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cjwatsonLaney: I'm half-wondering if it'd be easier to just join the Debian Haskell group, despite knowing very little about Haskell, rather than filing bugs and waiting :)10:52
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dokosomebody woke up14:32
dokodid somebody kill the gcc-4.8 build on sagari, or was it just a build failure? no build log anyway14:50
JackYuslangasek: I translated the header, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuKylin/ImageHeader, would you please  integrate it? thanks.15:15
cjwatsonIt'll need considerable work to integrate it.  I'm happy to work on it but it will take a while.15:21
cjwatson(The whole header is generated from code, none of which is currently i18n-friendly)15:21
cjwatsonJackYu: It would help if you could e-mail me (cjwatson@u.c) a reference to that wiki page; I'll then need to mail back with some specific questions as I have them.15:22
cjwatsonUnfortunately most of this conversation was while I was on holiday so I couldn't intervene to say that it would probably be better if I gettextised the code first :-)15:23
JackYucjwatson: Sure, I will send you an email asap, thanks in advance:)15:26
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dokojbicha, are there FFe's for cinnamon and muffin?16:24
infinitycjwatson: I often find that "just join the group" is easier than filing bugs and sending patches, but then I feel guilty about being a member of a bunch of groups I no longer participate actively in.16:41
jbichadoko: no :(16:46
jokerdinoah, nice to see people active on a weekend.16:50
* jokerdino prods infinity.16:50
jokerdinogot some time for a FFe?16:51
jokerdinobug #116514116:51
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1165141 in unity-tweak-tool (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Please sync unity-tweak-tool 0.0.4 from upstream git" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116514116:51
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infinityjokerdino: The changelog seems reasonable, but can I see a debdiff?16:56
jokerdinosure. how do i get one?16:56
jokerdinowait, ubuntu wiki-ing it16:56
infinityjokerdino: debdiff old.dsc new.dsc | pastebinit -f diff16:56
jokerdinothank you. give me a minute.16:56
jokerdinoinfinity: thanks for your time. here's the link has size 0 instead of expected 33939417:11
jokerdinooops, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5683530/17:11
jokerdinohm, renaming glade files wasn't a great idea.17:12
infinityHeh, does make it remarkably hard to audit, yet. :)17:15
jokerdinorenaming glade files + 8 pot files.17:15
jokerdinomakes me dizzy with 30k diff file D:17:16
infinityYeah.  The actual code changes are fairly obvious, though.17:16
infinityGo ahead and upload.17:16
jokerdinoSo, I subscribe the ubuntu-sponsors now? Thanks!17:16
infinityjokerdino: Yeah.17:17
jokerdinoinfinity: thanks for your time reviewing. will subscribe the team now. :)17:18
iuliancjwatson: Re: haskell. I see no reason why you shouldn't. The haskell group needs more love from more people.17:18
infinityiulian: Couldn't we all just join upstream and subtly sabotage Haskell until people switch languages out of frustration?17:20
iulianYou can just ask nomeata to add you to the group next time you see him on IRC or just click the appropriate buttons on alioth and he'll add you.17:20
iulianinfinity: Doubt it. ;)17:20
infinityIt was worth a shot.17:20
infinityjokerdino: Can you commit this to git: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5683570/17:23
infinityjokerdino: And then I'll pull and sponsor that for you.17:23
jokerdinooh sure.17:23
infinity(And you can tag on that commit)17:23
jokerdinoyes :)17:23
jokerdinoinfinity: done and thanks much!17:27
infinityjokerdino: Uploaded, tag away.17:33
jokerdinoinfinity: thank you. tagged it :)17:38
jokerdinoon an other note, it won't be of too much bother if i request for backport of unity-tweak-tool to quantal?17:44
infinityjokerdino: You'd want to talk to ScottK about that, I don't do backports.17:46
jokerdinoright. thanks. i was wondering about any implication on a new package.17:47
ScottKNew packages are fine.17:47
ScottKThey are, in fact, the safest things to backport.17:47
jokerdinooh hi there ScottK.17:47
jokerdinoI'll prepare the paperwork on backport request then.17:47
jokerdinothanks both of you.17:48
jokerdinoone small note. do i need to update the debian/changelog for a quantal release?17:49
infinityIf the current raring package builds on Q cleanly, you don't need to change anything, automated magic does it all for you.17:49
jokerdinoyeah, it builds fine in our PPA on both Q and Raring.17:50
infinity(And runs properly on Q as well?)17:50
infinityRight, then there's not much to do except request a backport.17:50
jokerdinoGreat. Awesome. I'll read up on backport process and file a bug by Sunday night.17:51
jokerdinothanks again. And how's the weekend? :)17:51
infinityjokerdino: I suspect requestbackport(1) does all the work for you.17:52
jokerdinooh i see. interesting.17:53
jokerdinosaves me some time then.17:53
Laneycjwatson: I'm sure we'd be delighted to have more people on board. The packaging side is pretty easy too. :-)18:05
LaneyCheck out Kinnison's "Adventures in Haskell" videos on youtube if you're interested in learning a bit of the language too - they go fairly deep18:05
iulianThe text Real World Haskell is pretty nice too.18:14
jbichaare the daily image builds supposed to be running again?19:12
infinityjbicha: Probably, yes.  I'll go turn 'em back on.19:57
infinityjbicha: Fixed.19:59
phillwinfinity: cjwatson any idea when the cron will be turned back on for the dailies?21:47
cjwatson20:57 <infinity> jbicha: Probably, yes.  I'll go turn 'em back on.21:54
cjwatson20:59 <infinity> jbicha: Fixed.21:54
cjwatsonI think probably about two hours ago21:54
phillwcjwatson: thanks, so no dailies for my session tomorrow on testing / QA :) Not to worry, I'll "blag" it and blame it on the amount of things in the queue that needed processing before they were turned back on :P22:11
cjwatsonI'll run a build for you now22:11
cjwatsonrunning; it'll appear at some point22:12
phillwcjwatson: it's a ubuntu session, but that will work fine as all I'm dong is running through in person the stuff on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/Classroom Having something to teach zsync up, would be helpful. Many thanks.22:13
cjwatsonoh, I started a Lubuntu build assuming that's what you wanted22:14
cjwatsonthere'll be an Ubuntu desktop build tomorrow morning though22:14
phillwcjwatson: I'm going to use lubuntu anyways, so you are correct :)22:14
phillwBut, I will be taking questions during the day after my presentation, so being able to let them know that the other dailies will be arriving will be helpful. They can 'grab' the beta-2 and then use zsync to update when the daily re-appears :)22:16
phillwI'll grab the beta2 of ubuntu-amd64 for anyone who wants to get that via usb device.22:30
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