airurandoWho's going?11:19
airurandoebel: slashbel?11:20
zmoylanplanning too.  will be relaxing the day before to get there.11:20
airurandozmoylan: me to.  Back to work on Monday 15th.  Should be on days for a few weeks at the start.11:21
zmoylanso leg is improving?11:21
airurandotemp screw will be taken on on the 19th.11:22
airurandohappy days11:22
zmoylando you get to keep it as a souvineer? :-)11:22
airurandodon't know but I don't want it11:23
* slashbel would need to consult with the ebek11:24
* slashbel would need to consult with the ebel11:24
* airurando keeps fingers crossed that ebel and slashbel can make it :-)11:25
czajkowskiFYI folks there wont be a 13/04 DVD release17:31
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airurandono install media being printed and distributed for 13.0419:29
airurandoconcentrating on the LTS releases from now on.19:29
airurandoproper order in my opinion :-)19:30
airurandoczajowski I've thoughtn that way for a long time.19:35
airurandoeverything in that blogpost makes perfect sense.19:36
czajkowskihope everyone else feels the same way19:37
czajkowskiI know for some people they wanted the dvds19:37
airurandogeeks want interim releases. Geeks can make the DVDs themselves19:37
airurandoor usb sticks for that matter19:38
chrono8008-) hey, anyone about for a natter??19:52
airurandohowdy chrono80019:52
chrono800howdy buddy?19:53
airurandosee details are up for the dublin party?19:53
chrono800How did it go with your checkup?19:53
airurandoI'm back to driving (or trying to depress the clutch) next week.19:55
chrono800What are the numbers looking like people wise that are definitely going?  male/female balance?19:55
airurandoback to work on the 15th19:55
airurandotemp screw coming out on the 19th19:56
airurandoso far just you and me number wise for the release party19:56
chrono800the 15th Apr?  Thats not far away !!=-O19:56
airurandofeels like we are having two conversations at the same time ;-)19:57
chrono800We can have the crack anyway so, ;)19:57
chrono800But we are ;)19:57
chrono800are home, can I call your landline?19:58
chrono800are you home that is?19:58
airurandolet me find it19:58
* airurando hobbles off19:58
chrono800hobbies off, I don't follow, sorry, :-/19:59
=== airurando1 is now known as airurando
andru183found out why I couldn't upload photo's, pics are up of the first UH this year21:42
czajkowskiandru183: ello22:05

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