it14:58
roastedHm, I see.14:58
roastedricotz: have you heard about the Shell crash with Nautilus opening? I think that may be Gnome as a whole and not just the Gnome3 PPAs though.14:59
ricotzroasted, no, and never experienced it15:00
roastedricotz: are you on
ricotzroasted, yes15:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 1164086 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Gnome Shell non-recoverable crash when opening Nautilus more than once." [Undecided,Confirmed]15:01
roastedall you have to do is close all windows and open Nautilus.15:02
roastedsometimes the crash isn't triggered until the 2nd time you open nautilus.15:02
roastedI submitted that bug the other day. It looks like it got fed over to Gnome as it was linked to the Gnome bug tracker then.15:02
ricotzi see, seems to be an upstream bug which is filed15:03
ricotzso nothing more you can do, or get a stacktrace which seems to be difficult as mentioned there15:04
roastedI've been able to duplicate it on every machine I've installed 13.04/3.815:04
roastedRight - I was just asking if you were familiar with it. :)15:04
ricotznot so far ;)15:04
roastedIt made me feel better to see other users chiming in saying "me too"15:06
roastedplus the fact it was bumped to critical status this morning.15:06
roastedI think I'll put staging back in though, as not having a battery indicator is kind of a big deal for my uses.15:06
roastedoh, silly me. I'll have to do it in terminal since software center started crashing upon startup yesterday. :(15:07
roastedhello battery indicator <315:16
jbicharoasted: do you know more about why the power menu is missing for some people?15:17
roastedjbicha: I bumped up a bug on the gnome tracker earlier, and a dev told me it was due to the gnome-settings-daemon being 3.6.4 in the Gnome3 PPA.15:18
roastedjbicha: he said it was due to the PPA and not necessarily "Gnome" as a whole.15:19
roastedI bumped to staging and my gnome-settings-daemon is 3.7.91... power indicator is back.15:19
jbichaok cool, what's the bug number?15:20
roastedhang on I'll dig it up15:21
ubot5Gnome bug 691322 in general "Battery Status Icon Missing" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:22
roastedcould Gnome3 PPA see a bump in the daemon ver? :P15:22
roastedjbicha: also, for "some people"? Do some people have the battery indicator working on Gnome 3 PPA? I've installed 13.04 and Gnome 3 PPA on about 5 laptops now and each one didn't have a battery indicator.15:24
jbicharoasted: no, g-s-d and g-c-c 3.8 break too much stuff; we need Canonical to do their integration stuff first (or make a separate ubuntu-control-center if they give up)15:24
roastedjbicha: any idea when Canonical will be completing their integration?15:25
roastedI hate to be on staging on my work laptop, but something small like a battery indicator is kind of needed.15:26
jbichathe assumption is that Ubuntu 13.10 will ship GNOME 3.8; that doesn't necessarily mean they will use g-c-c 3.8 but they'll at least take a look in the next month or two as 13.04 is finished15:26
roastedare you basically insinuating that 13.10 will be the winning ticket for a full Gnome 3.8 instance, or that 13.04 has hope pending Canonical gets their act together upon release?15:30
jbichaI'm not sure I understand your question but 13.04 will ship gnome 3.6; we want to fix the bug in the gnome3 ppa, I assume by patching gnome-shell;15:37
jbichaand we don't have a final decision on what gnome version Ubuntu will ship in 13.10 but the assumption is that it will be 3.815:37
roastedI just thought you were insinuating that Gnome 3.8 via PPA on 13.04 will be difficult or even somewhat impossible to fully deliver15:38
jbichawe will not include gnome-control-center 3.8 in the regular gnome3 ppa until it is ready...which likely won't happen this month15:41
roastedI see.15:42
roastedWell thanks for your insight. It helps to see some inner workings of the thought process.15:42
jbichaI don't believe that it is reasonably possible to ship a different major version of gnome-control-center than gnome-settings-daemon15:42
roastedI might keep my eye out for other distros in the event someone else picks up a full blown 3.8 instance which is reallyw hat I'm after. :P15:43
roastedjbicha: dumb question, but, I suppose my experience with gnome 3.8 wouldn't be any different on Ubuntu + Gnome3 PPA versus Ubuntu GNOME + Gnome3 PPA, would it?16:02
jbicharoasted: uh didn't we already discuss that a few days ago?16:03
jbichaif you have ubuntu-gnome-desktop installed the experience is virtually the same (but having regular Ubuntu installed adds some extra packages)16:04
roastedJust thought I'd check before I tinker with anything else. :P16:05
pazuzustatueHi, was wondering if I could get any help with multi-monitor support in Ubuntu? :)16:36
camelinahatHas anyone installed Google Chrome yet in 13.04? I'm trying but keep getting a missing dependency that it can't resolve.18:06
jbicharoasted: thanks for pointing out the bug, I've uploaded a fix but it may take an hour for it to build and be published18:12
jbichacamelinahat: I added that as a known issue to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/TechnicalOverview18:13
camelinahatjbicha, Thanks I've been trying to find anything on it and oddly didn't find it in forums etc. Also Empathy no longer handles irc accounts?18:16
camelinahatbtw jbicha is the beta2 download finalized (came across it on the cd-image site earlier today)18:29
jbichacamelinahat: yes18:31
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camelinahatIs there a reason that jockey-gtk isn't shipped with Ubuntu Gnome?19:05
vmanapatjbicha: when people do iso testing, do they generally do it in virtualbox or on actual hardware?19:05
camelinahatvmanapat, often in a virtualbox, particularly for daily images etc.19:06
jbichacamelinahat: jockey-gtk is obsolete, that's provided by "Software & Updates" now19:07
zzillezzhello, is it ok to install the latest daily image of ubuntu-gnome ?20:19
zzillezzor are there showstopper bugs ?20:20
phillwzzillezz: the beta2's are just out, I suggest you follow the links in the topic and grab one while they're still warm :)20:21
zzillezzlol, how stupid of me ...20:22
zzillezzi just got the kubuntu beta from that page ..20:22
phillwzzillezz: to save you hunting around whilst trying them out, I hold a mirror of all but 'main' ubuntu at http://phillw.net/isos/20:24
phillwI had actually just popped on here to say that my mirror is now fully updated :)20:24
zzillezzthanks phillw :-)20:25
zzillezzyou have bandwith to spare it seems :)20:25
phillwzzillezz: yeah, I have 10 Tb / month20:31
phillwon  a 100 Mb/s backbone, that's virtually impossible to go over :)20:31
zzillezzi'm stuck on shared hosting :(20:32
zzillezzalright, rebooting and installing ubuntu-gnome from usb20:33
roastedjbicha, I apologize, I just rejoined. which bug were you fixing in an hour?20:50
jbicharoasted: the power menu with the GNOME3 PPA but without the GNOME3 Staging PPA20:53
roastedoh dude, nice. I didn't think that was fixable without Canonical getting on the ball.20:53
roastedthat's great!20:53
jbichawe just needed to patch GNOME Shell and pointing to the bug helped me see what to patch20:54
roastedthat's awesome. I'm glad to gear it.20:54
roastedhear it, rather.20:55
roastedjbicha, some users told me with Nautilus 3.8 they don't have that ui crash I brought up earlier. do you know offhand which version is in the gnome 3 ppa?21:03
roastedI'm on my tablet so I can't see what I had installed21:04
jbicharoasted: https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3/+packages?field.series_filter=raring21:07
atrushrm. so, google's dependancy on libudev0... doesn't that mean they can't have a single .deb that works for oneric and precise?21:14
zzillezzhello again, is there any way i can make the top panel font smaller ?21:14
zzillezzgnome tweak tool only changes the other fonts21:14
zzillezzsince i'm on a 1366x768 resolution, i'd like the top panel a bit smaller21:15
roastedhmm, just got bumped to 3.8. wonder if that'll do the trick.21:15
atruszzillezz: you could ask #gnome-shell on gimpnet about that, but it's likely not something you can change without a gnome-shell theme.21:16
jbichaby the way, the libwebp copy in the gnome3 ppa is because it's a huge pain to try to rebuild webkit as I believe most of the ppa builders time out before completing the build21:16
zzillezzthanks atrus21:17
darkxstroasted, 3.8 was basically just translation updates, and crash still happens even with git master21:20
roasteddarkxst: yeah - I just hopped on my laptop... I'm on 3.8... still tanking. :P21:23
roasted3.8 Nautilus that is.21:23
roastedjbicha: nice! battery icon is indeed back on Gnome3 without Staging. Love it.21:27
roastedjbicha: out of curiosity, was that a tricky thing to do without the updated gnome-settings-daemon?21:38
jbicharoasted: it wasn't too tricky, basically we need to revert this commit for the GNOME3 PPA: https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-shell/commit/?id=34a0c021:42
jbichaand then upload a slightly newer version of gnome-shell without that revert patch for the GNOME3 Staging PPA21:42
jbichaso it adds a little more work for us but it's not too bad21:43
roastedI see. So I take it when Canonical gets more of their ducks in line it'll circumvent this issue all together, no? (or am I misunderstanding?)21:47
phillwjbicha: hiyas, you were offline earlier, just to let you know that my mirror has been updated and I will be removing the 'fake' beta 1 from it now we have a 'real' beta 2 :)22:07
phillwunit assures me that the update script was perfectly behaved for all the 'previous' flavours and the two new ones (gnome being one of them).22:10
jbichaphillw: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIT ? ;)22:13
phillwjbicha: nah, this guy.. https://launchpad.net/~unit19322:18
jbichaehh, same thing :)22:20
phillwhe's a good guy and is the author of the script that zsyncs my server up.22:22
roastedis classic mode not hitting the gnome3 ppa?22:25
jbicharoasted: install gnome-shell-extensions22:29
roastedoh wow22:31
roastedthis classic mode is actually super nice.22:31
roastedmy parents have been bugging to upgrade their desktop. I may put Ubuntu + Gnome3 PPA on it to give them Unity, Gnome Shell, or Gnome Classic.22:32
roastedvery, very nice.22:33
jbicharoasted: I don't know if they're old enough to need accessibility, but GNOME supports that a lot better than Unity22:34
roastedThe only reasoning behind keeping Unity around is it's what they currently use. But I did get the "hey what's that?" question when they saw my laptop last.22:35
roastedMaybe Ubu-Gnome and 3.8 is the ticket since that sparked interest from my laptop.22:35
jbichaI'm hoping https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=693510 will get some love too22:36
ubot5Gnome bug 693510 in extensions "Classic theme doesn't have enough contrast" [Normal,Unconfirmed]22:36
roastedI hear ya. Good deal.22:37
roastedjbicha: are you an actual Gnome dev?22:37
roastedOr do you just stick to UbuGNOME related jobs?22:38
jbicharoasted: yes, I've submitted some patches to a variety of GNOME pieces22:38
jbicharicotz and darkxst do more with gnome-shell than I do22:41
roastedgood deal.22:43
roastedwell, glad we got some talented people on the project.22:43
roastedIn such a short time so many bugs have been addressed that I ran into. It's sweet seeing fixes happen so quickly.22:43
roastedanyway I have to get going. My expecting-wife wants some chicken from a very specific place so, off I go. :P22:46
roastedthanks for your quick insight jbicha. Take care!22:47

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