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rostamHI, my intention is to create an ubuntu package from multiple source packages based on autotool. Any guildline please? thanks04:13
PuRu_AheRi want help regarding VNC Server configuration06:33
r4yIam having trouble with Deluge, not only is Deluge not uploading when Deluge and Firefox are open Firefox can't find servers such as Youtube, but when Deluge is off Firefox is fine I think09:48
r4yI tried and triedto install Deluge, both from ppa and not09:49
r4yIt got out of handto say the least09:49
geirhadeluge is probably overwhelming your router09:49
geirhalimit deluge's upload and download bandwidth09:50
r4yOK, but I can download torrents without problem or so I think09:50
r4yO also09:51
r4yI have an att touter now instead of the other router that was linksys09:51
r4yor however that is spelle09:51
r4yI remember with theother router sometimes I would have to turn it off for 5 minutes and then start it again but Iam not sureabout this router whichIhaven't had long09:53
geirhausually it's the uploading that causes your internet to turn slugish. Usually, the upload bandwidth of your internet connection is very low compared to the download bandwidth09:54
geirhaand if deluge uses all the upload bandwidth, firefox will have trouble getting http requests through09:54
r4yI meant ahh right09:54
geirhaso make sure deluge uses less than your available upload bandwidth09:55
r4yI need to find out what the speed for it is09:55
geirhathere are many online speed testers.09:56
r4yu verse or something like that09:56
r4yI have the box it came in here09:56
r4yAT&T U-verse09:57
geirhaTry http://www.speedtest.net/09:57
geirhaWhat it says on the box isn't necessarily the truth09:58
r4yI am still looking but I will try that now09:58
r4y0.47 mbps up 3.25 mbps down10:00
r4yI couldn't seem to find it in the pape work10:01
r4yI should understand better how to change the settings then I already know. OK, so should I uncheck ignore limitson local network10:03
r4yI would think so10:03
r4yrate limit IP overhead, not sure10:03
r4yIs max connections too high?10:04
geirhaso roughly 60kB/s is your max up speed. I'd limit deluge's to 30kB/s and see how that goes10:04
r4ykbs are around 1000 or 1024 to every megbit, right?10:05
r4yOK, I will try what you suggested10:06
geirha.47 mbps is 470kbps10:07
r4ythe top one called global limits all the torrents under10:07
r4ycool, ty10:07
r4yI see, right10:07
geirhadivide by 8 and you get 58.75 kilobytes per second10:07
r4yI don't understand why to divid by 810:09
geirhaa byte is 8 bits10:09
r4yTY for all the help10:09
r4yI am trying to relearn math,I have this book that had some neat rules for howo find out if a number is dividable by 2-910:10
r4yeven numbers=210:11
r4yadd the numbers to itself 918=99=18=9 can be divided by 310:11
r4y4 is if the last 2 digits can be divided by 410:12
r4y8 is the last 3 digits can be divided by 810:12
r4y1000 is dividable by 8 125 times10:12
r4yI didn't list the rest but 9 is the same method as 3 on that page10:14
r4yI need a little10:14
r4yso 2 megabytes down?10:16
r4yI mean what would you suggest?10:17
geirha3.25 mpbs ~ 400kB/s10:18
r4yI to start over ha ha, o well I know I will get it though10:19
r4y~ means home folder, right?, not equals lol10:20
elacheche_anisr4y, you're right ~ means your home folder /home/xxxx/10:21
r4y406 kb10:21
r4yso 200 kb then if I want to save on download speed for surfing10:22
geirhaI used ~ to mean  "approximately equals"10:23
r4yOK, trying upload speed difference, I wonder if I will need to turn off my router temperately like I used to have to with my other router10:24
geirhaascii doesn't have a symbol for it, and I'm not sure how to type the unicode symbol for it. I'd have to look it up10:24
r4yOf course though I may not get fish at this moment in time so10:25
r4yThis book shows different ways to right things so10:28
geirhactrl+shift+u 2248  ≈   there, happy? ;P10:28
r4yit's cliffquicknotes basic math and pre-algelbra and I  got to the 4rth chapter, not that I am as good a math as I used to be10:29
r4yI prefer fractions over decimals10:29
r4yThis book says approximately equals is 2 ~ stacked on on top of the other but it's not on the keyboard10:30
r4yit also has a dot over10:31
r4y= for the same10:31
r4ysorry I hit enter10:31
geirhawhich is why it's cumbersome to type the symbol10:31
r4yYou guys are cool, I should try to find an active torrent to test with10:33
geirhaAn ubuntu iso perhaps? :)10:33
r4yI have some isos here though10:34
r4ykubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso, I need to find out the checksum10:34
r4ygoogling, I will be back when I find out and get this straight10:35
geirhagrab the torrent for that iso, add it to deluge, and set destination dir to where the iso is located.10:36
geirhaDeluge should then verify the iso file against the torrent10:36
geirhaand download any missing pieces, if any10:36
r4yGreat idea10:37
r4yYou must do this a lot10:37
r4yI am checking kubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso10:38
r4yI found 12.1o of10:38
r4y12.10 rather10:38
r4yI didn't know I should have googled "kubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso" not kubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso10:39
r4ywith double quotes10:40
r4yAny ideas where I should be going for this?10:40
r4yI think I know where10:41
geirhaI'd google «kubuntu torrents»10:42
r4yWell, I found this: http://torrent.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/precise/release/desktop/10:42
r4yit doesn't have the one, I will check google for that10:42
geirhawhich lead to this:  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/12.04.2/release/10:43
geirhathough 12.04.1 is apparently not available anymore. There's 12.04.2 instead10:43
geirha(browse to the bottom)10:44
r4yArg, so what about the iso I have?, should I give up on the file?10:45
r4yI also have ubuntu-10.04.4-desktop-i386.iso10:46
r4yand xubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso10:46
geirhamight as well get the 12.04.2 iso, installing the 12.04.1 iso would mean you get a ton of updates to do after install10:46
r4yWhat about plugins for each and their browsers, I had a lot of trouble with flash and firefox10:47
geirhawith zsync, you could use the 12.04.1 as a base for downloading 12.04.2. They probably have many blocks in common10:47
r4yI remember reading how each one has their own10:48
r4yplugin for viewing videos online10:48
r4yxine for xubuntu but I am not sure10:48
r4yand so on10:49
geirhaI don't know. I just use ubuntu10:49
r4yOK, zsync you say, I will start looking into that10:50
r4yFor the sake of deluge though I should pick a torrent so I am going with lubuntu because I found that the gecko plugin works with this computer for Firefox10:51
geirhazsync has some similarity to torrents in that the .iso.zsync file contains hashes of pieces of the iso file.10:52
geirhayou tell zsync to use the 12.04.1 iso as a base, it then calculates the same type of hashes for that file and compares them to the zsync file on the server. The pieces that are equal, it copies from the local file, the rest it downloads from the server10:53
r4yso it can replace this iso with the better one?10:54
geirhamainly useful for daily cd/dvd images, where the changes between each day are often small, saving you alot of bandwidth10:54
geirhait doesn't replace it10:55
geirhait just uses the parts of the other file that it can, to avoid having to download the entire file10:55
r4yI have 4 tabs open and need to sort out which one has what I want for a few minutes10:56
r4yOK, so do I download the file that ends with .torrent? or open with deluge?, .torrent file I presume.10:57
r4yfor kubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso.torrnet I mean10:58
r4yfor zsync10:59
geirhano, for zsync you use the .zsync file. And as far as I know, there's only one zsync program10:59
geirhacalled zsync; a cli command10:59
r4yin the ubuntu software center, or10:59
geirhasure, or since you'll need a terminal to use it anyway;  sudo apt-get install zsync11:00
geirhazsync -i kubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/12.04/release/kubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso.zsync11:01
r4yI must have too much going on a once, the link didn't load11:02
r4yserver not found11:02
r4yThe torrent finished downloading for lubuntu11:03
r4yit installed but what the: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5682494/11:05
r4yit says lubuntu11:05
r4yIn the terminalwhen I installed zsync11:07
geirhaI don't see lubuntu anywhere in that paste11:07
r4yO, 1 not l11:08
geirhado you mean the version? (0.6.1-1ubuntu1)11:08
geirhathat's a 1 (one), not l (L)11:08
r4yso this as a whole command:?11:08
r4yzsync -i kubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/12.04/release/kubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso.zsync11:08
r4yzsync -i kubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso11:09
geirhayes, assuming you are in the directory where that iso file is located11:09
geirhano, with the url11:09
r4yOK so the iso is in the homefolder11:09
r4yit's reading11:11
r4yI don't understand how where you got that link11:12
geirhafrom  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/12.04/release/11:13
geirhanear the bottom11:13
r4yNeat, I've been here before11:14
r4yI googled and found this one:http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/12.04/release/11:15
r4yI should make notes11:16
r4yI think the text file should be called How to update iso files of Ubuntu11:17
geirhahow much did it have to download?11:19
r4yRead kubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso. Target 68.6% complete.11:21
r4yif it is under a different path then such as ~/torrents then make it:11:28
r4yzsync -i ~/torrents/kubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/12.04/release/kubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso.zsync11:28
r4yI manned zsync to check out the options whether I will understand how else to use zsync or not11:30
geirhayou can supply multiple -i options too11:31
geirhazsync -i file1.iso -i file2.iso http://.../file.iso.zsync11:32
geirhathen it'll look for blocks in both those local files, possibly saving more bandwidth, at the cost of more processing locally11:32
r4yPretty cool, once it gets done then I can add it to Deluge and upload which is great, ty11:32
r4yso a little outside the box, but ubuntu 12.04.1 and lubuntu 12.04.2 to change into lubuntu 12.04.3?11:34
r4yany example if not11:35
geirhaI don't follow11:35
r4yan example of what11:36
geirhayou mean to use u12.04 and lu12.04.2 isos to download lu12.04.3 with zsync?11:36
r4yor something like that yes11:36
geirhawell, try :)11:36
r4yCouldn't hurt I see11:38
r4yIt has the same amount of bytes when checking properties11:43
r4yAdding to deluge checking11:45
r4yIt is done checking, it's just a matter of time before I get fish11:45
r4yor give fish back rather11:46
r4yOK, so for the options in deluge I am not sure on11:47
r4yshould I uncheck ignore limits on local network11:48
r4yrate limit IP overhead11:48
r4yIs max connections too high? 20011:48
r4yit has noincoming connections at the bottom11:49
geirhanot sure. Might help to ask in a deluge channel for help with specifics of deluge11:49
r4yI should do what I did earlier and open deluge in the terminal and give back what the terminal says11:49
geirhano idea. I've never used deluge myself11:50
geirhaWell, I tried it briefly once, but it doesn't actually make me an expert :)11:50
r4yOK, well I meant I opened in the terminal before coming to here11:50
r4yI like the layout of deluge compared to transmission, but it's nice to have more options11:51
r4yI didn't realize it but since I've used Ubuntu since gutsy gibbons at least, I've been using Ubuntu since 2007 so I have 6 years of use with Ubuntu but I didn't know anything starting out11:53
r4yand needed serious guidance11:53
r4yThis is when I started to understand:11:56
r4yI've messed up numerous times in the past.11:58
r4yJust to say for the sake of saying, I am a drummer not a rapper11:59
r4yThere aren't many seeders for that kubuntu torrent so12:04
r4yI made a text file for how to get zsync working which has the name How to update iso files of Ubuntu12:06
r4yThank you so much for the help and new info12:07
r4yI guess now I can delete the other iso called kubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso if I want12:07
r4ygeirha OK, so just in case you know something: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5682615/12:10
r4ysudo apt-get build-deb for python related packages?, or perhaps something else?12:11
geirhaharmless warnings12:11
geirhadeluge is using deprecated features. They still work, but at some point in the future, those features will be removed.12:12
geirhaI'm sure the deluge devs know about it, and fixes it in a later version12:12
r4yRight, OK12:15
r4yTY again, sorry for any trouble, I've got to go to get some things done.12:19
r4yI am not really if there is any problem, but that's easy to say and not easy to know12:20
r4yubuntu.com: Error: Host not found (authoritative)12:21
r4yThe lubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso torrent12:22
r4yedit trackers has http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/announce12:22
r4yI guess I will leave this open, but I got to go and do some things.12:23
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rostamHI What is LVM snapshot? I have seen some references on building ubuntu packages using them.  thanks16:54
holsteinrostam: what are you trying to do?16:56
rostamHolstein: I am trying to create a build infrastructure for our own internal developed packages based on autotool. I have been researching on different tools and it seems there are many choices like pbuilder, sbuilder and frankly I am lost.16:58
rostamHere is how I did for redhat 6.216:58
rostamI was able to compile and install all the binaries in a stage directories, then I created one rpm for all the binaries. that made our life very easier, I am hoping to find the same solution...16:59
holsteinrostam: you can do what you like.. its all open.. i would ask in a dev channel17:03
rostamholstein: thank you17:03
rostamwhat is exact name of dev channel/17:04
holsteinrostam: theres not one that i know of for what you are looking for.. i would ask in #ubuntu and maybe look for a mailing list17:05
rostamholstein: thank you again.17:05
holsteini dont know enough about it to comment..17:05
holsteinrostam: feel free and hang here though...17:05
geirhamaybe make a mother project with all the projects, and a makefile that builds them all17:06
rostamgeirha: yes this is what I am planning to do. I am also trying to find out if I can leverage from tools such as pbuilder/sbuild since they create a chroot or clean environment. As I said it seems there are lot us of tool out there in contract to rpm development.17:09
geirhaI'd just use a VM, one that gets reset daily, or when you need it17:12
rostamgeirha: thank you, if you also have any more reference I greatly appreciate.17:13
zoktarHello, is there a way to list installed packages against packages in my repo?, i think i have some left overs after the dist-upgrade that i would like to remove.18:10
holsteinzoktar: what is "your repo"?19:43
holsteini usually just upgrade.. you can look in synaptic or where ever you like and see where the package source is19:44
zoktarwell, my repo's, the regular and various ppa's and sources. Im looking mostly for a way to list installed packages that do not exist or are different from the ones in my current repos. So that i can be sure i have everything correctly installed.19:47
holsteinzoktar: i run "sudo apt-get update" and i look for errors.. if any sources are "bad" or "dead", i remove/purge them19:50
holsteini then run, "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and make sure everything is up to date19:51
holsteindist-upgrade is *not* a distribution upgrade19:51
holsteinapt-get update pulls in the most recent updates from your sources19:51
holsteinif the ppa's break things, those things will be broken19:51
holsteinthere is nothing in ubuntu by default to manage this functionality, since, adding ppa's is not supported19:52
holsteinif you add a 3rd party source, you are bascially taking reponsibility for those sources, since they are outside the default ones that are supported19:52
zoktarwell imaging you have installed a bunch of random packages that are not in your current repos. How would you go about finding and potentially removing them ?19:52
holsteinzoktar: any package manager.. i use synaptic a lot since its powerful and GUI19:53
holstein!info ppa-purge19:53
ubot93ppa-purge (source: ppa-purge): disables a PPA and reverts to official packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.8+bzr56.0.12.10 (quantal), package size 5 kB, installed size 44 kB19:53
holsteinif you are asking "how can i, in default ubuntu, tell what ppa's my packages are coming from?".. bascially, the answer is, that is not default ubuntu anymore19:54
holsteinyou can use synaptic to search for any package, and see where its coming from19:55
holsteinyou can use ppa-purge to purge any ppas that might be "bad" if you get errors when runing "sudo apt-get update"19:55
Unit193synaptic can, if you want to know for a single package, apt-cache policy packagename.19:56
zoktarthanks ill investigate synaptic a bit more then.19:59
rostamHi All, I am trying to create LVM snap shot, although I have plenty of disk space (here is the ouput of the vgs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5684064/) it fails for lack of space. What should I do? thanks20:03
holsteinrostam: if you can give it more space, i would20:42
rostamholstein: Do I need to resintall from the start or ...?21:51

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