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* apw yawns ...08:05
* smb is reminded to get more coffee...08:07
apwsmb, a fine plan indeed08:09
* ppisati notes the keyboard in the nexus7 ubuntu image is much more usable than the phablet image counterpart09:11
ogra_you should say that in #ubuntu-touch so the right people see it 09:12
ppisatiogra_: :)09:13
ppisatiogra_: i just installed the nexus7 desktop img to the test yesterday's kernel09:13
ppisatiogra_: and i just noticed how good the keyboard is there09:13
ppisatiogra_: compared to the phablet one09:13
ogra_is touch working without the patch ?09:13
ogra_(on desktop)09:13
ppisatiogra_: touch kernel you mean?09:14
ogra_well, i mean the patch you discussed with jani 09:14
ogra_would eb good if the same kernel worked on both 09:14
ppisatiogra_: i'm testing it right now09:14
ppisatiogra_: just finished to reinstall09:15
ogra_ah, so touch still works even with that patch removed ?09:15
ogra_(iirc we added an xorg.conf.d snippet that should fulfill the same purpose)09:15
ppisatiogra_: the phablet/touch img had the touchscreen borked if that patch was present09:16
ppisatiogra_: dunno about the dekstop img, since the patch landed there for this img09:16
ogra_well, it would eb good to use the same kernel on both 09:16
ppisatiogra_: besides, where's this snippet?09:16
ppisatiogra_: right09:16
ogra_somewhere in ubuntu-defaults-nexus7 iirc09:16
ppisatiogra_: if i flash tthis morning img, do i get it?09:17
* ogra_ would have to look, but i have a vet appointment now, this will have to wait 09:17
ogra_(if my GF ever manages to catch the cat)09:17
ppisatiogra_: try with a net :)09:18
ogra_she's not a fish !09:18
ppisatiogra_: cat or GF? :)09:19
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* ogra_ is back10:40
* apw tries to not imaging ogra_ with a fish for a g/f12:03
* ogra_ wont comment on that since this is a family friendly channel 12:04
evhiya. Does anyone know if our copy of the android kernel does something to prevent core dumps? I can't seem to force one despite killing debuggerd, setting the core ulimit to unlimited, and setting the core pipe appropriately.13:25
evppisati: ogra_ mentioned you might have an idea, having touched the config last :)13:25
ppisatiev: i know there was an option about core dump in the dekstop kernel (not in the android one), let me check13:30
ppisatiev: cat /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern13:33
evppisati: neither "core", nor "/data/core.%e.%p", nor "|/path/to/apport" work13:36
evbeen through them all :)13:36
evand yes - I was in a writeable directory13:36
ev(for "core" that is)13:37
ppisatiev: and you tried with SIGABRT or gcore, right?13:41
evgcore? I was sending SIGSEGV.13:41
evSIGABRT also doesn't dump core. gcore on `sleep inf` works.13:46
* ogasawara back in 2014:02
* smb -> eow16:58
* rtg_ -> lunch17:25
* henrix -> eod17:41
rtg_apw, ogasawara: pushed raring master-next rebase on v3.8.6. build testing, will likely upload tomorrow.18:48
ogasawarartg_: ack18:48
infinitypsivaa: Did the regression testing on ti-omap4/quantal get stalled?  Seems to be the only SRU currently not ready to be released.19:40
infinitypsivaa: Oh, and linux-ec2/lucid, apparently.19:41
infinityzequence: Your kernels for P/Q are in -proposed now (will be true on mirrors in an hour or so, I suspect), if you want to do some quick smoketesting over the weekend, I'll release them on Monday with all the others and you'll be caught up.  \o/19:43
brycesforshee, test patch on #1041790 could use a kernel I think19:58
sforsheebryce, is this the patch you're referring to? https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=7747520:01
* rtg_ -> EOD20:01
brycesforshee, that's the one20:02
brycesforshee, your call on what kernels worth building.  The issue appears to affect raring and quantal, and one precise user claims to see it (unverified so far)20:03
sforsheebryce, ack. I'll kick off some builds.20:03
brycesforshee, this bug seems to be relatively widespread and severe (it's even hitting canonical employees a lot), so you might put this on a higher priority attention list for your team20:05
brycesforshee, sounds like Intel flipped on a performance improvement too soon.  So if we were to carry this patch there is a possible performance impact to it.  20:07
sforsheebryce, I'm building raring and quantal to start, I'll follow up with precise if needed20:13
brycesounds good20:15

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