JamesTaitGood morning, people, happy Walk to Work Day! :-D08:33
nikthHey guys , I have a question about the music streaming offer (20GB for 6 months and music streaming)11:37
nikthWhen the offer expires , I mean when the time for renew comes , what will happen? How the renew can be done ? If I purchase  one more song , will this renew my subscription (and storage of course) for another 6 months ?11:40
nikthOR , I must buy the storage (20GB) with the common purchase plan (monthly , yearly) ?11:41
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chaselivingstonnikth: hi, you'll need to either purchase a music streaming subscription, or a storage pack if storage is all you need12:14
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nikthchaselivingston, to make this clear , I have already a music streaming subscription that is about to expire in a few days . If I buy one more song from Ubuntu Music Store will this renew my subscription for another 6 months ?12:39
chaselivingstonnikth: do you have the free 6 month promotion currently?12:39
nikthYes chaselivingston12:39
chaselivingstonnikth: that's a one time thing, buying another song will not continually renew it12:39
nikthchaselivingston, Ah.. OK. Thanks for the info. That is all I wanted to know.12:40
chaselivingstonnikth: no problem!12:40
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EncryptGood evening / morning everybody !16:51
EncryptI'm wondering something about the Ubuntu One purchases...16:54
EncryptDo you know how much Canonical earns?16:54
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EncryptSince I'd be interested in creating an UbuntuOne account and download Music if this finances the Ubuntu Project :)17:00
EncryptLindsey Stirling Songs are not available :(17:05
dobey0 < X < infinity17:22
EncryptOk :รพ17:22
dobeybut yes, buying music or ubuntu one storage, or music streaming, or apps in software-center, all help fund ubuntu17:23
Encryptdobey, Thanks for your answer :)17:35

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