dholbachgood morning06:35
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* Laney returns from hols14:13
Laneytumbleweed: did you check that thing out? ;-)14:13
tumbleweedLaney: no14:15
tumbleweedI also haven't looked at the data for seeded-in-ubuntu which has been spamming me for two weeks14:15
tumbleweedapparently we changed the structure of cdimage...14:15
* Laney applies the delete hammer to 95% of his new mail14:16
* tumbleweed has just been pushing through to the end of a work project. it hasn't left much energy14:16
Guest43393got a general question here: if i download (or create my own) source package. What is actually the command to build it ?! :-?14:19
tumbleweedGuest43393: debuild14:20
tumbleweed(but a lot of the time you want to build in a chroot, rather than on your machine - so look at pbuilder-dist or sbuild too)14:21
Guest43393ok. thanks mate.14:21
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TheLordOfTimeam i still able to get a bugfix into raring for a package in universe?19:34
TheLordOfTime(the bug priority is high)19:34
TheLordOfTimejtaylor, i just uploaded the debdiff, and since it's an out-of-the-box-config usability bug, i'm tryin to get this included quickly.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nginx/+bug/116217719:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1162177 in nginx (Ubuntu) "nginx-light: invalid parameter "ipv6_only=on"" [High,In progress]19:39
TheLordOfTime(there's a duplicate of that bug too, already marked as a dupe_19:39
TheLordOfTime(sponsors already subscribed, I think...)19:40
TheLordOfTime... you know what, i'm surprised I haven't filed for PPU rights for nginx yet... it seems a decent number of the recent debdiffs to fix things've come from me (or been brought in from upstream patches)19:43
TheLordOfTime(sorry, minor offtopic, but still :P)19:43
geserTheLordOfTime: if you're responsible for preparing most of the recent nginx uploads, you could get PPU rights for nginx.20:06
geserTry talking to your sponsors if they think you're ready (and ask them to comment on your PPU application)20:07
TheLordOfTimegeser, i only prep them for ubuntu, not debian, and most of it's patches, would that still qualify?  (note: i'm still only half done with my PPU application xD)20:07
TheLordOfTimegeser, i've been actively considering.  Question though, can security debdiffs and patches count towards that as well, or just standard patches/debdiffs?20:08
geserTheLordOfTime: sure, if you want upload right to Ubuntu you need to have uploads in Ubuntu (either directly or sync of your sponsored changes in Debian)20:09
geserTheLordOfTime: they count too.20:09
geserYou need to show that you know enough packaging to handle the package(s) you ask PPU rights for and also that you have some process knowledge (e.g. when not to upload (freezes), how the SRU process works, etc.)20:11
TheLordOfTimegeser, i don't have any Debian patches for the package, but I've worked with SRU and upload freezes before.20:11
TheLordOfTimenot just on nginx, so i'm relatively fluent in those.20:11
TheLordOfTimegeser, and i'm smart enough to check when a freeze is in place to ask whether a bugfix can get in during said freeze(s) (case in point: the bug i referenced)20:12
* TheLordOfTime yawns20:12
TheLordOfTime... note to self: twenty hours of work in a 12 hour day... bad...20:12
TheLordOfTimegeser, i assume the PPU procedure is the same as it was a few months ago when I started considering applying for PPU rights for nginx?20:12
geseryou do you co-maintain the nginx package with Debian or is a complete fork? just curious20:13
TheLordOfTimePPU application procedure*20:13
TheLordOfTimegeser, i don't maintain the Debian side of things, I do most of the patch work for the Ubuntu packages though20:13
geserI'm not in the DMB anymore but I doubt the procedures has changed much (if at all)20:13
TheLordOfTimemy concern is that i don't maintain the Debian packages at all, apparently they dump the Ubuntu stuff (as well as bug management for the nginx package) on me.20:14
geserworking with Debian isn't a strict requirement, but still nice to see20:14
geserthere is no requirement to also maintain the package in Debian20:16
geserit's enough if you work on the Ubuntu package20:17
_hcI'm a Debian Developer, we recently pushed a critical fix to wheezy and unstable, and I'd like to make sure this fix gets included in raring.  The easiest way to do this would just be to update the currently included version 0.6.3-5 to the version in debian/unstable: 0.6.3-620:22
_hcshall I file a bug report on this?  what should I include on that bug report?  I'm new to this particular process, tho I've submitted bugs to launchpad before20:23
geser_hc: yes, you can use requestsync from the ubuntu-dev-tools package for it (it's also include in Debian)20:24
_hcthanks, I'll try that, rebooting back to Ubuntu now :)20:26
jtaylorit should work from debian too20:26
_hcI'm actually in Mac OS X now… where I spent about 10% of my time.  My day-to-day is in Linux Mint, so basically ubuntu.  I think there are a number of Debian Developers who work out of Debian-derivs20:27
_hcthe Apple Mail program is the last thing that keeps me rebooting, maybe Geary will change that20:28
_hcreboot brb20:28
_hcok, I got the requestsync posted: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/olsrd/+bug/1165191  Is there something like "Release Critical" bug tag in Launchpad?  The issue that we fixed was that the program wasn't working on non-i386 platforms, so its severe on those platforms.20:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1165191 in olsrd (Ubuntu) "Sync olsrd 0.6.3-6 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New]20:40
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jtaylor_hc: which versions of ubuntu does it affect?22:00
jtaylor_hc: might be worth doing a stable release update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates22:01
_hcjtaylor: it affects quantal and raring for sure, and probably oneiric and precise22:03
_hcraring is the easiest fix, just take 0.6.3-5 to 0.6.3-6.  what's the Ubuntu policy on bigger updates? like for quantal, would it be acceptable to do an SRU for quantal from 0.6.3-3 to 0.6.3-6?22:04
_hcotherwise, I'd have to prepare separate updates for precise, quantal, and raring22:04
jtaylordepends on how invasive the changes are22:05
jtaylorfor quantal we only need the -6 diff it seems22:06
jtaylorif precise is affected it might be easier to go over backports22:06
_hcyeah, I think backports makes more sense there22:07
_hcjtaylor: yeah, for quantal, the 5->6 diff should work22:07
jtaylorhm good it has no reverse depends22:08
jtaylorthat makes backports easy22:08
_hcyeah, its a routing daemon22:08
_hcbut we're working on all sorts of fun stuff that depends on it, to make mesh networking really easy to use :)22:09
jtayloryou can request one with requestbackport if you think its worth it22:09
_hcyeah, I do actually, I haven't done backports on Ubuntu, so it would be interesting. I have for debian.22:10
jtaylorits more painful in ubuntu than debian :/22:10
jtaylormuch more painful22:10
jtaylorif you have rdepends, without its fine22:10
_hcyeah, no rdepends22:10
jtaylorubuntu policy is everything must be tested and nothing must break, not even builds22:11
_hcso to backport, should I wait until 0.6.3-6 is in raring?22:11
jtaylorI'll have a look right now22:11
_hcexcellent, thanks :-D22:12
jtaylorcan you provide a simple testcase that can be used to verify its fixed?22:12
_hcit would require two computers with wifi22:13
_hcbasically run '/usr/sbin/olsrd-adhoc-setup wlan0'22:13
_hcactually 'sudo /usr/sbin/olsrd-adhoc-setup wlan0'22:14
_hcthen 'sudo /usr/sbin/olsrd -i wlan0 -d 1'22:14
_hcshould I add this to a bug report?22:15
_hcits non-trivial, unfortnately, but no too hard22:15
_hcthe debian package has been well tested, and we've been testing it on our PPA, so I would be shocked if it didn't work once it becomes an official Ubuntu update22:16
_hchere's the PPA https://launchpad.net/~guardianproject/+archive/commotion/+packages22:16
jtaylorweird issue that was fixed22:18
jtaylordoesn't the compiler warn about this?22:18
jtaylorsomething like taking adress of temporary22:18
_hcI guess not, it seems like it should have22:19
_hcmost of the upstream devs run -Werror...22:19
jtaylorwhich won't help if Wall is not on :/22:20
jtayloroh it is just no verbose log22:22
jtaylorit would be good if the package builds with make VERBOSE=122:22
jtaylorverbose logs are very helpful when you want to check some issues22:23
_hcit should be now, in the latest version 0.6.3-622:24
jtayloroh good, I just looked at the ubuntu build log which is still -5 :)22:25
jtaylor_hc: synced, could you verify the fix on quantal? then I#ll do an SRU22:27
jtaylorfixing it in precise via an SRU would also be pretty easy, but maybe also not necessary as it has an older compiler22:29
_hcjtaylor: sure, I can verify the fix for quantal, do you mean test the package?22:56
jtaylorcheck if its affected and the patch fixes it22:57
_hcyes, its affected, and yes, the patch fixes it22:57
_hcthe bug was introduced upstream before 0.6.2 and was fixed in 0.6.4, and that fix is the patch in 0.6.3-622:58
jtayloryes but if its really broken depends on the compiler22:58
_hcit was broken on quantal in my 0.6.3-5 uploads to the PPA and then fixed with the 0.6.3-6 uploads to that PPA22:59
jtaylorand in precise?22:59
_hcI haven't specifically tested there23:00
_hclet me double check that, since I'm on precise23:00
_hcI do know that 0.6.3-6 works well on precise, since I use the PPA23:01
jtaylorwhat happens after sudo /usr/sbin/olsrd -i wlan0 -d 1 if its broken?23:01
_hcI'll have to test whether the precise version is affected.  But I think a backport would be worthwhile anyway, since there have been big improvements in the packaging23:01
_hcthe olsrd on each computer should start talking to each other, and setting up routes on each computer23:02
_hcif the olsrd is affected by the bug, that never happens23:05
jtaylorI think the patch is simple enough to be SRU'd to precise in addition to a backport23:06

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