ben_sayshey checking in again,00:22
ben_saysmy kernel update for the lenovo T400 gets stuck at00:23
ben_sayspreparing installation of linux-image-3.8.0-14-lowlatency00:23
ben_saysfyi for zequence who is probably sleeping now.00:24
zequenceben_says: Did you try a: sudo apt-get install -f?00:28
ben_sayscan't get a lock00:34
ben_sayslets see00:35
ben_sayswhat should i kill in task manager00:35
ben_saysill reboot and give it a whirl00:36
ben_saysdoing sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:41
zequenceben_says: It can't get a lock if you're using apt for something00:41
ben_saysok maybe good? one more restart.00:42
ben_saysupdating now, thanks.00:52
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em22hello, I found a bug that is specific to ubuntustudio 13.04 and is serious enough to be considered a blocking issue.  how/where should I file the bug report...  launchpad? what area?21:07

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