phunyguyhello, I know epiphany isn't included by default, but I really like it so I installed it.  Is there currently ANY way to get flash working within it?01:44
phunyguyor do I have to download manually and use nspluginwrapper?01:44
darkxstphunyguy, I heard flash was working now with 3.8 version, but I havent tried to use it01:48
phunyguydarkxst: in epiphany?01:49
phunyguydarkxst: not that I can see.01:49
phunyguyI am on 3.8 also.01:49
jbichaphunyguy: install epiphany-browser-webkit2 for the new WebKit2 version that supports flash01:51
phunyguyI did see that in there...01:53
phunyguyYAY!   Thank you!01:53
* phunyguy offers a free beer01:53
darkxstjbicha, we could have stuck with epiphany after all ;)01:58
phunyguysounds like a good idea to me.  ;)01:58
phunyguyI love epiphany01:59
phunyguywell I love things that integrate anyway01:59
phunyguyI wish there was a tad more integration with other things, but I'm sure that will come in time.01:59
jbichadarkxst: we wouldn't have been able to do the new webkit for raring01:59
darkxstyeh true02:00
phunyguymaybe You guys can answer this for me....02:00
jbichawith the new shorter release cycle, the lack of support for epiphany isn't as glaring but then there's the question of how long can we support the LTS releases02:00
phunyguyso you know how in Unity, if things are maximized, it hides the border and titlebar... is there a setting to globally make that happen in gnome?02:00
jbichawith firefox we don't have to worry about updates or having an old version02:01
darkxstjbicha, the whole release cycle thing is moot, if we can't even get a simple g-s update into Quantal!02:17
phunyguynevermind.  found it!  http://www.webupd8.org/2011/05/how-to-remove-maximized-windows.html02:17
darkxstlol, F19 is great, X segfaults about 2secs after logging in ;)02:20
phunyguythere is hidden borders02:22
jbichaoh we ship gwibber by default, hmm02:27
jbichaI think we're going to have to nuke that02:28
phunyguywhat's wrong with gwibber?02:30
jbichaphunyguy: it doesn't exist any more :( https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gwibber/3.7.0bzr13.04.05-0ubuntu102:32
phunyguy"transitional package depending on the renamed friends-app package" ?02:40
phunyguywhat does that mean?02:40
jbichait means that Ubuntu considers friends-app to be the replacement for gwibber02:41
jbichagwibber is no longer maintained02:41
darkxstjbicha, yeh nuke it, people should really be using empathy anyway ;)02:46
phunyguyawww... evolution exchange plugins are broken with gnome3 ppa and gnome-3 staging02:46
phunyguydarkxst: empathy and gwibber are two very different things...02:47
jbichadarkxst: well gwibber & empathy are two different apps but friends just doesn't fit with a gnome desktop02:47
phunyguyone is for IM, the other is for social networking02:47
darkxstoh right02:48
jbichaphunyguy: evolution-exchange has been broken for a while or did you mean something else?02:48
phunyguyexchange-ews and exchange-mapi wont install02:49
phunyguybroken dependencies02:49
phunyguyno biggie.  gmail works, and I dont really use this laptop for work although it would be useful to access work email from it.  not a dealbreaker.02:51
darkxstphunyguy, those packages are from evo 3.602:52
phunyguyyeah That's what I guessed02:52
darkxstthey would need to be updated to 3.8 versions if they are going to work02:54
phunyguyhopefully that happens, just no big deal right now02:57
phunyguyOther than that, I am really enjoying this distro.02:57
phunyguyneed to find some working themes, I like the switch to turn Adwaita dark, but it only works for gtk3 apps :(03:03
jbichaphunyguy: that toggle breaks USC's theming03:06
phunyguyooh yeah jbicha, you mean the crash?03:06
phunyguyit looks so pretty :(03:07
jbichaUSC doesn't crash here; it's just that the theme is broken with that option03:08
phunyguyoh may have been a fluke03:09
phunyguynope, keels over.03:10
phunyguyOh man, google calendar, mail drive, contacts plugins are sweet03:14
darkxstor if you don't like giving all your data to google, ownCloud integration achieves mostly the same things ;)03:16
phunyguyyeah that is in the plans for the future.03:23
phunyguyhaven't set it up yet03:23
phunyguydoes owncloud integrate with an iphone and android device?03:24
darkxstthere are apps for iOS and android03:24
darkxstbut obviously you won't get integration into core iOS apps03:24
phunyguyahh yeah03:25
phunyguythat would keep me on google for the time being03:25
phunyguytbh I really only use it for email currently03:26
darkxstoh no, I have no sound ;(06:42
darkxstno sound on two different computers... even worse!06:46
BlinkizHi. I just installed 13.04 and I can not get the gnome shell to appear. In the syslog I have message from gnome-session about app gnome-shell.desktop respawning too quickly.. whale is dead...08:06
BlinkizHow can I troubleshoot this? I have a Intel platform with 4000 graphics card08:06
darkxstBlinkiz, does gdm work?08:19
Blinkizdarkxst, I guess, it starts. I have auto login active08:20
Blinkizjust updated the kernel to 3.8.6. Lets see if that solves it08:20
darkxstpaste up X logs08:21
Blinkizdarkxst, you have a smart way to paste up from console?08:22
darkxstBlinkiz, paste /var/log/Xorg.0.log into pastebin http://paste.ubuntu.com08:23
Blinkizdarkxst, found pastebininit08:25
Blinkizplease wait, doing a restart to get a clean Xorg file for you08:26
darkxstold one is fine08:26
darkxstjust so long as it has the errors in it08:26
Blinkizdarkxst, Here you go, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5682187/08:26
darkxstnothing bad in there08:27
darkxsttry ~/.cache/gdm/session.log08:27
Blinkizdarkxst, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5682189/08:28
darkxstBlinkiz, ok, that is bad, but not helpful08:29
darkxstnext stop would be /var/log/gdm08:29
darkxstprobably :0-greeter.log08:30
darkxstand/or :0-slave.log08:30
Blinkizdarkxst, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5682194 and http://paste.ubuntu.com/568219508:31
darkxstBlinkiz, does it work without autologin?08:32
Blinkizlet me try, please wait08:33
Blinkizdarkxst, Changed in /etc/gdm/custom.conf the line AutomaticLoginEnable to false. If that is enough, I do not see the login screen on startup08:34
darkxstBlinkiz, that is not really used08:35
Blinkizdarkxst, okay, then I do not know where to disable autologin08:35
BlinkizI can search some more, please wait08:35
darkxstBlinkiz, how did you turn it on?08:37
Blinkizdarkxst, install program, gnome ubuntu 13.04 beta 2 live-cd. There is an option there08:38
darkxstprobably you can turn it off with gsettings08:40
darkxstbut I dont know what key08:40
Blinkizdarkxst, ok, I search for it, please wait08:41
Blinkizdarkxst, Could not find it. I just reinstall, I have a fast computer, it will just take a sec..08:44
Blinkizdarkxst, okay, finished the reinstall. I can not see gdm08:50
BlinkizI mean, login prompt08:50
darkxstBlinkiz, paste up the new :0-slave.log08:52
Blinkizdarkxst, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5682232/08:53
darkxstsame stuff, gdm-launch-environment][1583]: GLib-CRITICAL: g_variant_compare: assertion `!g_variant_is_container (a)' failed that is bad08:53
darkxstcould be a openGL issue, perhaps try install lightdm08:54
Blinkizdarkxst, sure, please wait08:54
darkxstnormally intel graphics are free from GL issues, but this isnt the first time I have heard of issues08:55
Blinkizdarkxst, lightdm is shown. Seems okay.08:57
Blinkizdarkxst, After login to Gnome it fails again, I only see background wallpaper08:57
darkxstprobably running with software rendering though08:57
darkxsttry blacklist the intel kernel module08:58
Blinkizdarkxst, sure, what is the module name, "intel"?08:59
darkxston my (older) laptop its 'i915'09:00
darkxstI swear there is a bug report for this issue somewhere, but can't find it right now09:01
Blinkizdarkxst, blacklist i915 did nothing09:02
darkxstfind the right module with 'lsmod' then09:03
darkxstor look at the syslog09:03
BlinkizDid the back09:03
Blinkizdarkxst, seems like i915 is loaded09:03
Blinkizdarkxst, did the blacklisting in the file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist. "blacklist i915". Is this correct?09:04
darkxsthow can it be loaded if you blacklisted it!09:04
darkxstwell blacklist.conf?09:05
Blinkizdarkxst, sure, please wait09:06
Blinkizdarkxst, i915 is not in used anymore (lsmod). But it still does not work09:09
darkxstok, strange09:09
darkxstthis a laptop or desktop?09:09
darkxstmore strange!09:10
Blinkizdarkxst, you want some new logs?09:10
darkxstcan you boot a normal Ubuntu image09:10
darkxstand then run 'glxinfo | grep -i opengl'09:11
Blinkizdarkxst, yes, no problem. By mistake I installed ubuntu 13.04 beta 2 before I did the gnome ubuntu install09:11
Blinkizdarkxst, Gnome ubuntu 13.04 live cd works without problem. Can I run it from there?09:11
darkxsthmm, no, needs to be from a semi-broken state09:12
Blinkizdarkxst, please explain more what you mean with "can you boot a normal image". I do not understand09:14
darkxstBlinkiz, install normal Ubuntu09:14
Blinkizdarkxst, sure, tasksel?09:14
Blinkizdarkxst, did apt-get install ubuntu-desktop09:15
darkxsthmm, maybe best to just do the normal install09:15
Blinkizdarkxst, Is that what you mean I should be doing?09:15
darkxstBlinkiz, install vanilla ubuntu, login into unity and run the command I gave you before09:16
darkxstglxinfo ...09:16
Blinkizdarkxst, ubuntu (unity) is starting without problem. i915 still blacklisted09:16
Blinkizdarkxst, This is with i915 still backlisted. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5682268/09:19
BlinkizI do a reboot and remove i915 blacklisting09:19
Blinkizdarkxst, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5682275/ is with i915 enabled09:21
darkxsthmm that looks right09:21
Blinkizdarkxst, Still want me to reinstall with vanilla ubuntu image and not just "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" as I did on this gnome ubuntu image?09:22
darkxstI am kinda out of ideas, but you could try install gnome3 ppa09:24
darkxstsee if that helps09:25
Blinkizdarkxst, sure, please wait09:25
Blinkizdarkxst, In lightdm, when trying to login to gnome 3.8, it hangs lightdm. Gnome 3.6 I chould see the wallpaper at least09:30
Blinkizdarkxst, Lets test with gdm, switching..09:31
darkxstwon't help gdm uses gnome-shell to render login screen09:31
Blinkizdarkxst, yep, no luck there, gdm is not visible09:32
Blinkizdarkxst, I guess I have to install KDE then ;)09:32
darkxstessentially the issue is that openGL is slightly broken09:32
darkxstI don't know why though09:33
darkxstalso normally blacklisting the i915 will fix that, since it make gnome-shell fallback to software rendering09:33
darkxstdo file a bug with all your logs before you install KDE!09:33
Blinkizdarkxst, Maybe I should try different kernels?09:33
darkxstBlinkiz, you could try the new mesa09:34
Blinkizdarkxst, sure, please wait09:35
Blinkizdarkxst, okay, so not https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa ?09:37
darkxstwell that will pull in a lot of other stuff09:38
darkxstbut sure you could try that also09:38
darkxstthe one I gave, should be copied into raring on Monday09:39
Blinkizdarkxst, No luck with x-swat.09:39
BlinkizTrying the other09:39
darkxstif its not a mesa bug, I suppose its a kernel bug09:41
darkxstor a bug in gnome-shell caused by a bug in the kernel, or something fun like that09:41
Blinkizdarkxst, xorg-edgers did not work. Trying different kernels..09:42
darkxstand my desktop mobo doesnt support IGP so I can't actually try and reproduce the issue ;(09:43
darkxsttry a 3.9rc perhaps09:44
darkxstI have to go now09:52
Blinkizdarkxst, v3.9-rc4-raring does not work.09:59
Blinkizdarkxst, v3.8.6-raring does not work.09:59
Blinkizdarkxst, v3.7.10-raring does not work.10:04
Blinkizdarkxst, v3.6.11-raring does not work.10:05
BlinkizI also need to leave, thanks for the great help10:05
Hoffa_does anyone know mdadm13:08
roastedI use mdadm in a mirror on my. desktop and server13:12
roastedI'm working with an awful  mobile connection though so I may  not be able to offer too much more insight13:22
bennypr0fanehey, I am thinking about replacing regular Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop with 13.04 Gnome. 12.04 has not been performing well on the laptop from the start, and switching frim Unity to Gnome it stayed about the same. How are youre experiences with 13.04 Gnome, performance-wise? Would you say that newer Gnomes have gotten any easier on the hardware, or maybe just smoother? I'm really into the Gnome look and feel, and what you can do with it in the recent13:37
bennypr0fanebuilds - hoping for the customizations (shell extensions, themes) to become more integrated and well-supported OOTB as development proceeds. So, I'd really love for my laptop with its not-so-powerful hardware to like Gnome...13:37
roastedthe only system where Ubuntu GNOME is a bummer is with my netbook, which is a single core Intel atom processor with a very slow drive14:14
roastedmy other systems are i3, i3, i5 mobile, core 2 duo, so I'm running ancient gear but it runs great on them14:16
roastedI'm not*14:17
roastedIntel graphic chipsets for the most part14:18
bennypr0fanewell, there is, "kinda ok, but still", and there's "a bummer". People have different expectations. You now when in Ubuntu a window goes grey when it freezes? That's what I'm talking about on my laptop - maybe acceptable for some (bcs it's never for longer than a few seconds), not for me14:31
bennypr0faneroasted to elaborate, this is my laptop: Acer Travelmate 8172Z Intel Pentium (dual core) U5400 @1,2GHz14:33
bennypr0faneit has an onboard Intel HD GPU14:34
bennypr0faneIs there a difference, in the amount of work to be done, and in technical difficulty, between: 1) upgrading from a x.04 to a x.10 release, and 2) upgrading from an x.10 release to an (x+1).04 release?14:35
semente_hi guys! tried install latest ubuntu gnome beta 13.04 but gnome doesnt starts... to login screen doesnt shows up, just a background15:58
semente_s/to login/the login15:58
jbichasemente_: are you using the gnome3 ppa?15:59
semente_jbicha: I tried as well, but got the same problem16:01
semente_I tried a amd64 iso16:05
jbichais this an upgrade or a new install?16:07
semente_new install16:07
semente_the latest beta iso (april 2)16:07
jbichahave you tried the regular Ubuntu image? does it have the same problem?16:07
semente_no, I didn't.. but I could use GNOME from the iso (before install)16:08
semente_I've checked the logs but didn't find any useful information16:08
semente_when I start the system, I just see the background and the mouse cursor16:09
semente_I choosed to encrypt the whole system as well, but I don't think it might be a problem since it is decrypted on boot and works transparently to the rest of the system16:10
jbichawhat graphics driver are you using?16:18
semente_jbicha: it is a intel16:39
guntramHello everybody! I've just installed the daily build of Ubuntu Gnome 13.04. Did all Updates and while apt-get installing a lot of other stuff, the system logged me off (as usual after some time). Now I'm not able to log in anymore!18:05
guntramThis means: Everytime I pull up the log-in window (using either the mouse or keys (ENTER)) it shows "Legitimationsfehler" (error in legitimation) as if I would have already entered some (false ;-) ) information...18:08
guntram...and closes immediately...18:08
guntramI can't open another terminal, because the system is blocked by the login-window :-(.18:09
guntramAny idea, how to fix this?18:09
darkxstjbicha, semente_, I keep hearing about this issue with some intel cards, but don't know how to fix yet.20:54
darkxstlive cd works, but installed system fails20:55
darkxstsemente_, if you can enable gdm debugging (/etc/gdm/custom.conf) and then file a bug with /var/log/\:0*.log files21:26
darkxstthat might help us track down the issues21:26
guntramResolved my issue by installing gnome-ppa, which means it may resist in standard installations!21:33
darkxstguntram, that should have been fixed in 3.6.321:37
darkxstwhich is in raring default install21:38
guntramhmmm...I still had it in a fresh install of raring (newest Gnome Daily Build)!21:52
darkxstguntram, ok, if you ever hit it again, grab  a copy of the ~/.cache/gdm/session.log (before restarting session)21:53
guntramHow could I? I had no access to my computer!21:54
mmoya_is it safe to install gnome 3.8 from ppa over the final beta ?22:51
jbichammoya_: do you know how to use ppa-purge if something doesn't work right?22:52
mmoya_jbicha: je, yes, I know22:53
jbichathen yes it should be safe, use 'dist-upgrade' though :)22:53
AbsintheSyringeI'm on a 13.04 GNOME remix with gnome3-team repo for GNOME 3.823:05
AbsintheSyringeand everything is great except my nautilus is ... unusably slow23:06
AbsintheSyringeany ideas? Tried by removing dropbox, didn't help then I did "rm -rf .config, .gconf, .gnome2, and .local" but nothing helped ...23:07
AbsintheSyringeI had a similar problem on Debian Sid, with GNOME 3.8 from experimental ... wasn't fun but I fixed nautilus being slow by switching to different kernel (3.8 from experimental) and it just worked. On 13.04 I also tried the same trick by moving from 3.8 kernel to 3.5 but didn't help23:09

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