rick_h_that good eh?12:51
brouschheh, seems legit https://dl.dropbox.com/u/101667/screenshot-19.png13:01
jrwreni wrote python yesterday.13:16
jrwrencrazy eh?13:16
rick_h_and you still have both eyes in place?13:17
jrwrenoh yes.13:17
jrwrenits not terrible most of the time.13:17
jrwrenI think the number of gripes is about on par with other great languages like C#13:17
jcastrogreg-g: we'll be there for some server sprint stuff13:46
jrwrenwhat is a good lightweight timer even library? gevent seems big to pull to just fire events every hour14:02
snap-lGood morning14:18
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snap-ljrwren: Which language?14:19
jrwrenoh, sched? what is this? wrapper around sigalrm I hope14:20
snap-lI think it uses whatever is available on the target OS14:20
jrwreni only target linux :)14:21
snap-lActually, it's a while loop14:21
jrwrenthreading.timer it is!14:22
jrwrenavoiding cron14:23
snap-lHonestly, if it's something you want to have happen on the hour or something like that, you might want to consider cron14:23
jrwrenyup, considered it.14:24
jrwreni'm no nub14:24
snap-lkk. :)14:24
snap-lI've seen people avoid cron, only ro reimplement it poorly. :)14:24
jrwreni wont be reimpl14:25
jrwrenand I wont have to lock to prevent concurrent execs14:25
jrwreni don't want that either.14:36
jrwren8 lines of code that i wont need14:36
jrwrenbesides, updating the definition of a module variable from out of process doesn't sound easy to me.14:38
snap-lThat's what sed is for. ;)14:39
snap-lAlso, is this going to be a long-running process? That might have it's own bit of fun if the machine goes down.14:40
snap-lor the process tanks.14:40
jrwrenlol, sed would be sweet.14:41
jrwrendoes sed work on /proc/*/mem ?14:42
jrwrennot sure what you mean or what a long running process would make a difference.14:42
snap-lI don't see why sed wouldn't work if there was a filesystem analogue there. :)14:42
snap-ljrwren: Does persistence matter if someone pulled the plug on the machine, or if the system crashes?14:43
jrwrenah, right.14:45
jrwrennope, i write with chaos monkey in mind :)14:45
greg-gjcastro: ah, I thought it may have been an ODS, but that's in Portland (just discovered)15:30
snap-lNo DVDs for 13.0417:26
snap-lI think that's a very smart move17:26
snap-lhonestly, they were worthless once the new release came out17:26
snap-lI still have stacks of 12.10 discs17:26
snap-lThey're getting released into the wild at the release party.17:27
greg-gyeah, I felt bad throwing away so many CDs over the years of being LoCo contact ;)17:27
snap-lI've been fortunate to not have to throw out a disc17:27
snap-lbut I have just left them on the freebie table at Penguicon17:28
snap-lfortunately they seem to have found homes17:28
snap-leven if it was for someone's art project or for skeet. :)17:28
greg-ggood deal, you're a better pusher than I17:28
snap-lgreg-g: More a litterbug. ;)17:28
brouschsnap-l: You sent them to me, you bastard :P17:37
brouschI have a frickin box full17:37
snap-lThink of it like delegation. :)17:38
snap-lmeeting this weekend, BTW: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-michigan/514/detail/17:40
snap-lI think I'm getting lectured on how the Creative Commons works in the Creative Commons Metal Community that I created.18:29
greg-gsnap-l: you've made it18:30
greg-gnice, he was trying to be helpful18:32
snap-lYeah, I understand. ;)18:32
snap-lBut still, I had to do a double-take. :)18:33
greg-gand odd, I can't visually tell that this discussion was "happening" "within" the OMC group18:33
greg-gI see "Cr..." linked at the top, but have to hover over it to see the group name, and that's the only place it is displayed?18:33
snap-lYeah, apparently.18:34
greg-goh g+18:34
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