SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!04:01
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:14
InHisNameMorning again13:32
ChinnoDoghappy Friday13:50
JonathanDHappy Friday.13:50
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ChinnoDogWhy are all the latest laptops so weak? The only thing they are good at is battery life.15:05
* ChinnoDog installs hand crank on t40015:05
JonathanDWeak in what way?15:06
ChinnoDogThey all have shortcomings. Not enough memory, screen res too low, not enough storage, and/or they are bricks15:09
ChinnoDogNever mind that some have touch screens. Those have even worse hardware specs.15:10
ChinnoDogThinkpad x230 is a logical successor to this t400 but the screen resolution is /lower/.15:11
ChinnoDogx1 carbon has higher screen res and can be purchased with 8gb RAM but I already have 8gb.15:12
ChinnoDogI looked at other brands too and they all have the same caveats. Maybe my t400 is still awesome.15:12
JonathanDI blame TVs for the resolution thing.15:20
JonathanDWOuldn't a T something still be what you're after, though?15:21
JonathanDThe X's are going to be smaller so the lower res doesn't suprise me much.15:22
waltmanThe MacBook Pro's a pretty bitchin' laptop :)15:22
* waltman ducks15:22
JonathanDI miss 1680x105015:22
waltmanI miss 1600x120015:23
JonathanDwaltman: in some ways I do too, but 1680x1050 worked pretty well for 2 side by side "page" docs15:23
JonathanDthe one I'm on now is 1600x90015:24
JonathanDLooks like the T530 is 1920x108015:24
waltmanOne of my monitors here is 2560x1440.15:24
waltmanIt's crazy.15:24
JonathanDEverytime someone says "it's crazy" I hear that car commercial guy off the radio in my head.15:25
waltmanFor some reason I like OSX better at 16x9 than linux.15:25
JonathanD(when I'm with crissi, I usually say it out loud too)15:25
teddy-dbearbuild your own15:28
ChinnoDogJonathanD: you have it backwards. The t230 has /lower/ resolution than the x1 carbon15:34
JonathanDx230 you mean?15:36
JonathanDI don't see a t23015:36
JonathanDx1 screen is larger in general, probably part of it.15:38
JonathanD12.5 vs 14 inch is a pretty big difference.15:39
ChinnoDogoh soryr. Yes, x23015:50
ChinnoDogThe t series is heavy15:51
JonathanDI like heavy.15:52
waltmanAlienware makes some nice high-end laptops15:52
ChinnoDogAre they bricks?15:57
waltmanExpensive bricks :)16:06
ChinnoDogI just confirmed that. 6+ lbs16:07
JonathanDsee, the weight never really bothered me16:08
JonathanDI have a backpack I carry mine in, usually along with about a half gallon of water :P16:08
JonathanDthe laptop is not that bad, considering.16:09
ChinnoDogI would want to replace with a tablet if they weren't so memory constrained16:12

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