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goodtimeoh god forget it02:53
arthurfiggishello everyone :) things are running quite well now that i've got 12.10 installed, definitely the best kde desktop/linux distribution combo i've used thus far...would it be recommended to upgrade to KDE SC 4.10 from backports, or should I not fix what isn't broken? ;)03:18
DouglasKAnyone know what package(s) provide the images for the KDE dynamic weather wallpaper?03:28
root1_:) cai03:54
root1_* cau03:54
root1_nekdo tu? :)03:54
root1_nejlepe online :)03:55
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LinkmasterI'm having an issue with a .dd file I created with testdisk, from a broken external harddrive, in the sense that it was able to create the file(even after not finding the partions) but now I can't mount it, no matter what I do. Advice on how I can at least just mount it, to take all the files off of it?05:08
lenDoes anyone know a way to set which monitor in a multi monitor setup gets the focus by default in LightDM?06:33
lenI want the main monitor which is always on to have the focus at startup so I can see the logon boxes without having to move the mouse06:35
lenRight now it defaults to giving the focus to a monitor I don't always have turned on.06:35
lenIt will move the login boxes to which ever screen I move the mouse to, but it just seems that there should be some way to set the default focus.06:36
goodtimeanyone here07:30
Mamaroklen: you do that in the KDE systemsettings, the one you set as main will be the one also defaulting for lightdm07:59
lenI'm not on that system right not, but I'm pretty sure it is set as the main.  I'll check it Tomorrow.  I didn't an xrandr --primary in lightdm's script and that made no difference.  I assume setting a monitor as main is the same as doing an xrandr --primary, but I could be wrong.08:03
len*I did08:03
lenI did find that if I issued a xrander --off in lightdm's script it would force the login to the primary screen by virtue of the other screen being temp disabled08:05
lenand it would auto turn back on after light dm is done08:05
lenSo that is how I left it.08:05
Mamarokif that works for you, I never changed a yota in the lightdm script, I set my monitors in the kcm08:08
lenThis was in 13.04, BTW08:08
len12.10 behaved differently08:08
lenand just put the login on both screens08:09
smartboyhwFlameReaper-PC: Hey is there still any issues with your computer?08:09
FlameReaper-PCsmartboyhw: As of now, I managed to resolve it08:10
Mamaroklen: I have the login on both screens in 13.04 as well08:10
FlameReaper-PCI can't remember if I had the kde-workspace package installed, but I think I was sure I have it before I managed to settle it this morning08:11
FlameReaper-PCerr, afternoon.08:11
smartboyhwFlameReaper-PC: \o/08:11
lenWell, my lightdm was really messed up after the upgrade.   I had to customize the script just to get it to this point08:12
lenbecause it has issues with two monitor of different resolutions now08:13
lenThat is didn't before.08:13
Mamarokmine are very different in resolution as well08:13
lenMine are different resolutions and different aspect ratios08:14
lenBy default it was creating some kind of common denomitors08:14
lencausing the primary to load lightdm in a lower res08:15
lenwhich wouldn't be THAT bad except08:15
FlameReaper-PCWhich reminds me, about lightdm08:15
FlameReaper-PCLightdm doesn't load some images, I don't know why08:15
lenthat this caused ksplash to use a too small graphic08:16
lenwhich didn't cover the whole desktop08:16
lenIt looked really really bad08:16
Mamaroklen: funny, I didn't have these problems on upgrade from 12.10 to 13.0408:17
Mamarokboth screens are very different in size and resolution08:17
lenWell, I pretty much have it working well enough now, but it was a real pain08:18
lenand does work entirely differently now08:18
lenlightdm has some issues08:18
lenAlso found a bad bug in the updater08:19
lenthat changed arch on qdbus08:19
lento 386 on  an x86 system08:20
Mamarokdidn't have that one either08:20
lencausing kde session to bomb out08:20
lenThat one was a really strange one.08:20
lenJust the one package out of all of them it decided to change arch on08:20
MamarokI only had one missing package in the beta update, which was bad enough, though08:21
Mamarokbut since all this is considered "testing" we can ahrdly complain08:21
lenOn the other hand I also updated a notebook Today too08:21
lenwith no problems at all08:21
lenSo I'm batting 500 I guess :)08:22
lenI figured beta 2 wouldn't be terribly risky.08:24
lenThe new theme is a little more lively.  The default KDE one from the last  couple releases is about as dull as you can get.08:28
Mamarokyes, the new one is way better08:28
MamarokI didn't like that greyish blue08:28
lenGuess they were going for "understand" and went a little too vanilla :)08:29
Mamarokwell, it was just the theme of the moment, "vanilla" means something totally different08:30
Mamarokvanilla would be not changed at all, and that is what Kubuntu usually ships, not changing the default KDE08:30
Mamarokunlike Opensuse for example08:31
lenKubuntu was just sticking close to KDE which I like08:31
Mamarokwhere they use their own theme08:31
lenKDE just went overly boring that's all08:31
Mamarokyep, that was really utterly boring08:31
lenI'm own an openSUSE machine right now08:31
lenI use openSUSE and Kubuntu08:32
lenboth are good08:32
lenBut I worry about it becoming increasingly difficult08:32
lenfor Kubuntu to work with ubuntu base08:32
lenwith mir and all the other crap08:33
smartboyhw_len: I agree08:33
lensince ubuntu really doesn't care08:33
lenabout kubuntu08:33
lenor how it will effect it08:33
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smartboyhwlen: It once did08:33
Mamaroklen: we will see when it comes08:34
smartboyhwIt isn't now:(08:34
lenThat why I put half my eggs in openSUSE basket08:34
lenI think Ubuntu is off the rails08:34
lenHow Kubuntu figures out a way to navigate the minefield08:35
FlameReaper-PCI really think Kubuntu does a nice job of trying to stick as close to vanilla KDE as possible08:36
FlameReaper-PCnot to mention it provides a package manager that looks native to the KDE environment08:37
FlameReaper-PCI like it more than the other package manager of other distros which use KDE08:37
lenYes.   Wonder what it will do about mir.  Maintain it's won X and wayland?08:37
lenI used to think that until I tried zypper.  zypper is an incredilbe package manager08:39
FlameReaper-PClen: Graphical, I mean08:39
lenmost intelligent conflict resolver of them all08:39
FlameReaper-PCI'd use opensuse had I figured out how to make it update from my campus's servers08:40
lenWhy did you need to update from the campus servers?08:41
FlameReaper-PClen: Because my campus hosts a mirror?08:42
* Mamarok thinks we are increasingly off-topic for this channel, switching discussion to #kubuntu-offtopic would be a good idea08:42
lenWell, I'm out of her in a minute, but I don't really understand why it matters if people are off topic when it is completely dead otherwise.  It's not like we are prempting people getting help.08:43
lenJust gives the room a pulse :)08:44
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nikolaoshello people09:08
nikolaoshow kis everything09:08
nikolaoshow is*09:08
liudasso far so doog :)09:17
nikolaosplease tell me09:18
nikolaoshow to get rid of that stupid panel toolbox09:19
lordievaderGood morning09:19
nikolaosaka cashe09:19
lordievadernikolaos: You cant, but you can hide it ;)09:19
nikolaosby hiding widgets?09:19
lordievadernikolaos: No by draggin it under your taskbar...09:20
lordievaderI know it still isn't what you really want, but I believe in 4.10.2 the option still ain't there.09:21
nikolaosi dont think i can drag it under my taskbar09:23
nikolaosim talking about that toolbox on my panel09:23
nikolaosthat on the right top corner i dont mind09:23
lordievadernikolaos: Ah ok, I misunderstood, sorry.09:25
lordievaderTo get rid of the one on the panel you can simple lock the panel.09:26
nikolaosi know09:26
nikolaosbut its a mess09:26
nikolaoscause sometimes i forget to do that09:26
nikolaosalso i have my panel on the left09:26
nikolaosso its really annoying to have that down there09:27
lordievadernikolaos: Lock widgets is a global thing, if you lock it for the widgets on your desktop it is also locked for your panels.09:27
nikolaosi know09:28
nikolaosthe only reason i lock the widgets is for that thing to dissapear09:28
nikolaosthere were some plasmoids in the previous versions to remove that09:29
nikolaosbut they dont work with 4.1009:29
digitalcrowgia soy niko apo ellada etsi ?09:29
nikolaosela koraki :p09:29
digitalcrowhelp me please i want to run Skype on kubuntu 13.04 64bit09:29
nikolaoskai giati den mporeis na to baleis re pedare?09:30
digitalcrowden trexei me tipote09:30
nikolaosti sou leei09:30
digitalcrowIs there a way to run Skype on kubuntu 13.04 64bit ?09:30
nikolaosto gamoskype09:30
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)09:30
digitalcrowΣφάλμα κατάτμησης (segmentation fault) (core dumped)09:31
nikolaosgia klotsies einai09:31
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:31
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes09:31
smartboyhwWe have our own Greek channel!09:31
lordievaderdigitalcrow: You can download Skype from their website, it installs fine on my 64bit Raring install.09:31
digitalcrowno it doesn't09:32
digitalcrowIt doesn't run09:32
nikolaosi have another question, cause im really angry with skype09:33
nikolaosis there an alternative for windows/linux video calling?09:33
lordievaderdigitalcrow: You've downloaded the deb and installed it through dpkg?09:33
nikolaosa good alternative09:34
lordievaderdigitalcrow: Please keep it in the channel.09:34
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.09:34
lordievaderdigitalcrow: Anyhow, dpkg didn't report any errors?09:34
nikolaos[12:31] <digitalcrow> Σφάλμα κατάτμησης (segmentation fault) (core dumped)09:35
digitalcrowno errors09:36
digitalcrowon installation09:36
digitalcrowonly when i try to run skype i got this error: Σφάλμα κατάτμησης (segmentation fault) (core dumped)09:36
lordievaderdigitalcrow: I take it you chose the 12.04 (multiarch) download instead of the 10.04 32bit?09:37
nikolaoschmod -w /usr/bin/skype ????????????????????09:38
nikolaoswould that do any good?09:39
lordievaderdigitalcrow: Hmm, that is odd.. You could try to purge and reinstall the package.09:39
digitalcrowi tried several times09:39
lordievadernikolaos: I don't think so, if you do so the owner cannot write to it..09:39
lordievaderdigitalcrow: Did you purge or simply uninstall?09:39
digitalcrowno i'm trying to test the 386 version of skype package09:40
nikolaosi googled a little bit09:40
lordievaderAh.. that is the problem then. You probable miss the packages needed to run 32bit programs.09:40
nikolaosit seems to be an audio problem09:40
lordievaderdigitalcrow: Is ia32-libs installed?09:41
lordievaderHmm wait, is it renamed in Raring.09:42
lordievaderdigitalcrow: Hmm, that should be it...09:44
digitalcrowcan't run , i tried anything09:44
lordievaderdigitalcrow: Perhaps sudo apt-get -f install pulls in some missing packages.09:44
lordievaderOfcourse the simple solution is, install the 64bit version...09:47
digitalcrowi've downloaded a version 64bit from download/cnet.com09:50
digitalcrowit worked09:50
digitalcrowI have the version 4 of skype 64bit09:52
digitalcrowit is workinmg09:52
digitalcrowit is working09:52
lordievaderdigitalcrow: Skype.com also offers a 64bit version...09:52
digitalcrowi dont know where09:52
lordievaderdigitalcrow: The multiarch is 32 + 64 combined.09:53
digitalcrowmultiarch is not working09:53
digitalcrowon 13.0409:53
lordievaderdigitalcrow: It is here ;)09:53
digitalcrowi have installed steam on kubuntu 13.04 and i have good performance09:54
digitalcrowor at least bareable cause its not compared with windows.09:54
nikolaoseffects cant run properly on linux, you wanna play games? :p09:55
digitalcrowthank you for your help09:55
nikolaosbye dudde09:56
lordievaderNo problem ;)09:56
nikolaosok now its my turn :p09:56
nikolaospulse audio is giving me headache09:57
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lordievadernikolaos: Currently PA is doing the same to me...10:01
nikolaossome programs play sound with pulse10:02
nikolaossome other with alsaplugin10:02
nikolaoshow do i tell everything to play with pulse?10:02
nikolaosmostly becayse sound levels differ10:03
lordievaderWhoo reloading alsa fixed my problem :D10:04
lordievaderPrograms do need to support pulse..10:04
lordievaderThe last.fm player is an example of a program that does not support pulseaudio.10:07
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TaggnostrI'm trying to install kubuntu on a new machine with an 120GB SSD + 1TB HD, and they suggested me to use LVM, but I'm not sure how to do it from the installer or if it's even supported10:51
TaggnostrI tried the "guided with LVM support" option but that created a partition for /boot and the put everything else on /, without allowing me to create /home with LVM10:52
Taggnostrnow I restarted from the livecd, opened the partition manager, and deleted everything on the ssd and it shows 120GB unallocated (even though I got some errors, and if I do "create new partition table" it gives errors again)10:53
Taggnostrshould I create the partitions manually from here? can I create the LVM ones from here too?10:54
TaggnostrI'm getting errors even if I try to create partitions on the SSD11:10
BluesKajHowdy all12:06
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denis_hello, I had a problem with the kde update yesterday, I locked some KDE packages. No I am on unity because KDE doesn work anymore but I want to re-install KDE. Every time I try to do so, synaptic says that the packages are locked. I tried to unlock them via CLI but it didn´ t really work12:26
denis_also this command dpkg --get-selections | grep hold12:27
denis_showed no locked packages12:27
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Guest70574buon pomeriggio..12:34
Mamarokdenis_: how did you lock them?12:38
Mamarokdenis_: did you check your filters in Synaptic?12:40
denis_Hallo Mamarok , I locked them with muon12:41
denis_Mamarok: which filters do you mean?12:41
Mamarokwell, Synaptic has filters, see the Settings menu12:42
Mamarokcheck if some filter properties are eycluding something12:42
Mamarokand you can start Muon from within Unity and unlock them there12:44
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denis_Mamarok: no, I cannot because muon is no longer installed13:11
Mamarokdenis_: oh, that is annoying13:15
denis_Mamarok: by the way, there are no filters set in Synaptic13:22
denis_isn't there something like a list with all the locked packages like sources.list or so?13:22
Mamarokthat seems impossible, there are plenty of predefined filters13:22
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Mamarokdenis_: anyway, just to make sure: you do have the universe repos activated and the KDE packages do show in synaptic or don't they show at all?13:23
denis_Mamarok: let me have a look13:24
Mamarokdenis_: let's keep this in one channel13:24
denis_Mamarok: yes, the universe repositories are activated and they do show13:27
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Questhow to see traffic on a specific port number. say 80?15:17
MamarokQuest: with a monitoring tool like ntop for example15:19
QuestMamarok,  thats nice but does not gives for ports. it gives for protocols. i mean to monitor speed taken by that port. on port 8015:21
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Mamarokjnettop then15:21
QuestMamarok,  are you sure?15:22
MamarokQuest: well, that the package I find when looking for port traffic monitoring15:24
QuestMamarok, for jnettop  i see it. its nice. but gives many individual requests for each port. say 5 connections use port 80 . will show them seperately. i need to know how much traffic / speed is consumed by each port as a whole. like for port 80 , 6667, 443 ?15:26
BluesKajnetstat  lists ports and traffic15:27
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lordievaderiftop can do that kind of stuff too.15:28
Questlordievader,  how to see combined speed taken by port 80 by iftop?15:29
lordievaderQuest: Something like this will probably do so: iftop -f "port http"15:32
Questlordievader,  no. i need total speed of port 8015:45
lordievaderQuest: It will show you that (I think)15:46
Questi have it runing15:47
Questit doesnt15:47
lordievaderAt the bottom are the totals.15:49
Questlordievader,  i recomend iptraf15:49
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Questcan anyone tell why in iptraf in port 80 (breakdown by ports) the "in" is always zero and the "out" at bottom shows speed stats for download and for upload as well. on other strange thing. its showing download and upload . both speeds in "out"  and  "in" in is  0 ..  ?15:59
goekhani installed some programs via build/make install from source (kde-apps.org)16:07
goekhannow i deleted the source folders, because the programs installed successfully16:07
goekhanhow do i remove those programs?16:07
goekhanmuon/apt don't find them16:07
goekhani read that normally there is a "make uninstall" - but you need the source folder16:08
ArchangelSe7enyup .. where is <program> can tell you where that program is so that you can remove it manually16:14
ArchangelSe7en"whereis" the command I mean16:15
=== ArchangelSe7en is now known as Hyp3r3r
goekhanThanks, <ArchangelSe7en>! Did not work with all. One program it showed non directory16:19
Questlordievader,  what do the three columns at bottom where it says "rates" mean ?16:19
goekhanAhh...but that's only the binary....16:20
BluesKajHyp3r3r, try the package manager16:20
lordievaderQuest: Tx is out, Rx is in and Total is, well, total.16:20
lordievaderQuest: If you are talking about iftop that is.16:21
Questlordievader,  ya. first row is tx, second is rx and third is total. but on the right side. what are the columns ?16:21
Quest3 "columns"16:21
BluesKajiftop won't stop when quitting the app ...it keeps running using up resources here16:22
lordievaderQuest: Cum, peak and rates?16:22
Questlordievader,  the three colums that are at right side of rates16:23
QuestTX:             cum:    212kB   peak:      0b                                                                                                                   rates:      0b      0b      0b16:23
FloodBotK1Quest: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:23
smartboyhw_Uh oh.16:23
smartboyhw_Quest: Next time use paste.kde.org or paste.ubuntu.com :)16:24
Questrates:      0b      0b      0b16:24
Quest0b      0b      0b16:24
Quest0b      0b      0b16:24
FloodBotK1Quest: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:24
Questoh ok16:24
lordievaderQuest: Quit spamming16:25
lordievaderQuest: Anyhow it probably has the do with Cat5 being full-duplex, or at least it is most often used in full duplex.16:26
lordievaderAh it is explained in the man-page, Quest16:29
Questlordievader,  where?16:31
lordievaderQuest: In the display section.16:31
lordievaderAllways a good idea to read the man-pages if you do not understand a program.16:36
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Quest 1. does FreeNX works on VNC protocol port 59000? 2. Theres is not package in native or freenx ppa repos for ubuntu 12.10. I want a desktop sharing server which is running all the time and accept unattende multiple connections at the same time. the client may be linux or windows. is there a recomendation ?17:06
bazhang!crosspost | Quest17:06
ubottuQuest: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.17:06
SnowhogRunning Kubuntu 12.04.2 on KDE 4.10.2 and using KDM (not LightDM). X is running on tty8 instead of tty7. Anyone know why, and how I can change it? kdmrc does contain: ServerVTs=-7 which is supposed to direct X to run on tty7.17:06
Questbazhang,  i really need most views in al lchannels17:06
Questbazhang,  i regard all users17:06
bazhangQuest, dont crosspost17:07
Questnot allowed?17:07
BluesKajQuest, yes that's part of the code of conduct ..it's also rude to crosspost17:08
BluesKajtrying tie up support resources on several channels for one person is unfair to others who need support as well17:10
FlameReaper-PCIs there a software to control a monitor's brightness? Mine only has a power button.17:18
BluesKajFlameReaper-PC, depends whether you have graphics server control UI or not17:26
BluesKajlike radeon tool for ati , or nvidia x server settings , FlameReaper-PC17:28
SnowhogI'm running Kubuntu 12.04.2 with KDE 4.10.2 and using KDM (not LightDM). X is running on tty8 instead of tty7. Anyone know why, and how I can change it? kdmrc contains ServerVTs=-7 which is supposed to direct X to run on tty7 if it's available. That X starts on tty8 indicates that tty7 isn't available, but it should be. I don't have any other sessions running.17:29
BluesKajSnowhog, did you delete/remove lightdm , if not when booting lightdm might be loading in tty717:32
SnowhogBluesKaj: How can I confirm this? LightDM doesn't work on this laptop, so I had to reinstall KDM and reconfigure for it.17:33
BluesKajok , well if X is running ok on tty8 , why worry ?17:34
SnowhogBluesKaj: Just because it isn't the 'normal' behavior. X should be starting on tty7.17:35
BluesKajwhat happens if you try tty7 , is there regular login like tty 1-6 , Snowhog ?17:37
SnowhogBluesKaj: No. When I drop to tty1 (Ctrl+Alt+F1) and login, then when I type exit and press Ctrl+Alt+F7 I get "checking battery state..." and thats it. I press Ctrl+Alt+F8 and return to my running desktop.17:40
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Quest iam getting this error while connecting to freenx server by qtnx http://pastebin.ca/235120817:44
=== bongo-who is now known as L3top
Quest iam getting this error while connecting to freenx server by qtnx http://pastebin.ca/2351219 . any help with kubuntu please?17:53
lordievader!patience | Quest17:56
ubottuQuest: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/17:56
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z0rani insatlled kubintu 12.10 32-bit, and i cannont install with apt-get firefox....ani idea why...18:39
omkar1417install google chrome instead of firefox18:39
Tm_Tomkar1417: please try be helpful18:39
omkar1417its better18:39
Tm_Tz0ran: what is the exact command you're trying?18:40
z0ransudo apt-get install firefox18:40
Tm_Tz0ran: and what is the error you get?18:40
z0ranand it telling me that in /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code18:41
Tm_Twhat error code (:18:41
Zeppmanhey there i want tu use pure alsa in my kubuntu 12.04 setup. i only have one sound card enabled, but it keeps switching between hw:0,1 and hw:1,118:42
Zeppmani tried a lot of things in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf but i could not get in to work18:42
Zeppmanhave the snd-ice1724 driver18:42
Zeppmanany help is appreciated :)18:42
z0ranalso in /var/cache/apt/archives/firefox_21.0~b1+build1-0ubuntu).12.10.1~mfn2_i386.deb18:42
Tm_Tz0ran: I need the exact error you get before I could help further (:18:43
BluesKajLippmann, in  /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf , add this line,  options snd-ice-1724 index=0 , then save and reboot18:47
BluesKajbah , he left18:47
Quest i cannot connect to freenx server by nx client. it quites at establishing display.18:51
bazhangQuest, you were told about crossposting.18:51
bazhangQuest, Please Don't18:51
Questiam really stuck and no one answers. need to expand audience. cant digest this is unfair?18:53
Questwhat is the similar software for kubuntu as is for gnome-session-fallback in ubuntu?18:53
bazhangQuest, you ask for help in multiple channels at the same time.18:54
bazhangthe helpers are largely the same18:54
BluesKajQuest, nobody answers because your situation is unique , and has no experience with it18:58
Questwish me luck then18:59
omkar1417well same for me used nx client but didnt experienced such problem18:59
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lenAnyone using kde-telepathy?  Packages seem to be broken in 13.04.21:24
=== rosco_away is now known as rosco_y
lenGet org.freedesktop.telepathy.Error.NotAvailable:Handler no longer available21:25
=== rosco_y is now known as rosco_away
lenwhen trying to open a chat session21:25
lenUpdated two different computers to 13.04 and it is broken in same way on both of them.21:25
lenAlso, what is with the strange big clunky windows decorations on plasmoid tooltips and shutdown box etc?!21:27
lenNot very cosmetically pleasing21:27
lenBig clunky borders added to all things plasma21:29
lenReally bad on shutdown message--has extra inside border that even overlaps some of the text21:30
lenOK, It looks like the crazy fat boarder mods were only applied to the Air Theme-which is prob still the default21:37
lenOxygen theme looks like it normally does without huge boarder decorations on everything21:38
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onebitxajaxhi to all22:00
onebitxajaxis that possile with dolphin to format a penn drive?22:01
onebitxajaxi know i can do it with gprted or partition managr22:01
onebitxajaxbut i want to find a more simple way, so i can formata a penn drive with dolphin22:01
onebitxajaxis that possibile with some plugin or scripts?22:01
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lenHmm. That's interesting.  The Air for Notebooks theme looks just like the old regular Air did, without the additon of the clunky boarders around everything22:12
lenGuess I'll just change 13.04 machines to that22:13
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psybladeHi, I have a problem with raring and a btrfs multi device root:22:35
psybladeIt's trying to mount the fs before all devices are detected by the kernel; thus root mount will fail.22:35
psybladePrevious ubuntu versions did wait, but as this is a clean install I might have overlooked some config option.22:35
tsimpsonpsyblade: btrfs support is experimental at best, I can only suggest you start from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs22:38
psybladenothing usefull there as far as I can see22:58
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lenI think there is a version mismatch problem going one with telepathy in 13.0423:35
lenkde-telepathy-contacts-list was updated to 6.0, but23:36
lenWhen you click on a contact it tries to open kpt-textui version 5.823:36
lenThere is a 6.0 version of that release at the same time upstream23:37
lenbut it wasn't packaged for 13.0423:37
lenDon't many people use kde-telepathy, or just not many people using it using 13.04?23:41
lenKopete has no future, in any case, so not much point in continuing to use that23:43
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