phillwinfinity: I did also, did mine not take affect? (22:15:23) queuebot: (notice) Builds: Lubuntu Desktop Preinstalled armhf+ac100 [Raring Beta 2] has been marked as ready00:07
infinityphillw: Or maybe it was you who marked it?  I dunno, I'm half asleep.00:10
phillwinfinity: I marked it... just wanted to mention in case my 1st mark up has borked the transfer to 'release'. And, you are correct, this is really late for milestone to actually go out.00:12
infinityphillw: It's not that late here.  I'm just having an off day. :P00:14
phillwinfinity: it is 01:17 here and I've had a nice meal and several glasses of wine :D00:17
phillwBut, on the plus side? my Dedi-server has not had an OOM issue with the 8 VM's running on it.... So, a glass of wine it is :D00:19
smartboyhwUm are the images out?00:44
Riddellsmartboyhw: I think he's publishing them slowly00:47
Riddell4.10.2 on the other hand should be all done00:48
phillwsmartboyhw: good question, well presented...00:48
phillwsmartboyhw: too many new flavours / updates etc.00:49
smartboyhwphillw: For Studio it's good.00:50
* smartboyhw sends out the announcements.00:50
phillwsmartboyhw: lubuntu also looks good.00:50
phillwsmartboyhw: I'd severly caution against you doing that.00:50
pleia2yeah, I always wait for the official green light00:51
pleia2(fortunately it's only 6pm where I am :))00:51
phillwsmartboyhw: the release team give the notification..... Trust me on this one!00:51
smartboyhwphillw  so it's OK now?00:53
* smartboyhw has never released something on a Friday;P00:54
phillwsmartboyhw: it is not  'OK' until the release team say it is.00:54
smartboyhwinfinity :(00:54
phillwsmartboyhw: the release team have not made an  annoucement, so it s not yet released00:55
smartboyhwAnyway, maybe a hour sleep;P00:55
infinitysmartboyhw: There's just some torrent verification and a release announce to send out.  (The former can sometimes take a bit of time)00:56
slangasekutlemming: hi, I'm helping infinity finish off the last of the final beta checklist - are cloud images ready to be published?00:59
slangasekutlemming: I see they aren't on http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/13.04/ yet, does that just need the trigger pulled?01:00
phillwHi JackYu01:01
smartboyhwHello JackYu, got a nice sleep in Yiyang home?01:03
jbichasmartboyhw: is there anyone that can send out the announcements for you? I hate for you to be losing sleep01:03
slangasekcjwatson, infinity: fwiw, we seem to have armhf images prepublished to the pool, but not linked into the raring/ directory01:04
smartboyhwjbicha: I aren't;P01:04
infinityslangasek: pre-publishing helpfully publishes everything.  Those can be surgically removed, or just ignored.01:05
phillwsmartboyhw: cc them to me on phillw@ubuntu.com and I will send them out to who you list.01:05
* smartboyhw wonders if everyone is putting him to sleep........01:06
phillwjbicha: don't worry, me and smartboyhw do know each other :)01:06
slangasekinfinity: except that as of 12.10, we were publishing the arm images to releases, not to cdimage?01:06
slangasekinfinity: so I think we want to add the links, not drop/ignore the .pool bits01:07
infinityslangasek: Yes, but the ones you see in .pool but not linked aren't published at all.01:07
infinityslangasek: Because they were broken.01:07
infinityslangasek: But pre-publishing was done before all testing was done (as usual), so I didn't manually exclude them at that point.01:07
JackYuphillw: hi01:08
JackYusmartboyhw: good morning:)01:08
slangasekinfinity: ok; so the only armhf images we're releasing with beta2 are netboot + nexus7?01:08
infinityslangasek: Right.01:09
slangasekinfinity: ok, thanks for confirming01:09
infinityslangasek: Should match the ready/not-ready states on the tracker.01:09
infinity(Well, I didn't bother marking netboot "ready", but we don't ever "not publish" netboot)01:09
* slangasek nods01:10
phillwHi JackYu .. we're just waiting for the announcement and then I will get the mirror updated for you good people.01:10
JackYuphillw: sorry for the delay. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuKylin/1304-beta-2-ReleaseNote01:10
JackYuphillw: I announced the note last night (Beijing time), but maybe you missed it:)01:12
phillwJackYu: you are applogising to the wrong person ... it is infinity you need to beg forgiveness from :)01:12
smartboyhwJackYu: Uh oh we aren't supposed to announce anything;)01:13
phillwJackYu: as long as infinity has the link to your release note, he will not actually hire  assassins to hunt you down :)01:17
JackYuphillw: :)01:19
phillwJackYu: by the way, as milestone release goes out, the -release team do allow a sense of humour.01:19
JackYuphillw: but I did send the URL to infinity last night... may I will check the log of the channel...01:21
JackYuphillw: I see:)01:21
phillwJackYu: it is unlikely that if you sent something to infinity that they would not have recieved it01:22
smartboyhwJackYu: What exactly do you mean by "announce"? Sent the link to infinity, or posting on the forums that "it is out"?01:22
JackYusmartboyhw: sent the link to infinity01:23
slangasekhey folks, so I have a first draft of an email up here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/Announcement/Beta201:24
slangasekcould I ask flavors to check their links, and also add any highlights that they want included in the announcement?01:24
smartboyhwJackYu: Ah it"s OK then:) phillw and I misunderstood you:)01:24
phillwinfinity: would you like me to move https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuKylin/1304-beta-2-ReleaseNote to the area named as their system along the lines of  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseNotes/Beta2/Lubuntu ?01:25
phillwslangasek: ^^01:25
slangasekphillw: I have no preference wrt the link names; flavors can use whatever convention they like as long as we can find them to put them in the announcement :)01:26
smartboyhwinfinity: Would you like me to add in the link for Ubuntu Studio release notes?01:26
pleia2added xubuntu, thanks slangasek01:27
slangasekpleia2: thank you!01:27
smartboyhwphillw: Maybe you help add it in, I don't want the wiki to have errors editing.01:27
slangasekstgraber: around?  do you have any edubuntu highlights you want listed on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/Announcement/Beta2?01:28
phillwsmartboyhw: whilst I am a wiki editor, I am also loathe to move areas as it will cause 404 errors for anyone who has bookmarked it.01:29
slangasekScottK, Riddell, jbicha, zequence: please add flavor highlights to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/Announcement/Beta2 if you have any01:29
smartboyhwzequence: Do we?01:30
phillwslangasek: should I rename https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseNotes/Beta2/Lubuntu to01:31
phillwslangasek: should I add https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseNotes/Beta2/Lubuntu to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/Announcement/Beta2?01:32
zequencesmartboyhw: Not really. Hey, go to sleep ;)01:32
slangasekphillw: since that exists, yes that would be a good idea - thanks01:32
smartboyhwHelp!! Edit conflict01:34
Riddellslangasek: done01:36
slangasekRiddell: cheers01:36
phillwslangasek: I've not made the new page area with a  '?' at the end of it... It is  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/https:/wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/Announcement/Beta201:37
phillwsmartboyhw: PM me01:38
phillwslangasek: which one do I delete for the announcement notice? (ie, which of the two links is "more correct" for the system).01:42
smartboyhwslangsek: Done for Ubuntu Studio01:43
slangasekphillw: sorry, I don't see what you're talking about?01:44
JackYuslangasek: would you like me edit the Beta2 wiki a little?01:49
phillwslangasek: which do we do? release notes which follow all the way though or announcements?01:51
smartboyhwphillw: Kubuntu -01:53
smartboyhw+ UbujtuKylin + Ubuntu Studio all uses release notes01:53
slangasekphillw: sorry, I still don't understand the question.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/Announcement/Beta2 is the announcement mail that I'll send on behalf of all the flavors to ubuntu-announce; flavors are also welcome to send separate announcements in their own forums; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/TechnicalOverview are the central release notes, but flavors are allowed to have separate release notes pages too if they01:56
phillwslangasek: no worries, there has been a lot going on. All I ask, is that we do not split the areas up01:57
slangasekwhat areas?01:57
smartboyhwWake up.time:)01:57
slangasekJackYu: I'm happy to have your contributions to the wiki page, yes :)01:58
phillwslangasek: I've had a long few days, I'm not really in the mood for this, please log onto ##phillw and on tuesday, I may have caught up.01:59
jbichaphillw: you have your own IRC channel?02:00
JackYuslangasek: thanks. Done:)02:00
phillwjbicha: i have a ##, for the teams who have VM's on the dedi server.02:00
phillwI apologise to slangasek and every one else, not only has it been b2 season , but a normal, scheduled update for my dedicated server that hosts 6 F/OSS teams went really bad, and I'm in grumpy mode :(02:03
smartboyhwphillw what happened?02:06
phillwsmartboyhw: http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=636302:08
phillwbut this is not the correct channel to chat on.02:08
=== smartboyhw_ is now known as smartboyhw
smartboyhwOK i am retiring my mobile.02:10
slangasekpleia2: is http://xubuntu.org/news/raring-beta2/ a correct link? it currently 404s02:49
pleia2slangasek: it's the announcement, so not published yet02:50
phillw77CAAVMF2: I've got to hit bed, if the -release team do finalise the  move to beta-2, would you please run the script. Thanks.02:50
pleia2I'll hit publish when all is announced02:50
slangasekpleia2: ok02:50
phillwpleia2: long time no chat! Yes, I do know the rules of embargation, we've had this fun with final releases in the past. The bug is that the 'ready' ones are not appearing on the usual area ?02:56
pleia2phillw: I don't understand the question :\02:57
smartboyhwphillw, what is the "usual area"?!02:58
phillwslangasek: / pleia2 until they sort out a bug in the release script, the beta-2's will languish in http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/264/builds marked as 'ready'.02:58
phillwsmartboyhw: ^^02:59
smartboyhwphillw, still not understanding...02:59
* smartboyhw thinks either phillw is speaking alien language today, or smartboyhw's English was too bad03:00
phillwsmartboyhw: the ones marked as ready should be on the http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ there was an error in doing this.03:02
slangasekphillw: no, there wasn't03:03
smartboyhwphillw, why?03:03
smartboyhwphillw, how do you tell?03:03
phillw(01:54:16) ***smartboyhw has never released something on a Friday;P03:04
phillw(01:54:24) phillw: smartboyhw: it is not  'OK' until the release team say it is.03:04
phillw(01:54:49) smartboyhw: infinity :(03:04
phillw(01:55:19) phillw: smartboyhw: the release team have not made an  annoucement, so it s not yet released03:04
phillwDo I have to keep repeating this?03:04
slangasekphillw: the bugs in the release scripts were sorted out a long time ago; the people you're giving this information to already know how the release process works, they're here because they're coordinating on behalf of their respective flavors03:06
smartboyhwphillw, eh huh so?03:07
* smartboyhw still doesn't understand03:07
phillwslangasek: with the deepest respect, a mile stone release is not released until the release team say so. We have not had such an announcement.03:07
smartboyhwphillw, we didn't03:07
smartboyhwphillw, er but UbuntuKylin did:P (/me points at JackYu)03:08
smartboyhwwe = Ubuntu Studio03:08
smartboyhwI still haven't make any announcement yet03:08
phillwslangasek: I've already told the Lubuntu QA / Testing team that the images marked as ready on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/264/builds are the Beta-2, but that is not the same as a GLOBAL announcement, and the delay means I cannot up date my mirror server :(03:11
infinityNo one's stopping you from running rsync.03:15
phillw04:15 am here, this little piglet is heading for bed.03:15
smartboyhwphillw, go to bed:)03:15
phillwinfinity: the script uses the links on 'release',03:16
infinityphillw: ...and?03:16
infinityphillw: Like I told you a couple of hours ago, the only two remaining things are verifying the torrents and mailing the announcement (which slangasek has been getting people's input on polishing up).03:17
infinityphillw: I literally meant those are the only two things.  cdimage/releases have the images, we're just not announcing until, well, we announce.03:17
phillwinfinity: no need to get so harsh?03:17
phillwI know this is well late, but let's please not start biting each others heads off?03:19
phillwinfinity: I can 'joke' about "will it be released on Thursday" and reply "well, on a good day, with a following wind..... Saturday looks good"" . As a QA person, release day is one of the deadlines that make a wonderful wooshing sound as they pass.03:24
phillwinfinity: The one thing that the -release team stand for? It's ready when it's ready. For that, you people have always had, and will always have... my deepest respect. (Even when I nag you).03:26
smartboyhwphillw, geez cool down a bit03:26
phillwsmartboyhw: I'm well cooled down :) I just wanted -release to be assured that my nagging <> upset. I was not the one nagging as to when beta-2 would launch :P03:28
slangasekhey folks03:31
phillw77CAAVMF2: is there a way to pulllthose iso's03:31
slangasekso it turns out that we managed to miss dotting one of our ṫ's leading up to the beta, owing to the prior milestones having been opt-in03:31
phillw77CAAVMF2: is there a way to pull the iso's marked as ready via zsync?03:32
slangasekand http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/download has not been set up... which means we can't give a valid download link to people in the announcement mail that will actually load-balance across the mirrors03:32
infinityphillw: Of course you can pull them with zsync.03:33
slangaseksorry to have to do this to y'all on the flavors, who obviously have done your part, but it looks like we need to defer announcing until we can get that link fixed - which needs to wait for London to wake up03:33
smartboyhwslangasek, oh no03:33
pleia2slangasek: thanks for your work, slangasek (woo, handing off to my europeans!)03:33
smartboyhwpleia2, you *have* europeans?:P03:33
slangasekthe good news is, it gives you all more time to polish https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/TechnicalOverview if you wish :)03:34
smartboyhwslangasek, LOL03:34
* smartboyhw checks03:34
infinityAlso more time for third and fourth-level mirrors to all be in sync.03:34
infinityNot world-ending.03:34
phillwslangasek: I have the same backbone speed as canocial have (100 Mb/s).03:34
infinity(This is exactly why we target releases to Thursdays anyway)03:34
smartboyhwinfinity, this might be the best synced release;)03:34
phillwI also have the structure for the ISO's,03:34
infinityphillw: ...03:35
infinityphillw: Pretty sure we have a little bit more than 100Mbit. ;)03:35
pgranerinfinity: just a bit more lol03:35
phillwinfinity: actually on feed, your mirror states 100Mv03:36
phillwThat is why I do not mirror ubuntu, just the ones on http://phillw.net/isos/03:36
pgranerphillw: I think thats what the link is throttled down to for the mirrors03:36
smartboyhwphillw, on your page you do know that UbuntuKylin is one word not two?03:37
phillwpgraner: I'm not overly intressted in the fine print.03:38
phillwWe have no beta-2 for ANYTHING is what is being said?03:38
smartboyhwphillw, basically *yes*03:38
phillwsmartboyhw: I'd actually rather here this from a canonical person, because this is going to be a real hard sell to the testers,03:41
smartboyhwphillw, ok:)03:41
infinityWhat's to sell?03:41
infinity"Sorry, the announce might go out a few hours late"?03:42
infinityNo one's saying it won't release.03:42
infinityAnd, as I've told you, it's already on the mirrors.03:42
smartboyhwinfinity, so just not OFFICIALLY announced as released right?03:42
slangasekit's not being announced as released until we can safely point users at it for download03:42
slangasekeverything up to that point is done - the testing is done, the images are golden03:43
phillwinfinity: is nicholas / balloons aware of the slight 'oversight', or is it now "it does not affect unity, so it is not a problem"? People have busted their ass'es off to get beta-2 ready? I really do not understand this, a tall.03:43
infinityphillw: ... dude.  Relax.  A few minutes ago, you were praising us for not releasing until ready.03:45
pgranerphillw: we had an item that was not on the checklist which was to update the ubuntu.com web site. We don't have permission to do this nor can we raise anyone. So we are delaying the announcement until they can fix it.03:45
pgranerwhich will be in the UK am03:45
infinityphillw: Nothing's changed.  All your testing has led to a release.  That will happen in a few hours, instead of a few hours ago.03:45
phillwinfinity: we had releases marked as 'ready'... now, finally and thankfully pgraner has given a bit of information.,03:47
smartboyhwphillw, your testers have done good testing and the testing is done. Just that the announcement hasn't been made, doesn't mean Beta 2 will be wasted:)03:47
smartboyhwphillw, what's your time? (Since you are in UK)03:47
infinityphillw: You got that information from slangasek a while ago.03:47
phillwinfinity: the last news I recall was 'remove skype'.03:48
phillwslangasek: can you remind me of an issue that would so affect lubuntu that julien would also have missed out on?>03:52
phillwI feel like a christian thrown to the lions....03:52
infinityIt doesn't directly affect flavours, except that we politely ask you not to send release announcements until we send ours.  In the general case, this is just because we should all play nice.03:53
infinityIn this specific case, it's because flavour announces will lead to people going to grab the Ubuntu ISOs from the same/similar locations, jumping the gun on us fixing our load balancing.03:53
infinityAnd we'd really prefer not to have our infrastructure DoSed.03:54
infinityphillw: And I'm still not sure why any of this is a big deal.  Nothing been cancelled, no one's work was for nothing, we're just a few hours later than you expected.03:54
infinityphillw: Heck, it'll still be Thursday in at least one timezone by the time this is all sorted.03:54
phillwinfinity: and all the release team, I wish to apologise. it is 05:00 here, and the beta-2 has taken a toll on me while it happened with serious issues on my dedi-server which was affecting others. I was in 'grumpy mode'. It happens (to us all).04:02
phillwinfinity: and all, we all 'blow off steam' now and again. I do know that you good people make the releases happen, I may moan about stuff - even argue about stuff. BU04:05
phillwBut, you are the people who make it happen. Sorry :(04:06
pgranerphillw: infinity has taken off for the night, I"m sure he'll catch the backscroll :)04:07
phillwpgraner: I'd like to know what (04:53:16) infinity: It doesn't directly affect flavours, except that we politely ask you not to send release announcements until we send ours.  In the general case, this is just because we should all play nice.04:11
phillw(04:53:47) infinity: In this specific case, it's because flavour announces will lead to people going to grab the Ubuntu ISOs from the same/similar locations, jumping the gun on us fixing our load balancing.04:11
phillw(04:54:03) infinity: And we'd really prefer not to have our infrastructure DoSed.04:11
ypwonginfinity, see you mentioned about translation of HEADER for ubuntukylin, should we just translate http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntukylin/releases/raring/beta-2/HEADER.html and send it to you?04:22
pgranerphillw: if they don't use the link in the announcement it will hit specific servers directly and not get load balanced across04:25
pgranerphillw: right now the "link" doesn't exist until it can be created by the right folks04:26
phillwpgraner: I have sent NO annoucement out04:31
phillwdo you have an @ubuntu email address that I can cc you my email to?04:31
ScottKphillw: he just asked you not to do and you haven't.  End of story.04:31
phillwScottK: okies, that is a much better solution than my having to give details of whom I have told on a testing team that an iso marked 'ready' is actually the beta-2 (in this instance) :)04:35
ScottKBut in general you should refer to them as candidate images until the announce goes out.04:37
ScottKIt could be you think you're done, but some other flavor finds a bad bug that affect you.04:37
ScottKThat's happened many times.04:37
ScottKSo you don't actually know that the current images will be the beta.04:37
slangasekypwong: if you could put a translation in the wiki and give us a link here, we can work to integrate it04:38
phillwpgraner: I know that no-one ever believes me, but I do actually send people to http://phillw.net/isos/ ScottK, yeah, sacrey, it grabs them: )04:38
slangasekypwong: we probably won't be able to integrate it until tomorrow at the earliest, but if you get the translation we'll be happy to integrate it04:38
phillwScottK: you under estimate the guy who wrote the script... he actually lurks in here :D04:39
phillwScottK: I've just had a quick look and the beta 1 went through for kubuntu-desktop i386 & amd64. did the script miss one?04:46
ypwongslangasek, thanks for the help, I'll tell JackYu about that, the translation probably won't get done soon as today is holiday in china04:48
smartboyhwphillw, miss what?04:48
phillwScottK: do a /j ##phillw or PM me :)04:50
phillwScottK: I'd have tought they would have got the skype icons removed in time?04:57
utlemmingDue to Amazon being Amazon, I'm switching the serial to 20130403 for the Cloud Images. The US-East-1 EBS image fails to promote due Amazon reporting the wrong snapshot ID.05:31
utlemmingThis puts the cloud images out about 3 hours before they will be ready.05:31
* utlemming redacts statements about Cloud images06:22
utlemmingCloud Images are ready and published.06:22
seb128^ rejected that one, somebody did the update a second time while one was sitting in the unapproved queue already07:47
seb128(yeah for long freezes :-()07:47
didrocks+1, let's see if the queue can be proceeded on time.07:49
didrocksbut I still see some hud, bamf and appmenu-gtk blocked07:49
seb128is infinity still around? ;-)07:49
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
* xnox that was a long backlog.08:50
xnoxSkype™ icons removal from slideshows was committed but not uploaded yet. Should be uploaded for the next image.08:51
Davieywho approved slangasek's email in ubuntu-announce?09:02
smartboyhwEr is it OFFICIALLY released now then?09:17
smartboyhwslangasek, infinity ^09:18
* smartboyhw wants confirmation since Daviey was asking of who approved it09:19
smartboyhwDaviey, I saw no email in the archives of ubuntu-announce or ubuntu-devel-announce...09:21
smartboyhwAh saw it now09:21
Davieysmartboyhw: There are still a few inaccuracies, which is why i am asking who approved the mail.  It as wedged in the queue, awaiitng a few final things09:43
DavieyUnless they are now done?09:43
xnoxDaviey: well it has been drafted over night at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/Announcement/Beta2 and look at history mostly by vorlon and a few other people.09:46
xnoxDaviey: what inaccuracies did you notice?09:46
xnoxtopic s/Beta 2/Final Beta/09:47
Davieyxnox: Some things on ubuntu.com, which I was asked to follow up with the web team prior to approving slangasek's mail.09:47
xnoxDaviey: In the scrollback it is mentioned that people didn't have access to ubuntu.com at the time.09:48
=== doko_ is now known as doko
Davieyxnox: yep09:49
xnoxDaviey: further info when those US people wake up again, I guess....09:50
Davieyxnox: well, someone approved slangasek's email an hr ago. :/09:53
DavieyAnyway.. the web team are working on it right now.09:53
smartboyhwDaviey, xnox would it be OK to start sending announcements for flavours?10:30
Davieysmartboyhw: please just wait a little bit longer10:33
smartboyhwDaviey, OK10:33
RiddellDaviey: what are we waiting for? the announcement is out10:53
smartboyhwRiddell, Canonical IS to update the links (that's what I heard of)10:54
smartboyhwRiddell, basically I am waiting to click "Publish" (for Kubuntu website):)10:55
DavieyRiddell: whoever approved the announcement did so in error.11:18
smartboyhwDaviey, well it can't be saved now can it?11:23
Davieysmartboyhw: Right.. but i'd like to minimise additional exposure until the web-team have signed it off.11:24
smartboyhwDaviey, OK11:25
seb128could somebody approve gwibber from the unapproved queue? it fix the ftbfs from the current version12:16
dokoseb128, what about the bamf/appmenu-gtk/hud uploads?12:20
dokoand the libunity ftbfs?12:20
smartboyhwinfinity, now we can't even get Beta 2 out of 4th April (by the latest timezone UTC-12)12:21
seb128doko, they should be approved when somebody has time to review them12:22
seb128doko, gwibber is in universe so I figured out that was an easier to get waved through12:22
dokobahh, timeout12:23
seb128doko, libunity, aiming at landing the fix today (it's fixed in trunk, but we ran into jenkins/test issues)12:23
xnoxI would be nice for: hud, appmenu-gtk, bamf and totem-pl-parser syncs to be approved. All have bugfixes targetted for raring.12:33
dokoxnox, did you review these?12:34
xnoxdoko: I did review bamf and appmenu-gtk, rechecking now to provide debdiff links.12:35
dokoI'll let infinity deal with Daviey / zul12:35
zuldoko:  eh?12:36
dokothe openstack updates ...12:37
xnoxHud sync is to fix bug 1131111 - the second part of moving build-time tests -> DEP-8 tests due to universe dependencies for the tests.12:38
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1131111 in hud (Ubuntu) "HUD test suite requires some universe packages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113111112:39
xnoxapp-menu-gtk is to fix bug 673302 for emacs24 and well any emacsen from now on.12:40
ubot2`Launchpad bug 673302 in libdbusmenu (Ubuntu) "appmenu-gtk breaks dynamically created Emacs Gtk+ menus" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67330212:40
xnoxbamf has a few fixes bug 1161531, 1161430, FTBFS due to g-ir-scanner.12:41
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1161531 in bamf (Ubuntu) "DesktopFiles with NoDisplay=true are used as primary .desktop to match applications" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116153112:41
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1161430 in bamf (Ubuntu) "Bamf index file is not used to store the .desktop class name or the OnlyShowIn parameters" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116143012:41
xnoxFor diffs see: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/bamf/trunk revisions between the two jenkins commits (529-524)12:41
xnoxfor appmenu-gtk diffs see: https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/appmenu-gtk/trunk.13.04 -r16912:42
xnoxfor hud: https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/hud/trunk.13.04 -r24412:43
xnoxFor totem-pl-parser not sure, ask seb128. But it looks like a gnome micro-point-release exception riding releae with a few small bugfixes from upstream + massive translations update + massive autofoo diff.12:46
dokoI'll let mterry deal with hud. he had some questions ... and we don't want haskell in main ...12:46
seb128xnox, right, that's basically it12:46
dokoahh, the hud branch did remove these b-deps12:47
xnoxdoko: hud currently in the archive had tests disabled and haskell rdeps removed, this upload simply adds DEP-8 autopkgtests which make no changes to the package per se, only auto-enabled running autopkgtests in jenkinks setup.12:47
xnoxdoko: yes, it's a no-code-change upload from archive point of view. and no haskell is being pulled in =)12:48
xnoxdoko: thin-client-config-agent diff looks scary because the "build/" directory was actually cleaned in this upload (spurious) the bugfix in itself is small and deals with Pycurl's API bytes vs strings python3 bug.12:50
xnoxthus fixing critical bug 1152222 (remote login in lightdm not working)12:50
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1152222 in thin-client-config-agent (Ubuntu) "thin-client-config-agent fails in pycurl with TypeError: string argument expected, got 'bytes'" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115222212:50
dokoxnox, right, did approve this one12:51
xnoxdoko: awesome thanks. I guess queuebot got overwhelmed again =)12:53
xnoxor lp flaky again.12:53
dokoogra_, ok to accept flash-kernel? the issue is assigned to you12:53
ogra_doko, the dannf upload ? i signed it :)12:54
ogra_so yes, go ahead12:55
xnoxogra_: we clearly trust your fake uncloaked IRC nickname from a german host, than trusting silly GPG signatures ;-)12:56
ogra_xnox, yeah, doko style *g*12:58
xnoxogra_: both you and I are two hops away to doko's gpg key. In reverse i'm 3 and you are 2 hops.13:01
* xnox should have signed meske's key when I had a chance for one hop to doko.13:01
* ogra_ needs a new key at some near point13:02
Davieysmartboyhw, Riddell: Please progress raising as much excitement as you can :)13:10
smartboyhwDaviey, \o/!13:11
knomeDaviey, does that mean also xubuntu can post the release announcement? :P13:37
smartboyhwknome, well we did for Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio. Lubuntu did too:P13:39
Davieyknome: even xubuntu13:41
knomeDaviey, thanks :) semi-seriously wanted to make sure there wasn't anything else going on.13:41
knomeannouncement posted. cheers13:42
* phillw is glad he did go to bed at 6AM and not wait up!. Seriously, though. Many thanks to the Release team :)13:46
smartboyhwphillw, :)13:46
Laneycjwatson: Thanks for helping out with ghc some14:07
LaneyI'll try to catch up on the current state over the weekend14:07
Laneyand generally ack for any partial removals14:07
cyphermoxslangasek: if today is still your SRU day, could you please review https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-applet/+bug/965895 and possibly promote it to -updates?14:10
ubot2`Launchpad bug 965895 in network-manager-applet "After boot, NetworkManager indicator menu only shows four entries" [High,In progress]14:10
Laneysorry I didn't get as much time as I expected to work on stuff14:10
Laneyturns out the peak district is a black hole for signal pretty much. who knew?14:11
andyrockhi all, doc team approved this UIFe: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/115247714:20
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1152477 in unity "[UIFe] Window list in right click context menu should indicate the focused window" [Medium,In progress]14:20
andyrockcan anyone take a look to this bug?14:21
seb128that got +1 from the documentation team14:29
seb128let's see if infinity or stgraber can give a release team +114:30
slangasekcyphermox: we don't do SRU promotion to -updates on Friday, sorry14:33
slangasekDaviey: ugh, so somebody moderated the mail before the website was fixed? :/14:34
smartboyhw_slangasek, clearly *somebody*... We don;t know who..14:35
Davieyslangasek: Yes, I don't think it's a huge deal.. but kinda unahppy nobody put thier hand up14:38
Davieyslangasek: All resolved now14:38
seb128slangasek, is there anyone to approved https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/1152477 from the release team (it got +1 from the doc team already)14:56
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1152477 in unity "[UIFe] Window list in right click context menu should indicate the focused window" [Medium,In progress]14:56
seb128slangasek, sorry for the direct ping but it's getting close from the W.E for the europeans...14:57
slangasekseb128: approved15:54
seb128slangasek, thanks15:55
didrockscompiz ^ FYI, there is bug #1012194 listed, the plugin was just built by default upstream, but it's not installed in the package17:16
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1012194 in compiz (Ubuntu) "[needs-packaging] Wishlist: Missing plug-In: Freewins (Freely Transformable Windows)" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101219417:16
didrockscompiz: also, when switching to branch 0.9.9, duflu didn't see that there was bug #1161343, which is just an additional option, not impacting our default experience17:17
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1161343 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Showdesktop plugin: Wishlist/Feature-Request: Implement "Random" movement direction option" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116134317:17
didrocksslangasek: just ensuring that it's not rejected for nothing, so, first bug is a wrong listing (I edited the bug to be clear), on the second one, do you mind if I turn that quick on a FFe? (which has no experience on the default compiz user experience)17:19
slangasekdidrocks: you're adding the plugin to the package but not enabling it by default? ok with me17:19
didrocksslangasek: it's even not in any .install file17:20
didrocksso not shipped17:20
didrocks(just built)17:20
slangasekright, but that's what you're proposing to change AIUI?17:20
slangasekto ship it but not enable it17:20
slangasekinstead of not shipping it17:20
didrocksslangasek: no, it's just listed in the changelog as upstream linked the bug to a branch :)17:20
dokoDaviey, zul: is there a FFe for openstack 2013.1?17:20
slangasekdidrocks: oh, okj17:20
didrocksslangasek: so I just want to avoid a rejection in unapproved for no reason ;)17:20
didrocksslangasek: the second one should be a FFe though? (same, it's not enabled by default, just an additional compiz option)17:21
* dobey wonders if anyone other than dpm can moderate ubuntu-translators mails :-/17:24
dobeyalthough, my request for uife for bug #1151621 doesn't actually break translations.17:26
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1151621 in Ubuntu Software Center stable-5-6 "[UIFe] TypeError when opening edit menu" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115162117:26
Davieydoko: It should be considered a yes.17:28
dokoDaviey, should the python bindings build against the new versions?17:30
Davieydoko: the pythonclients?17:30
Davieydoko: which packages?17:31
Davieyyes, that is the clients.. Why do you think they are bindings ?17:31
zuland ceilometer and ceilometerclient17:32
Davieydoko: As far as i can see, they are independent.. and shouldn't need to be built against a version.17:33
Davieyzul: is that all of Grizzly Final uploaded?17:36
zulDaviey:  no im still fighting keystone and still have to upload ceilometer17:37
Davieyzul: is it likely going to get in today?17:37
zulDaviey:  trying17:37
Davieyzul: best not to rush, Quality, Quality, Quality .. etc17:39
seb128whoever is doing approval, if unity&co are approved early rather than late it would be good17:47
seb128it's tested, safe, etc, but usually end of week landing paranoia17:48
seb128I would still prefer if somebody from our team was still around for a few hours after it hit the archive, in case17:48
dokoseb128, are there some diffs?17:53
seb128doko, I don't think so, the ppa has daily build so the diff will be with the previous upload and not the archive...17:56
xnoxseb128: doko: look at lp:unity/13.04 or lp:unity branches. It has clear commits from jenknins with version numbers. The history is linear and easy to get diff of each commit.17:58
dokoRiddell, are versioned b-d's for these builds set, or do these need manual approvals?18:56
infinityseb128: Aaaand, found the thing that was holding gwibber* in main.  ubuntu-defaults-zh-cn19:09
infinityseb128: Probably just needs those two gwibber-service-* bits dropped, and the world will fall into place.19:11
dokoseb128, accepted libunity, but innocent about compiz19:11
jokerdinohey guys, i just filed a FFe but not sure if it should be just a sync or coupled with FFe.19:12
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1165141 in unity-tweak-tool "[FFe] Please sync unity-tweak-tool 0.0.4 from upstream git" [Undecided,New]19:12
slangasekdoko: only members of the release team are supposed to be accepting packages from unapproved...19:12
seb128doko, thanks ... what about unity itself? ;-)19:12
seb128slangasek, if only we had people of the release team around...19:13
seb128doko, thanks for approving things ;-)19:13
dokoslangasek, libunity was ftbfs, and infinity did approve these accepts ...19:13
slangasekah, if infinity approved, then ok19:14
slangasekanyway, compiz was me, per the above discussion with didrocks19:15
slangasekwhich, btw, queue reviewing of packages synced from a ppa sucks19:15
dokoit does19:15
dokoI'll upload final python 2.7.4 and 3.3.1 releases tomorrow, there's an idle change and a configure change for darwin which doesn't affect us19:16
infinityslangasek: Given your involvement with Kylin, do you know if we plan to drop zh_CN entirely, and just point people to kylin?19:19
slangasekinfinity: yes - have we not already done this?19:19
infinityslangasek: (I'm trying to sort out if I need to actually ask anyone before I mangle ubuntu-defaults-zh-cn, or if we pretty much don't care anymore anyway)19:19
slangasekinfinity: can u-d-zh-cn not be demoted entirely to solve the immediate problem?19:20
infinityslangasek: No, we've not yet dropped it on the floor.  I don't think we've had even an informal discussion about it, and we certainly haven't turned off daily images or removed packages from the archive, etc.19:20
slangasekright, I think the fundamental problem is nobody's responsible for it19:20
infinityslangasek: It can't be demoted without the dailies breaking.  If we stop building the dailies, sure.19:20
slangasekso we don't know who to get permission from before killing it19:20
infinityslangasek: Solving the immediate problem could be done by just removing gwibeer-* from defaults-zh-cn, which I was about to do.19:21
slangasekinfinity: meh, demote it, break the daily, if anyone screams then we know who we need to talk to about the fact that we're killing it?19:21
infinityslangasek: But, alright, I'll demote it and watch the dailies asplode. :P19:21
slangasekinfinity: I just don't see the point in uploading the package at all given that we know we want to kill it off19:22
infinityslangasek: Yeah, fair.  Hence why I opened the discussion.  I'd rather kill a useless ISO than fix it for nothing, so we're on the same page.19:23
infinityslangasek: I just want to make sure it's agreed that it's useless. :P19:23
slangasekinfinity: we are - the zh_CN is obsoleted by Kylin, we just have cleanup to do19:25
infinityslangasek: Alright.  That cleanup shouldn't be too much drama (except the web side, perhaps, we'll have to poke at that over the next week or two and make sure all our loose ends are sorted).19:26
infinityslangasek: Speaking of those loose ends.  Will we just be scrubbing the website of all chinese image download mentions, or doing some s/ubuntu-chinese/ubuntukylin/ here and there on those download pages?19:28
seb128infinity, slangasek: can we get unity reviewed/accepted before there is nobody left around to deal with any potential issue do the update?19:28
slangasekinfinity: I don't know - maybe raise a bug on ubuntu-website-content and raise the question?19:29
infinityslangasek: Whatever the plan is there, we have a couple of weeks to execute, I imagine. :)19:29
seb128do->due to19:29
slangasekseb128: any chance you can point me at a diff so I can see what I'm approving?19:29
slangasekseb128: the queue can't give me a diff (or even a download) for an archive copy19:29
seb128slangasek, can I give you a dget a & dget b & debdiff command? ;-)19:29
slangasekseb128: sure19:30
infinityYeah, I hate reviewing PPA copies.  Such a pain.  I think the PS autolander has raised the severity of "queue representation of copies sucks" a fair bit.19:30
infinityAnyhow, I'm going to go back to pretending I'm not here.19:31
infinityI'll sort the zh-cn/gwibber mess after it's all settled on component-mismatches later, but I'm otherwise not here.19:32
seb128slangasek, dget https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/unity_6.12.0daily13.04.01-0ubuntu1.dsc; dget https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build/+files/unity_7.0.0daily13.04.05.2-0ubuntu1.dsc; debdiff unity*.dsc19:32
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Riddelldoko: versioned build-deps should all be set20:32
dokoRiddell, so it should be safe to accept these builds? note that I'm not a release team member20:33
Riddelldoko: yep, all been tested in a PPA without issues20:33
seb128slangasek, so, any chance that unity gets accepted today? (I guess we are over work week hours now anyway though)20:37
slangasekseb128: just finishing my review now20:38
slangasekthat's a freakishly-long changelog20:39
slangasekseb128: accepting20:39
dokoseb128, did anybody anytime care about that? ;-P20:39
seb128slangasek, thanks20:40
slangasekdoko: well, /he/ cares because it means if it's broken he doesn't want to come back in to fix it ;)20:40
slangasekbut that's what the test suite is for, I say20:40
dokoslangasek, is this an invitation for short changelogs? ;-P20:40
seb128doko, I cared for years about stuff being accepted on friday20:40
slangasekdoko: a 45:1 ratio of changelog to code is probably excessive20:40
dokoI'll try harder for short changelogs20:40
slangasekOTOH I think in this case it's because the changelog is autogenerated20:41
seb128I've been complaining for cycles about freezes end of thursday but queues being flushed on friday afternoon20:41
slangasekdoko: a 1:45 ratio is also excessive ;P20:41
seb128we had breakages in the past that went over w.e due to that20:41
seb128slangasek, yeah, I think the changelog was buggy, maybe a side effect of bumping the version20:41
seb128the debian/changelog had a mostly accurate summary of the commits20:42
seb128or as xnox said earlier if you look at the vcs you have the individual commits since the previous snapshot which is easier for review20:42
seb128the actual diff (without changelog) was pretty small for this one20:42
tjaaltoninfinity: I sent a CFT about the new mesa, let's evaluate the feedback after the weekend22:39
cjwatsonLaney: I'm still working on ghc to try to make it work for conduit - planning to have a bit more of a go at it over the weekend22:47
cjwatsonLaney: it's kind of fun work even if I only have a moderate idea of what I'm doing ...22:47

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