ubottuIn ubottu, Honvai said: It is my falt of other humans07:10
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (lunitik appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)07:13
ubottuIn ubottu, Honvai said: it is my of others humans falt07:18
DJonesThis possibly explains that ->  Honvai> wilee-nilee, I have been blocked from ubuntu-fi because there is not understood me07:56
Tm_TDJones: he's our special case (:07:58
DJonesAh well, pointed him at -irc anyway07:59
MyrttiDJones: usually idoru seems to kill those anyway09:45
DJonesMyrtti: Yeah, its been klined09:45
DJonesSaw that after I've banned it, going to remove the ban in a minute09:45
HelpMyDcan someone unban me? /my bouncer13:08
HelpMyDMy bouncer is banned, not sure, if because of constant disconnection.13:08
HelpMyDand rejoin again in the channel13:09
PriceyHelpMyD: From what channel?13:09
HelpMyDI have sent you a banned mask/host.13:11
PriceyThanks, will look.13:11
PriceyThat was just me failing at using one of our bots.13:11
HelpMyDok, am I unbanned?13:13
PriceyI've not done anything yet.13:14
HelpMyDWhy not?13:17
HelpMyDWhats ETA for unbanning/13:17
ubottuError: You are not identified13:18
ubottuError: You are not identified13:18
IdleOnePricey: what is the mask?13:18
PriceyHelpMyD: Just trying to figure out what went wrong. Will have to do it the long way!13:18
HelpMyDI've PM'd you mask IdleOne13:19
HelpMyDPricey: ok, I can wait :)13:19
=== Pricey is now known as PriceChild
ubottuError: You are not identified13:19
=== PriceChild is now known as Pricey
IdleOneIf I recall correctly that shell provider was banned due to a large amount of abuse in lack of response/support from the admins.13:19
HelpMyDWhich abuse?13:20
PriceyIdleOne: There is a specific ban, not on the shell provider.13:20
HelpMyDI didn't get any abuse complainant, and we monitor all our servers.13:20
IdleOnehmm give me a minute to look closer13:20
Priceyon the full hostname13:20
HelpMyDPricey: why dont you just /msg ChanServ UNBAN #ubuntu nick!user@host13:24
HelpMyD /cs help unban13:24
IdleOneok. So it looks like 26 March 2013 you joined #ubuntu seeking support, had a little bit of a poor attitude towards the volunteers in the channel, used some mild foul language, and then posted a link to some website that had nothing to do with Ubuntu support. You were also a tad impatient13:24
IdleOneHelpMyD: because that is not how we do things.13:24
PriceyHelpMyD: I don't want to step on anyone's toes. :-) People don't always take it kindly if you reverse their decisions without consulting them.13:24
HelpMyDIdleOne: I was mad because I didn't get support13:25
IdleOneI can understand frustration but that is not an excuse for bad behaviour, especially when you have been asked to stop.13:25
Priceyubottu: whoami13:26
ubottuuse @whoami13:26
IdleOneHelpMyD: I am willing to remove the ban but I need you to agree to follow our channel guidelines before I do.13:27
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines13:27
IdleOneyou can read them there ^13:27
HelpMyDI agree13:28
HelpMyDand I know them already, I am 2 years on freenode.13:28
IdleOneno way you read them in 16 seconds13:28
HelpMyDRegistered : Apr 05 16:33:55 2011 (2 years, 0 weeks, 0 days, 20:54:37 ago)13:28
HelpMyDExactly 2 years :)13:28
IdleOneif you knew them you would not have cursed in #ubuntu13:28
IdleOneseeing how you are being uncooperative I think maybe it is best to leave the ban in place for a little longer13:29
HelpMyDI am reading, but I already know them13:29
IdleOneok, so you are certain you can use #ubuntu and follow our guidelines?13:31
IdleOneThank you. have a good day.13:32
IdleOnePlease remember to /part this channel.13:33
elky"a tad impatient" is an understatement judging by that exchange.13:33
IdleOneindeed :/13:33
IdleOnetelling you <HelpMyD> Pricey: why dont you just /msg ChanServ UNBAN #ubuntu nick!user@host13:39
IdleOnethat read as impatient13:39
elkyoh, i picked it before then13:39
PriceyHe was happy to ask in #ubuntu how to remove the ban and then come here to ask about it. I'd say that's quiet patient with the processes.13:39
IdleOneas a BNC "founder" he should know better then to ban evade to find out how to get a ban removed.13:40
IdleOneanyway, over now.13:40
PriceyIt is perhaps surprising that he knew about 'unban' but not 'flags'. Still, I am happy assuming good faith.13:42
elkyimpatience is rarely malicious.13:43
PriceyI don't suppose anyone could help me fix "<+Pricey> @login | < ubottu> Error: You are not identified"?13:43
elkyPricey, did you expire from some groups perhaps?13:44
PriceyI'm in the right groups on lp... irc nicks listed... identified to nickserv.13:44
elkyi'm out of ideas then.13:44
PriceyI've a funny feeling it may have an out of date hostmask for me...13:44
Fuchs/scloak Pricey ubuntu/member/pricechild13:45
PriceyFuchs: ubuntu... pdpc... ubuntu+pdpc... pricey/pricechild? Does ubottu even still identify users by hostmask?13:46
Fuchswe just set an instance up, and I think that one does, but you can add new masks to it13:46
Fuchs(given it is a supybot)13:46
PriceyAlso you'd fired me if I got someone to abuse services to hack my way into a user's bot.13:47
PriceyI used to have admin rights to ubottu or one of its predecessors too. I suck.13:47
Fuchsaww *comfortcuddles pricey*    let me look up that command13:50
PriceyCould an admin '/msg ubottu user hostmask list pricechild' to see if my hostmask is up to date... then choose whether to update it or banish me please?13:55
Fuchsplz2notbanish, Pricey is awesome13:55
* Fuchs shuts up13:56
elkyPici might appear some time soon perhaps13:56
* Pici is here13:56
Picibut ubottu is giving me an error13:56
PriceyPici: @login?13:56
Pici<ubottu> Error: You may only retrieve your own hostmasks.13:57
Piciyes. very.13:57
IdleOneare you typing pici or Pici ?13:57
IdleOnecase sensitive13:57
PiciIdleOne: did you try turning it off and on again?13:57
PriceyAre you sure its plugged in?13:57
Picianyway, I need to run to a meeting, ubottu's user registration has always confused me anyway.13:58
IdleOnethe other guy got banned for impatience, you people are just mean :(13:58
PriceyIs jussi the admin? (Please check my user hostmask? I can't @login)13:58
ubottuidentify-msg is Disabled14:12
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:12
tsimpsonPricey: try again14:12
tsimpsonsometimes identify-msg gets knocked off when the bot gets disconnected14:13
tsimpsonPici: ^ too14:14
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:17
elkyworks for me at least14:17
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:29
PriceyAwesome, thanks tsimpson.14:30
Piciroaring rangtail20:03
Myrttiubuntulog is still missing?21:53
bazhang<Honvai> How to install ubutnu in shell21:57
bazhangspelling it correctly would be a good start21:58
bazhangharris pretty much defines "impatient"22:23
bazhangwasn't he the one who was doing that earlier, as well asking to be an op?22:24

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