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bkerensapleia2: <moray> DebConf team to organise DebConf14 in Portland, USA including help from Portland bid team18:04
pleia2bkerensa: congrats!18:37
bkerensapleia2: hope to see you there! August 201418:45
pleia2it's a long way off, but I'll aim for it :)18:45
darthrobotTitle: [Valve's GDC talk slides: Porting Source to Linux : linux_gaming]19:51
kdubraevol, cool19:59
kdubthey're going to like the whole world of agl/wgl/blahblahblah consolidating around egl19:59
raevoli'll admit i skimmed most of it D: was mostly looking for the "d3d sucks" statement, but that must have been spoken, hoping for a video :P haha20:03
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