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mlankhorstmarvin24: ah.. I forgot to check if drivers used the platform id06:59
mlankhorstI thought busid was only used in the xserver06:59
mlankhorstI'll determine platform id from sysfs too, should be safe07:01
marvin24mlankhorst: yes, opentegra also used busid from xf86_get_platform_device_attrib11:17
marvin24but I guess it won't be NULL, because it's not a pci device11:18
marvin24mlankhorst: notify me if you have a fix I can test11:18
mdeslaurtjaalton: I think precise is going to need a nvidia-settings update too, does that make sense?12:50
mdeslaurwhoops tab fail12:52
mdeslaurtjaalton: sorry, not you12:52
mdeslaurtseliot: I think precise is going to need a nvidia-settings update too, does that make sense?12:52
tseliotmdeslaur: ok, I can do that, is this only for nvidia-current-updates?13:45
mdeslaurtseliot: I only tested nvidia-current in precise so far, and the nvidia-settings that goes with it doesn't allow me to change resolutions with the 304 driver13:45
mdeslaurtseliot: precise's nvidia-settings-updates has a more recent 304.43, so it may work there13:46
tseliotmdeslaur: ok, but are you going to upload both nvidia-current and nvidia-current-updates in precise?13:46
mdeslaurtseliot: but, would it make sense to push 304.88 of settings everywhere?13:47
mdeslaurtseliot: yes, that was my intention13:47
mdeslaurtseliot: that's what you prepared for me, no?13:47
tseliotmdeslaur: yes, it is entirely your choice though whether to update nvidia-current in Precise or not13:48
tseliotmdeslaur: and yes, it's best if nvidia-settings matches the driver version it's supposed to be used with13:48
mdeslaurtseliot: I don't think we have much of a choice...do you know if there are any issues in 304.x that 295.x doesn't have?13:49
mdeslaurI'm sure we're going to break _some_ people13:49
tseliotmdeslaur: I'm not sure but 304 is the only supported legacy branch, whereas the 295 branch was short-lived and is not supported any more13:51
mdeslaurIt's a damned if we do, damned if we don't scenario13:51
mdeslaurdoes anyone else in here have an opinion on pushing 304.88 to precise as a security update?13:52
tseliotmdeslaur: right. It still supports GeForce 6 series (which is pretty old)13:52
tseliotmdeslaur: here's the list of supported cards for 295.40: http://it.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/295.40/README/supportedchips.html13:54
tjaaltonmdeslaur: +113:54
tseliotand here's the list for 304.88: http://it.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/304.88/README/supportedchips.html13:55
mdeslaurif we push 304.88, do we need to get stuff re-tested on precise? like steam or such? or is everything pretty much better with 304.88?13:55
tseliotmdeslaur: well, with Steam, you might really wanna use the experimental driver13:55
tseliotmdeslaur: let me package nvidia-settings for you...14:01
mdeslaurtseliot: awesome, thanks!14:01
bjsnidermdeslaur, i think 304.88 should be pushed14:05
bjsniderin fact i didn't know there would be any question of it14:05
mdeslaurok, I feel a lot better being able to blame #ubuntu-x when I get my usual security team death threats email :)14:06
bjsniderblame nvidia14:06
bjsnidershould be pushed further back than precise too14:06
mdeslauroh! yeah, I keep forgetting I can just blame nvidia :)14:07
bjsnideri'm just trying to get that done so i don't have to put it in the ppa14:07
mlankhorstmarvin24: fixed, I think..15:31
mlankhorstattached to the bug report15:31
marvin24mlankhorst: compiling ...16:08
marvin24mlankhorst: no change17:12
marvin24but removing your patch alltogther works :-(17:26
mlankhorstwhats the sysfs path?17:42
mdeslaurtseliot: so, the issue I was seeing with nvidia-settings on precise is still there, even after upgrading to nvidia-settings 304.88...I can't change screen resolution on my laptop anymore17:47
mdeslaurtseliot: all I have is "Auto" and "1680x1050" in the dropdown instead of the list of resolutions that was available with the 295 driver17:48
mdeslaurtseliot: any ideas what it could be?17:48
tseliotmdeslaur: I wouldn't know. Some failure to read the EDID? I'm not sure17:49
Sarvattmdeslaur: it uses system settings>display now instead of nvidia-settings17:49
mlankhorstmarvin24: are you sure it should be platform:omapdrm:0 ? I figured it would be platform:omapdrm:0017:49
mlankhorstoh duh!17:51
mdeslaurSarvatt: system settings->display only has 1680x1050 in the dropdown also17:51
mlankhorstmarvin24: remove the \n on the asprintf line17:51
mlankhorstthat should make the patch work17:51
marvin24mlankhorst: I'm on tegra ...17:53
marvin24will check17:53
mlankhorstthat's fine, format should be the same17:53
mlankhorstI only tested on x86 by copying that logic into a separate c program anyway, and hardcoded a test string, didn't notice the newline there :P17:54
Sarvattis there any kind of scaling options anywhere in nvidia-settings that might make it show more resolutions?17:54
mlankhorstlike scaling on a lcd is a good idea anyway....17:54
* Sarvatt looks over the readme17:54
marvin24mlankhorst: nope18:03
marvin24on tegra, there is no platorm device related to graphics I guess18:06
marvin24why can't we just check if busid is NULL?18:07
mlankhorstmarvin24: $ udevadm info --query=all --name=/dev/dri/card0 ?18:09
mlankhorston the tegra18:22
marvin24mlankhorst: /devices/host1x/drm/card018:43
mlankhorstoh right, I forgot that tegra reinvents the wheel18:43
marvin24yes, that may change in the future maybe18:44
marvin24should be platfrom/host1x ...18:44
marvin24there was a long discussion about this18:44
mlankhorststill wouldn't help18:44
mdeslaurah, seems nvidia 302.xx introduced this change: "Removed Flat Panel Scaling configurability in nvidia-settings."...so I guess it's normal when going from 295 to 30418:44
mlankhorstwhere's the tegra git tree?18:45
marvin24mlankhorst: mainlined18:48
mlankhorsti mean for xf86-video-*tegra18:48
mlankhorstoh they're just using busid, sigh18:48
mlankhorstmarvin24: what's the busid on tegra?18:49
marvin24mmh, no idea18:49
mlankhorstblergh I guess I'll fall back if parsing fails18:50
* mlankhorst grumbls at busid being used to open device, rather than raw fd18:53
marvin24mlankhorst: busid:platform:host1x:0018:56
mlankhorstexactly what I expected it to be, I guess I'll special case host1x after adding a fallback probe :P18:58
mlankhorstmarvin24: but yeah, it should be /devices/platform/host1x.0 I suppose..19:03
marvin24mlankhorst: you can ask tagr on #tegra why it isn't like this 19:04
mlankhorstdrmfreebusid takes a const char *19:08
mlankhorstmarvin24: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5680811/ last attempt for now19:41
marvin24mlankhorst: yup - this worked20:36
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