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macoboHi, sorry for the silly question, but I have been fighting bzr for a while now and searching seems to be yielding no results.10:04
macoboI branched a repo, made a few commits and pushed to my own branch on launchpad. Now, how do I reset the working tree to the state it was before my commits (ignoring files that are in the .gitignore equivelent of bzr)10:05
LarstiQmacobo: I think you want `bzr revert`14:32
LarstiQmacobo: or less likely, `bzr update`14:33
LarstiQmacobo: why do you want to reset the state? Or, what is it that you are trying to accomplish?14:35
macobobugfix, push it to my own branch and reset to the state the state the trunk is in (for another bugfix)14:35
macoboAfter bzr revert, bzr log showed the same commits I made a little while ago and new commits had the last one as parent.14:36
macoboAt the end I just undid all the commits and destroyed the changes (they still live on on the lp)14:37
LarstiQmacobo: right, bzr revert is for working tree content14:38
LarstiQmacobo: so, there are several things you could do14:38
LarstiQmacobo: imo the most natural thing to do is to switch to a different branch14:40
LarstiQmacobo: but you could also force your local branch to be the same as on lp, by doing `bzr pull parent: --overwrite`14:40
macoboI will look into the first one, looks sane. :) Thank you.14:41

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