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RarrikinsSome of the software I've installed has huge icons in the applications menu. How do I fix that?14:30
bennypr0faneeveryone, is there a difference, in the amount of work to be done, and in technical difficulty, between: 1) upgrading from a x.04 to a x.10 release, and 2) upgrading from an x.10 release to an (x+1).04 release?14:35
palashhi i am looking for some to help me to install ubuntu on tablet15:40
DrDetroitHello, for many years I had run a redhat machine that was my router and firewall, and it worked flawlessly from 2002 to 2013 when the hd started having errors.15:40
DrDetroitIt was a pentuim 1 with 256mb ram. and a 20mb hd. I was wondering if Lubuntu would do the same job?15:41
DrDetroitOn the same machine15:41
palashi have seen video on ubuntu official site running ubuntu on nexus15:43
manolosHi. In my Lubuntu setup, my mic is quiet and when i rise db i have noises and i can hear my voice. I use alsa (no pulse installed)16:39
manolosCan anyone suggest a solution?16:39
holsteinmanolos: try pulse... i would expect a bit of noise there.. .try another mic or hardware designed for what you are doing16:45
manolosi have many problems with pulse and specially with skype16:46
holsteinmanolos: i use skype with and without pulse16:46
holsteinmanolos: i would look in alsamixer and try muting things.. play around with the settings16:47
manolosok ill try that16:48
bennypr0faneis there a difference, in the amount of work to be done, and in technical difficulty, between: 1) upgrading from a x.04 to a x.10 release, and 2) upgrading from an x.10 release to an (x+1).04 release?19:04
gomiboybennypr0fane: no difference, unless for troublesome values of x  :)19:10
Myrttiatleast theoretically.19:10
Myrttialso, crossposting is a bit rude, you might end up getting conflicting information and help and it can be distracting to both you and the person who tries to help you.19:11
bennypr0faneMyrtti really, you think it's rude? I actually wouldn't consider this crossposting19:26
Myrttibennypr0fane: a *bit*19:26
Myrttijust enough to warrant mentioning it, but not enough to start a bigger hissy fit about it.19:27
bennypr0faneI dunno, I don't see any harm aksing the same questions in 2 IRC channels. I'm not having a fit about it, I'd just like to understand what is specifically that you consider rude.19:28
bennypr0faneI mean we all know the situation where in one place there is no one who can help you, so you go try the place, right?19:29
bennypr0fane*the next place19:29
Myrttianyway, you got your answer and this time it wasn't conflicting with the information you got from the other place, so you're all good.19:30
bennypr0faneSo, I'd like to crosspost that other question too, actually. May I?19:31
bennypr0faneWhen I edit /etc/default/grub and do update-grub, nothing changes in the bootmenu. also, the grub file doesn't look anything like my actual bootmenu. There are 4 Linuxes on my harddrive. I'm wondering where that grub that is booting me now is located and where's the one that I edited just now. The last install that I did was Bodhi Linux, and that is what boots by default now. So how can I make Lubuntu control my desired GRub config now?19:34
bennypr0faneIIRC, Grub is placed on master boot record, which is the first sector on my harddrive, and only one instnace of grub can be present there - correct?19:36
Unit193Can't you just use the "grub installer" and reinstall grub from Lubuntu?19:43
bennypr0fanegrub installer?19:44
bennypr0fanehaven't heard of it. is it in the repos?19:44
holstein!grub | bennypr0fane should mention it19:45
ubottubennypr0fane should mention it: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub219:45
Unit193(grub-install, comes with it.) That wiki should help.19:47
bennypr0faneok, trying grub-install now19:51
bennypr0fanethanks, grub-install worked! I wonder why there are 2 instnaces of Lubuntu in the boot menu though. There's "Ubuntu <kernel ver>" (which is my Lubuntu, I dunno why it isn't named so), thgen there's "Previous Linux versions", and then again "Ubuntu <kernel ver>", both "Ubuntus" boot the same OS20:05
Unit193bennypr0fane: It's basically a handy list, then a "List all" type of thing.20:29
bennypr0faneUnit193 I don't understand20:40
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phillwwxl: ping!!23:45

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