Ben64if anyone is around, wutang has been reconnecting for ~20 mins10:06
ubottuIn #ubuntu, hotgerl said: ubottu, that's because LinuxMint is better BECAUSE it's not a derivative of Ubuntu11:28
Pricey /msg'ing hotgerl...11:28
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (hotgerl,)11:35
ubottuaeon-ltd called the ops in #ubuntu (skraito)12:17
harrisif there are only 39 ops why are there 53 here16:46
bazhangops for where16:46
bazhangthis is for all core channels, not just #ubuntu16:46
DJonesharris: This channel isn't just for #ubuntu ops, its covers a lot of core channels, Ubuntu-offtopic etc16:47
harrisill leave now so i dont get banned for being here16:47
bazhang<Quest> bazhang,  i really need most views in al lchannels17:07
bazhangin reference to crossposting17:07
bazhang* KobeBryant (~harris@ip68-99-140-136.ph.ph.cox.net)17:13
bazhangI wonder if...17:13
bazhang harris is now known as KobeBryant17:15
bazhangoh yeah17:15
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (ban djzn for insulting Lady Gaga.)19:17
IdleOnedon't do that ^19:18
Fuchswhat was the botabuse command again? ;)19:19
Flannel!opabuse | IdleOne19:20
ubottuIdleOne: Leave the ops alone!19:20
IdleOnethat was opabuse19:20
bazhang   it's !botabuse19:20
IdleOnebut the intent was to abuse the ops by abusing the bot.19:21
IdleOneso, we need a !opbotabuse19:22
bazhang<ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about ladygaga19:22
Flannelubottu was merely a helpless pawn in IdleOne's plot to abuse the the operators.19:22
ubottuFlannel: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:22
IdleOneI haz them19:24
ubottuIn ubottu, viktorminator said: demn, I just want this freaking l2tp connection. This question is everrrywhere and all methods presented doesn't work (or all that I tried). I'm thinking about 12.04 LTS - Unity is killing me either =)19:25

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