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himanshu_I am a c++ programmer, i want to fix some bugs23:25
himanshu_where to start23:25
chilicuilhi, how should I triage if a bug affects multiple packages?, against which one should I target it?, e.g. #116473823:38
chilicuilbug #116473823:38
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1164738 in firefox (Ubuntu) "Nautilus (and also Firefox) tab close button should be on the left" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116473823:38
TheLordOfTimedepends on the bug.23:38
TheLordOfTimeI don't think that one's a bug though23:38
TheLordOfTimeat least, not one in Nautilus.23:39
TheLordOfTimethat one's filed as a Firefox bug.  I'm pretty certain upstream'll mark that invalid23:39
TheLordOfTimeor at least "Feature Request, Closed"23:39
TheLordOfTimeas for Nautilus, I can't speak for them.23:39
TheLordOfTime(but Nautilus' people won't see that  bug because there's no fix for it.23:40
TheLordOfTimes/fix/bug filed/23:40
TheLordOfTime(in either case, i don't believe the two are actually related in terms of this bug, since they're separate software)23:40
TheLordOfTimebut that's my take on it.23:41
TheLordOfTime(if it were me, I'd wishlist/triage it, because that sounds oddly like a feature request, because even in non-ubuntu OSes that use both Nautilus and Firefox, regardless of whether the controls are left or right (like in Debian), that setting is independent of nautilus and firefox's tab close button(s).23:42
chilicuilmaybe should I link the design ubuntu team?, I can see the point the reporter made, I think it has a point in consistency23:43
TheLordOfTimethe bug's only two days old23:43
chilicuiland yep, I think they'll also be marked as invalid in upstream, but on Ubuntu they may be valid23:43
TheLordOfTimei'm not sure we can "triage" this one, especially since they're UI feature CHANGES and not really bugs.23:43
TheLordOfTimeand its only 2 days old :P23:43
TheLordOfTimechilicuil:  there's one problem there:23:43
TheLordOfTimedo you really think there's going to be a delta between upstream and Ubuntu JUST so you can customize where the tab control is?23:44
TheLordOfTimepersonally, I don't think that'll happen.23:44
TheLordOfTime(because then for every new version of the packages, a new delta has to be created just for that feature change)23:44
chilicuilwe're talking about Ubuntu =)23:45
chilicuilI'll link the design team and see what happens23:45
TheLordOfTimewe're also talking about GNOME and Mozilla upstream stuff.23:45
TheLordOfTimei'm pretty certain this will end up in the bin of nothingness, no offense.23:45
TheLordOfTimejust because I don't see the design team taking upstream code for stuff not directly in their purview and changing it because of one feature request23:45
TheLordOfTimebut hey, do what you want.23:46
* TheLordOfTime has to apparently go rebuild nginx because it exploded.23:46
chilicuil=), in the worst case, we'll have one less report with 'no package' assigned to it23:46
* TheLordOfTime shrugs23:46

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