GrueMasterOk, just installed 12.04 server on a vm.  After getting to a login and running "apt-get update;apt-get dist-upgrade", when I try "apt-get install oem-config" it tries to install the KDE stack (347 packages).  Not the gtk stack, just the kde stack.00:35
GrueMasterSomething is pulling in ubiquity-frontend-kde (which wants the rest I would assume).00:36
* GrueMaster is out for the day.00:49
xnoxGrueMaster: as we said. "apt-get-install oem-config" is not enough, you want "apt-get install ubiquity-frontend-debconf oem-config-debconf oem-config" instead. There is no way to sanely specify alternatives, thus one must list the desired frontend first.08:52
GrueMasterOk, so that works around the dependency issue.  Now to work around the real problem.15:50
xnoxyeap. We "expected it to just work™"16:01
GrueMasterxnox: If it "just worked", do you honestly think I would be asking questions here??  Please try to remember that I was doing QA for Ubuntu on Arm for 3 years before being booted due to office politics above my pay grade.16:09
xnoxSorry, it was a joke. I understand that you are hitting a bug in oem-config-debconf, which frankly is not tested that well.16:10
GrueMasterThat I am aware of (and part of the reason I am no longer at Canonical).16:11
GrueMasterBut I really do not want to go down that path.  What I need is a solution.16:12
GrueMasterCurrently I am staring at a screen full of init output and no oem-config.  This is in a kvm session after doing a server install, logging in, then installing oem-config (as listed above) and running oem-config-prepare and rebooting.16:18
GrueMasterI'll try to post a screenshot somewhere.16:18
GrueMasterWill try on bare hardware soon (hopefully in the next hour or so).16:21
simosxis there a Ubiquity developer here? We have a critical bug that affects 13.04.16:21
xnoxGrueMaster: hm. I'd install the VM differently, let me test here something.16:22
xnoxsimosx: post a bug number?16:22
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1158750 in ubiquity "Ubiquity does not create correct UTF-8 locales" [High,Confirmed]16:22
simosxThe solution should be very simple, just append ".UTF-8" to the generated locale.16:23
simosxWith this bug, LibreOffice crashes on start. Other apps do not work.16:23
GrueMasterHow would you install the VM differently???  The purpoose of this install was to test the ability to run oem-config after installation and system modification.  The later part cannot be automated via preseed.16:24
simosxThe problem happens when you install Ubuntu with the default English locale, but if you are located in another country (such as Greece), then through geoip/timezone, the installer sets the "el_GR" locale as well.16:26
xnoxGrueMaster: not install oem-config manually, but instead let the installer put it in place. I'm running an installation here at the moment. Might take 10minutes or so.16:26
simosxAnd it's "el_GR" instead of "el_GR.UTF-8".16:26
simosxthat is, 8-bit character set and all the problems that come from that.16:26
GrueMasterxnox: That won't work for this situation.  I need to install and build our test environemt (which includes kernel modules) and run it on the test hardware prior to configuring the system for shipping to customers.16:28
GrueMasterIn otherwords, I cannot just do an install and ship.16:29
simosxxnox, how can I assign the bug to someone from the Ubuntu Installer team?16:29
xnoxGrueMaster: one gets a root account & allowed to boot and customize system many times. Before shipping, one needs to touch a magic file and then the next boot will be expected to be done by the customer.16:30
xnoxGrueMaster: it's a two step installation.16:30
GrueMasterxnox: That has never been my experience with the server installs when selecting oem-config during install.  Next reboot it prompts for user info.16:31
GrueMasterAnd the "magic file" is /var/lib/oem-config/run (which is created by oem-config-prepare).16:32
xnoxwell it did work correctly on the alternate cd installs during quantal cycle which should be very similar.16:32
xnoxanyway testing at the moment with a raring cd.16:33
GrueMastersigh.  Can't use Raring.  requirements here are for LTS releases only.16:34
GrueMasterAnd I am trying really hard to push for Ubuntu first.  Just not getting very far.16:34
xnoxsure, sure. I'm just making sure it works with raring (if it does great, if precise doesn't behave the same way i have somewhere to cherry pick a fix from). If it doesn't even work with raring, then there will be some extra digging required.16:35
GrueMasterMakes sense.16:36
xnoxGrueMaster: and alas, it fails to boot with grub not finding it's modules. *sigh*16:37
eliaspsThe bug that simosx reported creates a bug issue on Ubuntu GNOME 13.04 (which will be official).16:38
eliaspsThe problem with the locales affects datemenu.js file and gdm nor gnome-shell are able to load.16:38
xnoxbug 116509216:59
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1165092 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "oem-config fails with ubuntu-server images" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116509216:59
xnoxGrueMaster: broken in raring in a similar manner.16:59
xnoxogra_: how does oem-config manage to work at all with debconf frontend in e.g. precise/server/panda images?17:00
GrueMasterxnox: Give me a sec, I can look at jasper-initramfs and figure it out.  Just need to remote into my home system (which is currently processing updates).17:25
GrueMasterxnox: Ok, jasper does the following:18:13
GrueMastermkdir -p /root/var/lib/oem-config18:13
GrueMastertouch /root/var/lib/oem-config/run18:13
GrueMasterThat's all.18:13
GrueMasterThis is from the preinstalled images (panda, beagle, etc).18:14
xnoxhm..... but panda/beagle/etc all have a single serial/known tty to boot to. With typical intel server it's grub & vt handovers. (e.g. on first boot in the vm I had to manually switch to tty1)18:16
GrueMasterxnox: I have to image a new system this afternoon, so will also be able to test again on bare hw (which is my main focus for this).  I'll try to post the python errors I saw earlier.18:36
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