racarrkgunn: Sure. I think the difficulties of it are covered by vanvugts work00:19
racarrkgunn: ?01:10
racarrkgunn: Err I feel like I missed something sorry (netsplit earlier)01:10
racarrto where?01:10
racarrkgunn: Ok I see :)01:15
racarrclient input events for keyboard is done though :)01:15
racarradded one about keymapping that I am working on no01:16
racarrinput landed :) inprocess-egl is still hanging out01:21
thomikgunn: it's up, but until the mir packaging issues are resolved I'm blocked04:18
CheeryI try to collect some info on how ubuntu-mir or wayland may affect linux desktop13:47
Cheeryif you have anything to add, could you send a message?13:47

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