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smartboyhw_pleia2: Good I done half of it:P16:35
pleia2smartboyhw_: I emailed you recently about this but perhaps you didn't get it - it's really best to wait until I send out the announcement, since before that I may have to delete some of the articles16:36
pleia2which means you end up working on summaries that I have to delete16:36
pleia2(since the article didn't fit, found a better one, etc)16:36
pleia2I also added some details to the ones you wrote, since we want the summaries to say a bit more than just the title :)16:37
smartboyhw_pleia2: :)16:37
smartboyhw_pleia2: One thing strange: I'm still not in UWN Launchpad team.16:38
pleia2not strange, just haven't had a look at it lately16:38
smartboyhw_pleia2: Thx!16:39
pleia2"Please contact the team owners if you have made a contribution to an issue but haven't yet been added."16:39
pleia2you missed that step :)16:39
smartboyhw_pleia2: I did try to find you.16:39
pleia2coming here and saying it's "strange" that we haven't added you but you didn't follow the instrutions isn't that productive16:39
pleia2I am always here, you can just pleia2: I've been writing summaries, please accept my addition to the team :)16:40
smartboyhw_I actually left a message here and akgraner promised me that I'll get it.16:40
pleia2I'll see the message when I come back16:40
smartboyhw_pleia2: OK:)16:40
smartboyhw_pleia2: How's honeymoon? (Or haven't you left for it?)16:40
pleia2not until next month :)16:41
smartboyhw_pleia2: sorry:P16:41
smartboyhw_pleia2: We don't necessarily have to do the "In the blogsphere" section right?16:52
pleia2smartboyhw_: we really should, but it's less important than the planet16:53
pleia2if we stop doing blogosphere, it means we need to do another call for contributors :)16:53
smartboyhw_pleia2: LOL.16:53
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pleia2smartboyhw: want to make sure you include peoples names if possible :) so for "Penn Manor High School" you probably want "Charlie Reisinger of Penn Manor High School"17:02
pleia2and when you say "OMG Ubuntu writes" there is actually an author, so include their name17:03
pleia2(people like seeing their name in the newsletter, we're happy to oblige :))17:03
* pleia2 fixes up loco council ones too17:07
smartboyhwyep. thanks17:08
smartboyhwpleia2: I'm not sure of who sending the restaffing announcement of LoCo Council because it seems both Bhavani Shankar R and Laura Czajowski had sent out the announcement.According to my mailbox it's Laura's one first. Anyway doesn't matter.17:31
pleia2smartboyhw: yeah, I checked with them :)17:32
pleia2bhavani wrote it17:32
smartboyhwpleia2: :) Now please review ALL the summaries:)17:34
pleia2thanks, I should have time this evening17:35
smartboyhwpleia2: \o/ sleep time:)17:36

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