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hachre1hi guys, is there a way to automate copying packages for multiple ubuntu series? I'm uploading a package for raring that i can copy as is to quantal for example, but it's tedious to do this manually for X packages every time there is an update... on the other hand automatically creating and uploading several packages for several series means I'm clogging up the build servers for no reason - so what's the solution here?09:16
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maxbA script using the launchpad api09:25
maxbI really should implement that in hydrazine09:25
hachreah ok09:26
hachrethere is an pi09:26
hachregotta look into it, thanks09:27
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jbichawow, https://launchpad.net/builders/wani03 is especially slow, 30+ minutes just to install build-deps for a typical package14:23
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