_hcjtaylor: I forget, did you say you'd SRU the patch from 0.6.3-6 to the quantal package?02:36
_hcor should I do that?02:37
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cleeming[foxx]hi all.. so after fighting with debian packaging for a while, I figured that id give ubuntu another try as a desktop.. the first thing that really gets me is that there isnt a simple thing like being able to edit the font sizes out of the box.. i had to spend 5 minutes googling, then i had to install gnome-tweak-tool.. this sort of thing used to just work out of the box. why has this been16:52
cleeming[foxx]and also, what is with this big side bar on the left hand side? and why when im searching for the word "terminal" do i get shown "terminal 4 - terminal 4" @ £7.9216:53
cleeming[foxx]it seems a million miles away from what ubuntu used to be 4 years ago :X16:53
TheLordOfTimecleeming[foxx]:  the bar at the left is called "Unity"16:54
TheLordOfTimewhen you search for the word "terminal" the shopping lens i think is picking it up as well.16:55
cleeming[foxx]i thought unity was that cube thing, the unity3d multi desktop stuff16:55
cleeming[foxx]ah, i just found this; https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2012/10/privacy-ubuntu-1210-amazon-ads-and-data-leaks16:55
TheLordOfTimecleeming[foxx]:  http://unity.ubuntu.com/16:55
TheLordOfTimecleeming[foxx]:  you can disable the online search stuff though16:56
cleeming[foxx]ahhh, i hadnt seen the unity url before.. ill have a read now, ty16:56
TheLordOfTime(sorry about dumping this in -motu, MOTUs.)16:56
cleeming[foxx]should i be using a diff channel to talk about this sort of thing?16:56
cleeming[foxx]if so my apologies, id used ubuntu-motu before for packaging problems, and everyone was very helpful, so figured it would be the best place to ask16:57
TheLordOfTimethe questions you just asked weren't packaging problems though16:57
* TheLordOfTime shurgs16:57
TheLordOfTimei'm not a MOTU, i'm just a bugs triager and part-time packager :P16:58
cleeming[foxx]got it16:58
cleeming[foxx]well, i figured if i asked in #ubuntu, i wouldnt get any quality of response16:58
TheLordOfTimei ask my packaging questions here,  and occasionally poke here for getting a sponsor for the universe packages i submit debdiffs for when the bug is "High" priority (unless i'm told otherwise)16:59
cleeming[foxx]this might sound like an absolutely stupid question but... would it be considered normal if i was to replace the unity window manager? i.e. is that what most people do?17:01
jtaylorI wouldn't say most, but many do17:02
TheLordOfTimei didn't17:02
TheLordOfTimebut for me it's irrelevant:17:02
TheLordOfTimemost of what I do is command line anyways17:03
cleeming[foxx]well exactly, i only wanted ubuntu as a simple terminal window manager.. was considering putting in openbox instead17:03
jtaylorthere is lubuntu17:03
jtaylorI think it uses openbox or fluxbox17:03
cleeming[foxx]oh nice17:03
cleeming[foxx]that looks quite clean.. is it kept as up to date as ubuntu?17:04
jtaylorso far I  know its jsut ubuntu with different default17:04
cleeming[foxx]fluxbox ah yeah i used that too17:04
jtaylorpackages should be the same17:04
cleeming[foxx]nice, thanks man, ill give that a try.. sorry for flooding -motu with user questions, will refrain from it in future!17:04
* cleeming[foxx] just found where i should have asked these questions.. #ubuntu-offtopic !17:08
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