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Mamarokhm, only 60 available updates for 4.10.2? Seems quite little to me07:55
smartboyhwMamarok: You mean which release?07:56
Mamarokupload not finished apparently07:56
smartboyhwMamarok: What will be the usual bo07:56
Mamarokwell, a full KDE is over 100 packages07:57
smartboyhwMamarok: Give the devs some time:)07:57
Mamaroksmartboyhw: did I blame you?07:57
smartboyhwMamarok, you wouldn't anyway I didn't prepare for it:P07:58
smartboyhwMamarok: Any people complaning for the Backports PPA after FlameReaper?08:00
Mamaroknot so far08:00
Mamarokbut that should be a lesson: not publishing the update notice unless one ahs tested the packages are actually there, all of them08:00
smartboyhwMamarok: Any time if you want the announcement back ask Riddell (I can't do it in mobile)08:01
Mamaroksmartboyhw: not as long as not all updates are really available08:03
smartboyhwMamarok:I said ANY time:P08:03
smartboyhwAs long as you wish to.08:04
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lordievaderGood morning09:19
smartboyhwHello lordievader09:22
lordievaderHey smartboyhw, how are you?09:22
smartboyhwlordivader: Good.09:23
BluesKajHowdy all12:06
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* shadeslayer pokes queuebot12:10
shadeslayerQuintasan: 12:10
shadeslayerQuintasan: are you going to do the backports?12:10
soeethis bot here is he able to check some package current version i raring ?12:12
shadeslayersomething like12:13
shadeslayer!info kubuntu-desktop raring12:13
ubottukubuntu-desktop (source: kubuntu-meta): Kubuntu Plasma Desktop/Netbook system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.273 (raring), package size 3 kB, installed size 54 kB12:13
shadeslayerI wonder if it can do source12:14
shadeslayer!info kubuntu-meta raring12:14
ubottuPackage kubuntu-meta does not exist in raring12:14
shadeslayerhah, nope12:14
Riddellshadeslayer: what are you poking for?12:49
soee!info firefox raring12:53
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 20.0+build1-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 23925 kB, installed size 50138 kB12:53
shadeslayerRiddell: ktp backports13:10
shadeslayerQuintasan said he'll do them13:10
shadeslayerif I don't hear from him till tomorrow then I'll do them13:10
shadeslayerjust a matter of running backportpackage 13:10
=== smartboyhw_ changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: "Kubuntu
smartboyhw_I thought I did the whole topic13:18
=== smartboyhw_ changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: "Kubuntu
smartboyhw_No doesnt work13:20
smartboyhw_Riddell, shadeslayer please fix the topic (too difficult on mobile)13:20
smartboyhw_And change the IS OFFICIALLY to just "is"13:21
smartboyhw_Just anyone, please..13:22
smartboyhw_Mamarok: ^13:25
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: let me check if it now shows all the packages...13:25
Mamarokstill only 60 packages, that can't be13:26
smartboyhw_Mamarok: OK but help me restore the chan topic first please13:26
Mamarokah, I don't have op here13:26
smartboyhw_Mamarok: How come you can run sudo apt-get update first13:26
smartboyhw_Mamarok no nees13:26
smartboyhw_The topic can be changed by anyone13:26
smartboyhw_My mobile IRC crapped it...13:27
=== Mamarok changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | Upgrade QA : http://kubuntu-qa.dyndns.org/ | https://trello.com/kubuntu | https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-ninjas http://kyofel.dyndns.org/kubuntu/build_status_4.10.2_raring.html | Go test konvi 1.5 ! | Kubuntu 13.04 Beta 2 IS OFFICIALLY released http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/13.04/beta-2
smartboyhw_Mamarok, and please help to change "IS RELEASED" to "is"13:27
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: moment13:27
smartboyhw_Many thanks to Mamarok;)13:27
Mamarokbut I don't have all the packages in raring yet, still a lot with 4.10.1 showing13:28
Mamarokand of course I did update, I am not that dumb :)13:28
smartboyhw_Mamarok: LOL13:28
smartboyhw_Mamarok: lemme check13:28
Mamarokonly 60 packages show as updates, and not all are KDE13:29
smartboyhw_Mamarok: At least kde-workspace wasn't uploaded.13:29
Mamarok54 are 4.10.213:29
Mamarokwell, then nothing "is" yet13:30
smartboyhw_Hmm can some Kubuntu dev re-upload!?13:30
Mamarokso what should I change in the topic?13:30
smartboyhw_Mamarok, that I am.pointing to Beta 213:30
smartboyhw_And it DOES come with 4.10.1;P13:31
Mamarokah, OK13:31
smartboyhw_Mamarok: Just change the "IS OFFICIALLY" to "is" for the Beta sentence13:31
smartboyhw_And probably add that 4.10.2 wasn't fully uploaded 13:32
Mamarokbut it makes little sense to upgrade raring right now as a lot of packages are only hafl upgraded, so why don't you wait for 4.10.2 to be up and then change the topic?13:32
smartboyhw_Mamarok: Yeah.13:32
smartboyhw_Riddell, shadeslayer, yofel, apachelogger, JontheEcdina ^ please fix the 4.10.2 uploads.13:33
smartboyhw_ScottK, ^13:37
apacheloggersmartboyhw: hm?14:14
smartboyhwapachelogger: Not all of 4.10.2 are uploaded 14:17
Riddellsmartboyhw: should all be uploaded, I'm just waiting on kde-workspace in ninjas for precise to copy it over14:23
Riddellooh it's done14:26
RiddellMamarok: what version are you on?14:27
RiddellMamarok: of ubuntu14:27
Riddelloh so that just needs the queue accepted14:27
Mamarokand I only see kdelibs updates14:27
RiddellMamarok: ok I've let the rest through, they should compile and be available in the next few hours14:35
MamarokRiddell: OK, thank you14:36
Mamarokah, now it starts getting interesting, 69 packages now :)15:17
smartboyhwMamarok: Do let packages build:)15:19
Mamaroksmartboyhw: I do15:19
Mamaroksmartboyhw: really, you worry too much about me, I am a Kubuntu user since Riddell made the first packages :)15:20
MamarokI have memories of shadeslayer being a noob :)15:21
smartboyhwMamarok: Nah I'm the noob now.15:22
Mamarokyou are already beyond that point, when I say noob I mean real noob, like the ones breaking their systems in #k15:23
smartboyhwMamarok: :P15:24
smartboyhwMamarok: You do know I never installed Kubuntu 13.04 successfully?15:24
Mamarokreally? what are you waiting for then?15:24
smartboyhwMamarok: You clearly don't know my 2nd identity in the Ubuntu community. I work at another flavour too.15:25
MamarokI know :)15:26
smartboyhwMamarok so I'm using that flavour instead of Kubuntu:P15:27
Mamarokhow lame :)15:27
smartboyhwMamarok uh hum......... This commet is a bit UNwise.15:28
MamarokI have 2 flavors installed, as usual, but I only ever use kDE15:28
Mamaroksmartboyhw: there is a smile behind it!15:28
smartboyhwMamarok: I do have smiles for my flavour too.15:29
Mamarokbehind my comment I meant :)15:29
smartboyhwMamarok that is SUPER UNwise.15:30
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Mamarokwho said I was wise?15:31
shadeslayerMamarok: don't forget breaking their systems on a 56Kbps connection15:32
smartboyhwMamarok: LOL15:32
Mamarokshadeslayer: yep, so only weekly isntead of daily :)15:32
shadeslayertrue ^_^15:32
smartboyhwshadeslayer: :)15:32
shadeslayersigh, I haven't had proper pizza since the Desktop Summit in Berlin15:33
smartboyhwNow I get at least 56Mbps:P15:33
shadeslayerthen Indian pizzas are too salty/cheesy15:33
smartboyhw(due to wifi)15:33
Mamarokshadeslayer: sounds like "too American"15:33
shadeslayerhaven't ever had American pizza, wouldn't know what it tastes like15:34
shadeslayerthe one in Berlin was awesome .... and we had dinner for like 3 hours15:34
* smartboyhw gives shadeslayer a hand-tossed pzza from the pizza shop near his school.15:34
Mamaroktoo much cheese15:34
shadeslayerRiddell: btw I put you in as my roomie for Akademy15:35
Mamarokreally, although one of the best pizzas I ever had was in New York15:35
smartboyhwshadeslayer: Damn that I am in London during Alademy time...15:37
shadeslayeryou could fly over for a couple of days :P15:37
* smartboyhw expects gazilliions of email on 30th July.15:37
smartboyhwshadeslayer:Study tour man, how can I?15:38
shadeslayeras Riddell would say, that sounds so posh15:38
smartboyhwshadeslayer: LOL15:39
shadeslayerIn India, my study tour consisted of going to the local car factory15:39
smartboyhwshadeslayer: Uh London is quite far away from here.15:39
smartboyhw12hours flight15:39
shadeslayerIf I knew any better, my school was hinting that if we didn't work harder we'd just land up as workers there15:39
shadeslayersmartboyhw: and that's exactly why it's posh15:40
smartboyhwshadeslayer: LOL15:40
Riddellshadeslayer: vHanda will feel rejected!15:40
smartboyhwshadeslayer: grr15:40
smartboyhwshadeslayer: Your car factory ones will be called excursions in our school.15:40
smartboyhwshadeslayer: We don't have domestic flights. 15:41
shadeslayerwhere do you live 0.o15:43
smartboyhwshadeslayer: Hong Kong SAR, China.15:44
smartboyhw0.o uh right?15:45
smartboyhwTheoretically going to.Beijing is domestic15:45
smartboyhwTechnically it isn't15:45
smartboyhwOriginally the flight from London -- HK was the longest "domestic" flight15:49
smartboyhwNow of course it isn't.15:49
* smartboyhw should have moved to #kubuntu-offtopic for this.15:49
Quintasanshadeslayer: ktp?15:53
* Quintasan moves his ass15:53
shadeslayeryou said you wanted to do it15:54
Quintasan!info libtelepathy-logger-qt4-dev quantal15:59
ubottulibtelepathy-logger-qt4-dev (source: telepathy-logger-qt): Qt bindings for the telepathy-logger library - development files. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.1-0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 16 kB, installed size 133 kB15:59
Quintasan!info libtelepathy-logger-qt4-dev raring15:59
ubottulibtelepathy-logger-qt4-dev (source: telepathy-logger-qt): Qt bindings for the telepathy-logger library - development files. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.0-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 18 kB, installed size 146 kB15:59
smartboyhw_eh what?16:00
Quintasanshadeslayer: ffs, use ~quantal1 instead of 12.04 :P16:00
shadeslayerI think the convention is to use 12.04 now16:01
shadeslayerbackportpackage changed 16:01
shadeslayerand the reason it changed was to accomodate the fact that we'll hit 'z' sometime and at that point you'll have to use numbers16:02
shadeslayerbecause a < z16:02
Quintasanwhy the hell do we have scripts to do something trivial as backporting?16:02
shadeslayerwell, it's better to write a for loop + backportpackage than doing every one of the packages by hand16:02
QuintasanI'll see if I can get used to that shadeslayer :P16:08
RiddellQuintasan: also ~ppa1 is larger than ~quantal116:08
Riddellis not larger16:08
Riddellok everything in backports seems to now be 4.10.2 16:09
Riddellshall I put the announcement back on kubuntu.org?16:09
smartboyhw_Riddell: \o/16:09
smartboyhw_Mamarok: ^16:09
QuintasanRiddell: do eeeet!16:09
Quintasanshadeslayer: Can you do a dependency graph for telepathy so we know what depends on what?16:10
* Quintasan is too lazy to read wiki16:10
shadeslayereverything depends on common-internals, common-internals depends on logger-qt16:10
Quintasaneasy to remember16:11
Quintasanunlike certain desktop manager16:11
shadeslayeryeah :P16:11
Riddelloh I can't, I'm running ubuntu today for testing, anyone got rekonq?16:18
smartboyhw_Riddell: Not on computer so no.16:18
smartboyhw_shadeslayer would be happy to oblige I think:P16:19
shadeslayerwhat needs testing?16:19
shadeslayerRiddell: ubuntu? :O16:19
shadeslayerif it's quick enough, sure16:19
* smartboyhw_ does not understand why Riddell is touching Ubuntu indeed.16:20
smartboyhw_shadeslayer: Very easy (I did it before for Beta 2)16:20
shadeslayerwell, you need to tell me what needs doing16:22
smartboyhw_shadeslayer: You need credentials from Riddell...16:23
shadeslayeroh the publishing thing16:23
shadeslayerI have the credentials somewhere 16:23
smartboyhw_shadeslayer: Yep:)16:24
Quintasanshadeslayer: 01_no_useless_linking.diff can't we upstream this ?16:24
shadeslayer*ask upstream?16:24
smartboyhw_shadeslayer: send the patch to upstream.16:26
smartboyhw_It can be included in next release of ktp.16:26
shadeslayerI don't see anything that'll allow me to publish the draft16:35
shadeslayerRiddell: smartboyhw_ ^16:40
shadeslayerclicking on publishing options doesn't open them16:41
Riddellshadeslayer: tick the publish box16:41
smartboyhw_shadeslayer: Eh??16:41
shadeslayerRiddell: is it under publishing options? because I can't click that16:42
Quintasanshadeslayer: Didn't you have backport-ktp script?16:43
shadeslayerQuintasan: I could write a quick one16:43
QuintasanI'll do that then16:44
shadeslayerI don't think I have it saved anywhere16:44
* shadeslayer tries with firefox16:45
Riddellshadeslayer: ah you mean the javascript is broken somehow so you can't open the Publishing Options part of the page?16:47
Riddellmm, I see that too16:49
Riddellhow evil16:49
smartboyhw_Riddell hmm..16:50
shadeslayer" You are not authorized to access this page. "16:50
smartboyhw_shadeslayer: Firefox wont work16:50
shadeslayerfrom firefox16:50
Riddellshadeslayer: hoorah, it worked16:50
shadeslayerwhy not though?16:51
shadeslayerI never understood why the admin site only works with rekonq16:51
shadeslayerdoes the site do UA whitelisting?16:51
Riddellvoila http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.10.216:51
Riddellshadeslayer: nobody has ever worked it out16:51
Riddelland nobody wants to fight with sysadmins to find out16:51
smartboyhw_Riddell: please do:P16:52
ScottKRiddell: Works with Konqueror too.16:55
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yofelhome sweet home :)18:57
yofelsometimes launchpad does funny things... https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports/+sourcepub/3086540/+listing-archive-extra19:02
yofellooks broken, but works fine19:02
tsimpsonit's a HTML section meant for DHTML/AJAX stuff19:04
yofelah, I didn't mean that - I meant the builds19:06
tsimpsonoh, well that's a little harder ;)19:10
Quintasanshadeslayer: I'm not really going to finish that backporting todayu19:38
Quintasanpointless actually19:38
Quintasanbuilder all busy19:38
QuintasanI actually uploaded quantal19:47
QuintasanI'll wait till it builds before doing precise19:47

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