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capnkoochi! i just install the ubuntu preview on a galaxy nexus build number: JDQ39, all good it finish I was on a bootloader and chose reboot00:36
capnkoocnow I don't know how to return to the grub like bootloader00:36
capnkoocI'm a little lost and can boot the phone :p00:36
capnkooccan any one please point my to the right direction?00:36
capnkooccan't boot the phone*00:38
wilee-nileecapnkooc, grub like bootloader?00:39
capnkoocwilee-nilee, i don't know the name, I'm searching for that I probably need to reboot and back to that app but I don't now how00:39
capnkoocI just now the power volumes combo00:39
wilee-nileecapnkooc, That install as far as I know is not a dualboot, if it were me I would load it again, it should be just when powerd on go to ubuntu touch.00:40
wilee-nileecapnkooc, It is in testing might be a daily build  if tha is what you have that is problematic on your phone, just a guess00:40
wilee-nileecapnkooc, On my nexus7 you hold down the volumes and power on00:40
capnkoocyes, then I boot on the android bootloader from here what I need to do to start the phone on ubuntu?00:41
capnkoocwilee-nilee, If i select start the google logo loads and the phones halts00:41
wilee-nileecapnkooc, Sure, you used the phablet ppa and followed the instructions right?00:43
capnkoocyes everything was ok, on the installation I was on a different bootloader not the android basic one, I select the reboot options and I'm here :p00:48
capnkoocwilee-nilee, but if you want i can start again from scratch00:50
wilee-nileecapnkooc, I'm not a developer or expert, however on open source and android fairly experienced. If me I would just load it again, rather than trying to fix it.00:56
wilee-nileeit should just work basically if all is good, not a bad daily, or download....etc00:58
wilee-nileecapnkooc, Anyway good luck I gotta go shop for dinner. ;)01:03
capnkoocwilee-nilee, thanks01:03
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RobbyFanyway to get hands on that raring/mir unity build02:17
RobbyFall free time is spent flashing ubuntu touch02:17
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Cw1200hi any one working on I8190 device porting?03:08
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Cw1200hi any one working on I8190 device porting?03:33
kaosphereHi everyone, ive got a problem restoring my andoid system after having tried ubuntu for the nexus 7, could someone give me some help? =) thx03:48
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theapantI attempted to build this, by just adding the configs in the guide to the kernel defconfig and compiling. Unfortunately it just makes it past the splash and then it shuts off. Did I do something wrong? Thanks04:48
mattwj2002how is this progressing?04:51
theapantAlso another question. The out directory is about 2 G while other roms are 16 ish and the final zip is 46 mb while other roms are 120 mb. Is this usual? Also how are apps distributed and installed? thanks04:55
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amerhi everyone06:00
amercan anyone tell me is Ubuntu touch compatable for dell streak 5..?06:01
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bzoltanpmcgowan: mhall119:  next week we will release some packaging features ... not all, because the whole packaging story is very complex06:36
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nik90bzoltan: ping10:46
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ph0ohi guys, is there a way to intall ubuntu-touch on a samsung ativ tab? windows 8 rt is too annyoing12:11
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lilstevieph0o, no12:47
ph0olilstevie, crap .. :/ and a default ubuntu-desktop-image?12:48
ph0olilstevie, do you need a windows 8 tablet? :P12:49
lilstevieI'm happy with my surface rt thanks12:50
ph0oyou have one? AND you are happy with it?12:50
ph0omaybe i'm doing something wrong..12:51
lilstevieyes, I am very happy with my surface, gets almost as much if not slightly more use than my desktop12:53
ph0oare you using google to sync your cal, mail, etc?12:54
ph0oare there maybe some good apps i don't know? have you some tipps for me pls?12:54
lilstevienope, I'm using exchange to do that12:59
ph0ook .. :) thanks13:01
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zqrtcan i install Ubuntu in my mobile huawei ascend g600?14:34
mhall119!devices > zqrt14:35
ubot5zqrt, please see my private message14:35
mhall119!devices | zqrt14:35
ubot5zqrt: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices14:35
mhall119that's what I meant to do14:35
zqrtso did you have like for any info help14:35
mhall119zqrt: if your device is on that list, it should have a link to instructions for installing14:36
zqrtleaky or not leaky?14:36
mhall119most of the device images are community developed14:36
zqrtok can you get my the linke for the list14:36
mhall119I just did14:37
zqrti will do what any one say to do14:37
zqrtyou did,t?14:37
zqrton G600 ?14:37
zqrti will do what any one say to do14:38
zqrtyou get my the link14:38
mhall119I don't see the g600 on the list, which means nobody has started porting Ubuntu Touch to your device yet14:38
zqrti will do it in my gs314:39
zqrtso be it14:39
zqrtthanks agine mhall14:39
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theapantI was working on building this for ancora_tmo. I replaced frameworks av native and some media/display hardware and added the defconfigs but the phone just shut off after the splash screen. Help please? Th16:20
theapantAlso what app package should be flashed or does that not exist for ubuntu touch?16:21
wade|shullany component qml specialist around?16:33
theapantThink I found the error from my first question, i forgot to change the fstab16:34
DWorrallHello, im looking for a little help.16:43
wade|shullhello DWorrall16:43
wade|shullwhat kind of help ar you looking for16:44
wade|shullif it is porting help, I will be of no use16:44
wade|shullbut qml coding maybe16:44
DWorrallHey, i installed Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 7, which is great. but i was expecting a little more. Is there a more regular linux experience i can get to or do i have to install a different version?16:44
wade|shullthe way I understand it, this is full ubuntu with its own UI16:45
wade|shullalso this isn't the full release as far as I understand16:45
wade|shullthis is developers preview to play with16:45
DWorrallI have tried that, and it wasnt great. which is why i tried ubuntu touch. but it seems there isnt much to do on it : /.16:45
wade|shullI have a feeling it the final version will be slightly different16:45
wade|shullyeah the core apps are not fully developed yet16:46
wade|shullthis is a preview for developers to play with16:46
DWorrallI am a developer, well... android developer. I was looking into this for fun.16:46
DWorrallAre there any settings i can get to? i cant seem to find anything...16:46
wade|shullI am trying to remember from the videos16:47
wade|shullswipe up from the bottom maybe16:47
wade|shullor swipe from the side16:47
wade|shullthe left side16:47
DWorrallleft side is quick menu, right side is app switching16:47
DWorrallbottom does nothing16:47
DWorralland top are things liek wifi and time16:48
wade|shullsorry, guess you can label me as the 'no help guy'16:48
DWorrallhehe its not a problem.16:48
wade|shullI want to get a 716:48
wade|shullto play with, was it hard to flash it?16:48
DWorrallNot at all16:49
DWorrallTheres a toolkit for it16:49
wade|shullahh, since I don't have anything to flash to, I haven't looked much into it yet16:49
wade|shullI wrestling with the qml components they made for QtCreator at the moment16:49
DWorrallthe easy installer, if everything goes OK, is as simple as enabling usb debugging and clicking a button heh16:50
DWorrallthank the lord for virtual machines ^^16:51
WebbyITDWorrall: if you want to be involved in development of app for Ubuntu Touch, see at http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/16:52
WebbyITDWorrall: for core-apps, see https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps16:52
wade|shullhey WebbyIT are you involved with the Ubuntu Touch Components?16:53
DWorrallah thanks.16:53
WebbyITwade|shull: nope16:53
WebbyITwade|shull: i just do some bugfix16:53
wade|shullwell I have what I think is a bug16:53
wade|shullposted it on askubuntu but have no response as of yet16:53
WebbyITwade|shull: link:)16:54
DWorrallinstalling the non-touch version now. will let you know how it goes16:54
wade|shullI have some things to finish not on the computer16:58
wade|shullso I have to step away16:58
WebbyITwade|shull: I'm sorry man, but I don't know... I'm on Ubuntu 13.04 and core-apps works as expected!16:58
wade|shulltake care all16:58
wade|shullmaybe I should install 13.0416:58
wade|shullthe only reason I have ubuntu installed is for this16:58
wade|shullcan anyone get 13.04?16:59
WebbyITwade|shull: 13.04 is very stable, if isn't your main system you can install it16:59
DWorrallmy virtual machine is 12.1017:00
wade|shullwhere do I donwload it?17:00
WebbyITwade|shull: you can download from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/17:00
wade|shullthanks a lot WebbyIT I will try that next17:00
wade|shullok bookmarked17:01
wade|shullpeace out everyone17:01
WebbyITwade|shull: you're welcome ;)17:01
DWorrallcya :)17:01
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DWorrall"Erasing boot partition" taking a while lol.17:01
DWorrallHmm, still waiting on that.17:03
DWorrallHmm the installer doesnt seem to work. i'll re-try later17:05
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dank101is what you did17:45
dworrallhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus7/Installation    on this, how long should it take to erase boot partition?18:10
wilee-nileedworrall, Once the image is down loaded it should go fairly quickly, about the same time as loading a rom18:19
wilee-nileemore or less18:20
dworrallIt hangs at erasing boot partition18:20
dworrallwhen i disconnect the device (after 15 mins) it sees that the device has been removed. so it knows the device is there18:20
dworrallbut wont erase the boot partition18:20
wilee-nileedworrall, THe first tome I did this a couple of months ago I had a to use the manual install the auto bricked, not sure why, but that was my experience. I just started the auto on my nexus just now.18:22
dworrallalright ill give the manual method a try. ive done this before but it looked horrid. hopefully that's been fixed18:23
wilee-nileedworrall, When I did the manual I just removed everything in the bootloader menu first just to be sure it was wiped18:24
wilee-nileewith the bootloader menu rather than in just to be clear18:25
wilee-nileedworrall, I assume you recognize what I'm saying. ;)18:26
wilee-nileedworrall, Cool, I figured as such. ;)18:26
dworralljust sending the userdata now18:31
dworrallquite large, around 700mb18:31
wilee-nileedworrall, yeah it is a image close to a regular download of ubuntu.18:32
wilee-nileein size18:32
dworrallalmost done, ill let you know how it goes.18:33
wilee-nileethe auto may run fine with it wiped, I just defaulted to the manual18:33
dworrallwhen i last installed it, the UI was very small. Any way of changing this if the same happens?18:33
dworrallAnd we have linux!   And hopefully some Ubuntu soon :P.18:35
wilee-nileedworrall, Not sure the times I tried it, the performance was so chunky I tried installing lubuntu and just gave up after awile and reloaded my custom rom.18:35
wilee-nileemore ram on mine would be helpful, mine is one gig, I have not kept up to see if this has changed in other models now, I rarely use the nexus having a dna droid cell that smokes.18:37
dworrallYeh i need a new phone. money's short at the moment though. I'm using a HTC One V >.<18:38
wilee-nileedworrall, I would never have either without the financial aid for grad school, lol. ;)18:39
dworrall"Preparing root file system"  taking its sweet time xD18:39
wilee-nileeI just hit that point as wel18:41
dworrallmines just gone past it, so it isnt frozen. just taking its time18:42
dworrallFirts boot config, yay it worked ^^18:44
wilee-nileecool ;)18:44
wilee-nileemine has loaded fine as well.18:50
dworrallMines on, need to play around with it18:51
wilee-nileeI have a Ethernet adapter so I can run mine straight from the router at home18:53
dworrallI'm just on wifi :P18:54
wilee-nileestill slow and fairly unresponsive here, not really usable on my end, lol, no biggie just testing.18:57
dworrallhad to reboot lol. the mosue wopuld drag on the desktop but wouldnt press on the icons....18:57
dworralland yeh im only doing it for a laugh :P18:57
dworralldid it again, oh well... lol18:58
wilee-nileeI got the terminal open and got two half of sudo in and it is just not allowing the keyboard up again or closing the terminal, lol. the touch install runs great but has limitations comparatively.18:59
dworrallsomething to play with i guess19:00
wilee-nileeI just figured out that hitting the power button to suspend it and then back on brought it back as usable, lol19:03
dworrallsadly not for me, still cant open anything after opening the first window19:04
dworralli got the terminal up, wonder if theres anything i can do here19:05
wilee-nileedworrall, I ran a update upgrade just for fun the image is a daily so nothing to load, I rebooted mine, I had noticed before on another install this helped19:07
dworralljust trying that now ;)19:08
wilee-nileeI'm installing synaptic right now, I generally just use the terminal, but like having synaptic19:09
dworralljust rebooted, fingers crossed19:09
dworralldamn it seemed to work, just wont left click after around 10 seconds after booting19:11
wilee-nileestill is problematic, it will be nice if this ever runs well on the nexus, I like the android roms that are available I have tried a bunch of them and just settled on the latest releases from google rooted in general.19:12
wilee-nileewell back in goes the rom I had lol19:13
dworrallHmmm, three-finger window dragging works19:14
dworrallbut left click doesnt19:14
LordShadowWingFlashing Latest daily to my Gnex. Daily driver has become an old flip phone for the time being19:22
dworrallits stupid i can drag but cant click19:23
wilee-nileeI have cwm backing up the ubuntu just for kicks to see if it works.19:25
wilee-nileedworrall, I lost my backup on the nexus of my rom, however I have it saved in windows with the google nexus kit so I gotta boot to windows.19:28
dworrallwelcome back19:34
LordShadowWingThe new calculator app, although functional, is broken19:34
LordShadowWingonscreen keyboard is still junk19:41
WebbyITLordShadowWing: we're working on it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+bug/115652319:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 1156523 in Ubuntu Calculator App "Button padding/spacing inconsistent" [Medium,In progress]19:43
dworrallwell i fixed my issue by installing gnome, but now its constantly left-clicking on the bottom left cornr making it almost impossible to use19:45
dworrallback to android i go19:46
kheeperhello everyone20:09
IDWMasterHi. I have a multi-touch screen (atmel maxTouch)22:08
IDWMasterHow do I get it working with Unity?22:08
IDWMasterIt is listed as supported22:08
IDWMasterBut multitouch gestures don't seem to be working in any applications22:09
IDWMasterAnd whenever I click something it still has a mouse cursor that just jumps over and clicks it, not really multitouch22:09
IDWMasterAnyone know how to get multitouch working in Ubuntu?22:18
IDWMasterFor touchscreen displays?22:18
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wade|awayanyone around23:14

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