Kiloshi superfly and others05:31
Kiloshi magespawn 06:34
superflyhi Kilos06:53
ThatGraemeGuymorning all06:56
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 06:57
superflyohi ThatGraemeGuy06:57
Kiloshi henkj 07:00
henkjhi kilos07:02
magespawnhi Kilos07:06
magespawngood morning y'all07:06
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:20
Kilosmôre inetpro 07:21
Kilosyo Squirm 07:45
Squirmskiing time07:50
magespawnnice, cold but nice07:55
Squirmsun's out07:55
Squirmbut yes, cold07:55
Squirmsnowed on the berg night before last07:55
magespawnhave not seen that much snow for a very long time07:55
Squirmlast skii before winter :/07:55
magespawni would have thought you could do more skiing in winter07:56
Squirmmagespawn: where you now?07:56
Squirmwater skiing07:56
magespawnahh right07:56
Squirmoh, thought you may have been up this way07:56
ThatGraemeGuyi just my life insurance renewal notice, and i realised that it still lists me as a smoker. i quit in mid-2010 already! :'(08:00
ThatGraemeGuyi accidentally a word :-/08:00
Squirmoh yes, bbl08:00
Kilosenjoy Squirm 08:01
superflyThatGraemeGuy: still not smoking, well done! You must be the only one... :-(08:11
ThatGraemeGuyyeah pretty much08:11
ThatGraemeGuymaybe Sully too08:12
ThatGraemeGuybut the rest quit quitting :)08:12
Kiloshi Tonberry 08:36
inetprogoeie more Kilos, and others09:30
Kilosdga boetie09:30
Kilosdag ook09:30
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
Kiloshi Trixar_za 10:17
Trixar_zaHey Kilos10:17
magespawnhey Trixar_za10:19
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
magespawnKilos you still enjoying KDE?10:31
Kilosyip and maverick magespawn 10:31
Kiloschicken to put unity on the maverick drive10:31
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
Kilosi wish i understood more of how things work10:36
Kiloslike with an external or stick plugged in 10.10 can right click and format it.10:37
Kilosis it possible to get that function working on 12.0410:37
magespawnnot sure10:38
magespawni am still learning my way around kde10:38
Kilosmethinks that will be the dev guys that know that10:38
magespawni never really used unity that much10:38
Kiloseven on kde it would be nice to have10:39
Kilosi dont fancy all the partition manager and disk utilities and things10:39
Kilosohi psyatw 10:42
psyatwhi Kilos 10:44
magespawnhey psyatw10:47
psyatwhi magespawn 10:49
Kiloskde takes some getting used to hey magespawn ?11:27
psyatwKilos, I am finishing my papers for getting hired in Poland starting one month from now11:32
psyatwso that's why I'm away from the computer and the chat for now11:32
Kilosgreat. everything seems to take so long hey11:32
Kilosnp. once you are there you will have internet all the time11:32
psyatwthis has been going for three weeks now, but at least I'll have a job soon11:32
psyatwof course11:33
psyatwand I can finally be here all the time, even if I'm not able to talk when I'm at work11:33
Kilosoh did you read the mail that maia posted for photos or postcards from you guys all over the world11:33
psyatwoh, I haven't read much mail lately unfortunately11:34
psyatwI will give you my picture soon, maybe even a postcard from here in the Netherlands and soon Poland11:34
psyatwor her, I mean11:35
Kilosshe i starting a collection of all the ubuntu guys worldwide or something11:35
psyatwyeah, it's a really cool initiative11:35
Kilosim not sure if its just guys on our mailing list or not11:37
Kilosnever remember what i read11:37
psyatwI've been too focused on finding a job for the past few months and finishing what I have to do here to read mailing lists, but I'll try to catch up soon11:38
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
Kiloshi theblazehen 12:23
theblazehenhi Kilos 12:23
Kiloshi SmilyBorg_w 12:25
SmilyBorg_whey there12:33
=== SmilyBorg_w is now known as SmilyBorg
magespawnguya i am stuck here, how do i change the size of the icons in a panel on kde?13:55
Kilossecond one from the top left i think14:01
Kilosor is that unity14:01
Kiloslemme boot from kde quick magespawn 14:01
Kilos-hmm.. you still here magespawn 14:05
magespawnhey kilos14:05
Kilos-system settings14:06
Kilos-top left the second one then fonts14:06
magespawnand then ?14:06
Kilos-then you will see lotsa things on the tight14:06
Kilos-choose they are called14:07
Kilos-click on choose and tick on the size you want in the popup14:07
magespawnKilos i am looking to adjust the size of the icons in the panel14:08
Kilos-what is the panel?14:08
magespawnthe start bar 14:09
Kilos-that bottom bar thing?14:09
Kilos-one of those settings makes it all bigger in the panel14:09
Kilos-maybe toolbar14:09
magespawnyes how to make it smaller?14:09
Kilos-wow how big is it?14:10
magespawnlike half my screen14:10
Kilos-what did you do?14:10
Kilos-mines like 5mm14:10
magespawndon't know or i would simple reverse it14:10
magespawnthe bar itself is not the problem, the icons in it are14:11
Kilos-is that bar really half your screen?14:11
Kilos-the smaller the bar the smaller the icons14:12
magespawnwait now they are resizing hold on14:12
Kilos-kde you have to tick apply with everything14:13
Kilos-bottom right14:13
Kilos-of that window you working in of course14:14
magespawnplasma desktop just crashed14:14
Kilos-crashed gone?14:14
Kilos-oh my no text mode or anything?14:15
magespawnrestarted itself, busy submitting the crsh report now14:15
Kilos-before closing down do sudo touch /forcefsck and it should clean up on reboot14:16
magespawnno, blank screen14:16
magespawnno need, the desktop retarted itself14:16
Kilos-i see it seems to do a short fsck on its own every reboot14:17
magespawnfsck is for disk problems, hopefully this is not one of those14:17
Kilos-if you kill the boot splash you can see what its doing on boot14:17
Kilos-no man14:18
Kilos-file system checker14:18
magespawnahh well14:18
magespawnwhat was wierd here was i would resize the panel, but the icons would stay big14:18
Kilos-even after you tick apply?14:19
magespawnyup looked very strange14:20
magespawnseems fine now though14:21
magespawnmaybe had something to do with a full hard drive again14:23
magespawnvery small drive only 20gig14:23
Kilos-how did you fill it?14:24
Kilos-and did you look at the details in the crash report14:24
magespawndata recovery again14:25
magespawnsomething caused a segmentation fault14:26
Kilospc just hung14:27
Kilospulled modem and it revived14:27
Kilosfirst time any probs on this kde14:27
Kilosits bad stuff coming from the net somewhere methinks14:28
Kilosone of billy's paid anti linux hackers14:30
magespawnhere is a paste of the crash report details http://slexy.org/view/s218ttjJTc14:30
Kilosyou need someone like the fly or the weed to look at that14:31
Kilosor do you understand all that?14:32
magespawnno clue what it means14:33
Tonberryplasma desktop tends to die on me every once in a while14:34
Tonberryusually it auto restarts14:34
Tonberryor you can manually run it with alt-f214:34
magespawnty Tonberry14:36
Kilosmaybe it needs some updating. i just did a reinstall with muon and it fetched a meg even though everything is supposed to be up to date14:38
magespawni will check that as soon as the crash report is done14:40
magespawnbusy getting some debug symbols14:40
Kilosdo you use muon magespawn ?14:51
Kilosthe kde synaptic14:51
Kiloswow magespawn  i typed plasma in muon and ticked all the stuff installed to reinstall and it wants to fetch another 105m15:06
Kilosso somewhere apt-get is slipping up15:07
Kilos67m is kde wallpapers i see15:09
Kilosbut they showed as installed15:09
magespawnmaybe there are new ones15:11
magespawnanyway i am off home, chat later15:13
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Kiloshi georgelappies 16:19
georgelappieshi Kilos 16:19
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za16:19
georgelappiesthanks :)16:19
Kiloshave you been here before?16:19
georgelappiesnope, first time. Only seen the link now on distrowatch to http://ubuntu-za.org/ and from there the irc link16:20
Kilosah our advertising is bad i think16:21
Kiloswith the lappies bit you must be south african hey?16:22
georgelappiesja I am South African, from Secunda in Mpumalanga actually16:22
Kilosah. and you are using ubuntu?16:23
Kiloswhich flavour?16:23
georgelappiesyeah, been using it for a while, since 8.04 actually :)16:23
georgelappiesUbuntu, Unity16:23
Kilosgreat so you come to teach and help others16:24
georgelappiesstarted using Linux in about 1998 with SuSE 7.0 ]16:24
Kiloswow you a ballie in the game16:25
georgelappieslol, I presume you are also from SA16:25
Kilosthis is our community help channel. so if you know of peeps that need linux help tell them about us16:26
Kilosyeah im in pta16:26
Kilosbut im the one that needs the most help normally16:26
Kiloswe have dev guys here and python experts and all kinds16:27
georgelappiescool, will do so. Which flavour are you running?16:27
georgelappiesthat's cool 16:27
Kilosat the moment 12.04 kubuntu. but also use 10.10 and fight with unity16:28
Kilosyou need to join our mailing list16:28
georgelappiesKubuntu is nice, but for some reason every KDE based distro freezes my laptop 16:28
Kilosi prefered gnome2 but what choice do we have16:29
Kilosthats why i still have 10.10 on one drive16:30
georgelappiesstarted happening around Kubuntu 12.04, 11.10 still worked fine, but something inside kwin or the kdelibs changed in KDE between those two version. And now, I am guaranteed a lockup with arcade game bootup screen flickering within 10 minutes :(16:30
Kilosouch. maybe the guys can think of a way around it for you. we have kde pros too16:31
georgelappiesmmmmm, some text in my previous reply went missing, was supposed to read between 11.10 and 12.04 16:31
Kiloskde uses more resources than the others methinks16:33
Kilosbut i like that it does app installs faster than unity16:34
georgelappiesWell, I must be honest I am taking to Unity lately16:34
Kilosi like it as well but 12.04 gives big probs getting 3g working16:35
georgelappiesthat's not cool, which modem is it?16:35
Kiloswhat do you do in secunda?16:35
Kilosan alcatel from saudi arabia16:36
Kilosonly 12.04 has the probs though16:36
georgelappiesI am an application specialist16:36
georgelappieswe do high density laser scanning of petrochemical plants and model the plants in 3D modeling software for engineering analyses etc.16:37
georgelappiespity that none of the software works on Linux though, everything is windows based16:39
Kilosnot many here use unity so it will be good to have you around  when someone has probs16:39
kbmonkeyhello all :)16:40
Kilosyeah thats the biggest prob hey16:40
Kiloshiya kbmonkey wb16:40
kbmonkeyhello Kilos. I missed you all.16:40
georgelappieswill gladly assist where I can16:40
Kiloswe miss you as well kbmonkey 16:40
Kilosty georgelappies 16:41
Kiloskbmonkey: meet georgelappies 16:41
georgelappieshi kbmonkey 16:41
Kiloskbmonkey: is our on and off meeting chairperson georgelappies 16:41
georgelappiesok, cool. Where do the meetings generally take place?16:42
Kilosnext meeting in ten days kbmonkey 16:42
Kiloshere at 19.30 on the third monday of each month16:42
Kiloswhat irc client are you using georgelappies 16:43
Kiloscool i love xchat16:43
Kilosnot happy on kde though16:43
georgelappiesnormal one, not the gnome one ;) yeah on GTK it is the best16:43
Kilosno sound16:43
Kilosyeah the gnome one sucks16:44
georgelappieson KDE quassel is quite good16:44
Kilosi prefer konversation. can configure it to be same as xchat with the same alert16:45
Kilostook a while though16:45
georgelappiesthere are a few basic apps I cannot go without: gvim, hotot, xchat, liferea and chrome :)16:46
Kilosand no pidgin?16:47
kbmonkeyhey I should maybe give gvim a try16:49
georgelappiesnot really into im ;)16:50
Kilosbest way to get help here though. and for me to keep in touch with family on mxit16:50
kbmonkeyI have it in my calendar Kilos, thanks for your reminders. You are always spot on!16:55
Kiloshi not_found 16:55
kbmonkeyhi not_found 16:55
Kilosgotta keep you younguns on your toes kbmonkey 16:55
kbmonkeyindeed ;)16:56
not_foundhow are you all this fine evening?16:58
Kilosgood ty not_found , and you?16:58
Kilosat work?16:58
kbmonkeyvery well after that nice burger :]16:59
not_foundhome... switching to night tomorrow 16:59
* not_found had SFC (KFC's cousin :p)16:59
Kilosspiced with dates?16:59
not_foundno with chicen17:00
Kilosand boiled in camel milk17:00
kbmonkeywith some added horse17:00
kbmonkeyI have wesley's burgers17:02
kbmonkeybest in town17:02
Kilosnot_found: meeting the 15th hey17:03
Kilossort you lifestyle around that date17:03
not_foundfuture is cloudy, blinded am I by the darkside...17:03
Kilosgeorgelappies: not_found is a za guys working in the UAE17:04
kbmonkeybend over and my darkside you will see17:06
kbmonkeyI hear there is a comicon in CT soon17:12
Kilossharks struggling not_found 17:42
kbmonkeyoh dear. they had a big victory last time though17:52
Kilosthe crusaders are tough17:54
Kiloskbmonkey: you still on crunchbang?17:56
Kiloscrashbang. whatever17:56
not_foundkbmonkey, comic con this weekend in Duabi... and I am working :'(18:00
not_foundsorry uncle Kilos, not really following the rugby that diligently 18:01
not_foundkbmonkey, awesome ted talk about asking, thanks for sharing...18:05
kbmonkeyyeah, amanda palmer is amazing. I love her music.18:14
not_founddoesn't sound like my cup of tea :p18:20
ThatGraemeGuyhello nighttime peoples18:34
smile4everbye :)18:38
Kilosohi ThatGraemeGuy 18:40
* ThatGraemeGuy smiles and waves18:41
inetproUbuntu 13.04, scheduled for release on April 25, is now available for testing in its second and final beta release18:41
Kilosyo inetpro 18:41
inetproho Kilos18:42
Kilosthis drive with kde also started the disk sleep thing18:42
Kilosremoved one 1g ram and so far so good18:42
Kilosmaybe my 160g drive is ok18:42
* Kilos holding thumbs for the sharks18:45
inetproKilos: are they playing now?18:47
Kilosyes last 2.5 mins18:47
Kilosonly beat the crusadres 3 times out of 18 games18:48
Kilostonight will be the 4th time i hope18:48
* inetpro running mplayer mms://
Kiloswhats that?18:52
inetpropragtig! Dankie Kilos18:52
inetproKilos: aptitude show mplayer18:53
inetproKilos: actually vlc also works with that18:54
Kilosya man but what were you watching on it18:54
inetproKilos: listening RSG18:54
Kilosthats clever18:54
Kilossee we got a new clever guy18:55
inetproKilos: huh?18:56
Kiloswe must do something about this channel18:56
Kiloshe has been on ubuntu for years and only found us now18:56
* inetpro goes to read backlogs18:56
Kilosgeorgelappies:  say hi to inetpro  a kde man18:56
inetprogeorgelappies: welcome at #ubuntu-za18:57
inetproeish... you guys talk a lot18:57
georgelappieshi inetpro :)18:58
Kiloswell he be new so gotta get to know him18:58
superflygeorgelappies: have you heard of Blender ?18:58
* inetpro trying to catch up since about mid day18:58
georgelappiesyeah, like 3D studio18:58
Kilosgeorgelappies: superfly is another kde guy18:58
georgelappieshi superfly :)18:59
Kilosand python pro18:59
superflyI gave up catching up19:00
Kilosinetpro: mag ek gaan doedoe nou?19:00
inetproKilos: why?19:00
georgelappiessuperfly, you using Blender?19:00
inetproKilos: of course you're welcome to take a well deserved rest19:01
Kilosrofl you are so kind19:01
inetprogoeie nag oom19:01
Kilosnight all. sleep tight.19:01
Kilossien julle more weer19:02
georgelappieslekker slaap19:02
inetprogeorgelappies: wow, you found ubuntu-za on distrowatch?19:04
* inetpro didn't realise that we're there as well19:04
georgelappieslol, yeah. I there was a link on phoronix to the beta2 of 13.04, I followed that and from there to distrowatch where I got the ubuntu-za link in related sites :)19:05
inetproglad you found your way here and I hope you wil stick around as well19:07
inetprowill as well19:07
georgelappiesthanks inetpro 19:09
* superfly is playing plants vs zombies19:11
ThatGraemeGuysay hi to crazy dave for me19:12
not_foundplants vs zombies rulke19:13
* not_found just died in FTL :(19:13
SquirmGalaxy S2 or Galaxy S3 Mini ?19:23
* inetpro wonders when we will get pricing for the S419:26
georgelappiesSquirm, http://androidfact.com/s2-vs-s3-mini/19:26
Squirmwanted a personal opinion19:27
inetproSquirm: personally I wouldn't go for the mini19:28
georgelappiesNow, that is going to be a cool device, the S419:28
inetprothe processor is disappointing 19:28
Squirminetpro: cool. cause I've found they're both similar prices now19:30
Squirmgeorgelappies: if you have like R13k19:31
inetproSquirm: are you sure it will be that high?19:31
inetproapparently pricing in the US is supposed to start at $20019:32
SquirmSamsung Galaxy S4 16GB19:33
SquirmAvailable Till: 19 Apr 00:0019:33
SquirmItem Condition: New19:33
SquirmProduct Code: I950019:33
SquirmQuantity Available: 119:33
Squirmbut that's not much to go by19:33
SquirmI want the Nexus 419:33
georgelappiesShouldn't be more than R 8500 if bought new once officially available from local carriers19:33
SquirmNexus 4 is nice19:34
Squirmanyway, bbl19:34
inetpro$200 = R1819.1219:34
georgelappiesinetpro, I am sure that is linked to a 24 month contract?...19:35
inetprogeorgelappies: yes probably19:35
Tonberrycan you buy those here?19:41
Tonberrylast i checked south africa was out of luck19:41
inetproas far as I'm aware they will be available in South Africa on the same day as in many other countries19:45
inetproon MTN and on CellC you can pre-order already19:45
Tonberrythey have been available in the usa for many months19:45
inetprobut I don't know how that works with pricing that is not yet announced19:45
inetproTonberry: not officially19:46
Tonberrynexus 4 sold by google is about as official as it gets19:46
inetproTonberry: ahh, sorry I thought you're talking about the S419:47
Tonberryif sa is getting the nexus 4 it is pretty late to the game19:47
inetprosadly I have not seen the Nexus 4 here19:47
Tonberryah, s4 was discussed farther back19:48
inetproour mobile companies are pretty useless here if you ask me19:48
bakumanapparently when the nexus 4 was released LG said they were not selling it in SA19:48
inetproespecially Vodacom19:48
Tonberryno one will sell a nexus 4 here because it will kill all other competition19:49
* inetpro is still waiting for the Note II from Vodacom19:49
bakumanwell it has a flimsy back19:49
Tonberrywhy buy and s3 if you can have a nexus 4 at 1/2 the price?19:49
ThatGraemeGuybecause marketing19:50
Tonberryi dont think the carriers are brave enough to depend on marketing alone19:51
Tonberrylack of choice on the other hand tends to work well19:51
ThatGraemeGuythey don't matter when there are Galaxy S3 ads on TV all. the. time.19:51
ThatGraemeGuywell they were a year ago anyway19:52
ThatGraemeGuyit's kinda old now19:52
Tonberrywell no one sells the nexus 4 at a sane price here so it does nor really matter19:52
ThatGraemeGuyyeah whatever market research methods they use told them it wouldn't be worth it19:53
ThatGraemeGuyi think vodacom had the nexus s way back when and it sold really poorly19:54
inetprowell I ordered the Note II on 23 Feb and am still waiting19:54
inetprocould have been imported by now19:54
ThatGraemeGuyouch, from who?19:54
inetproThatGraemeGuy: VC19:55
inetproat Wonderpark19:55
inetproall they say is that they will call me when they have it19:55
ThatGraemeGuyi discovered a few years ago that a small mtn franchisee near me always has what i want19:55
ThatGraemeGuywhen i wanted an htc desire 3 years ago, i had 3 mtn stores that would call me when they had stock. on a whim i called this guy and i fetched my phone 3 hours later.19:56
ThatGraemeGuyi think the mtn corporate stores rely on really sucky stock distribution channels19:57
inetproat this stage I'm just about waiting for my contract to run out completely before considering my options to jump ship to CellC or another mobile co19:57
ThatGraemeGuywhereas franchise guys are more free to get stock from wherever19:57
inetproand maybe, just maybe the S4 will be available and affordable by then19:57
ThatGraemeGuyyeah i'm quite keen on cell c too. their new low rates were announced something like 6 weeks after i upgraded last year :(19:58
ThatGraemeGuyok bed time20:03
ThatGraemeGuy4-year-old hasn't realised the value of sleeping in on a saturday morning :-/20:04
ThatGraemeGuynight all20:04

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