snap-lWell, apparently Caribou is closing up19:33
snap-lMadison Heights Caribou is closing19:33
snap-lWhat I understand is there will be 8 of them in Michigan, now called Peets19:33
snap-lwhat will peets do you ask? close 88 stores and put hundreds of dedicated hard working caribou employees out of work with virtually little notice. i am one of them.19:33
derekvyou work at a caribou?19:47
snap-lNo, I don't19:47
snap-lit was a comment on the Forbes article19:47
derekvthey are buying all the caribous?19:47
snap-lThey gave the employees notice this weekend, for a store closing on the 14th19:47
* rick_h_droid goes after news19:47
snap-lGerman dude bought Caribou, and previously owned Peets19:47
snap-lApparently 88 stores are closing, and some of them are becoming peets19:48
derekvwtf is a peets?19:48
derekvfrankley i've been dissallusioned with corperate coffee chains for a while19:49
snap-lApparently it's a popular place on the west coast19:49
derekvnot that the staff deservers anything bad19:49
rick_h_droidPeets is super wear coast coffee. well respected out there19:49
jjesseBig fan of Peets19:49
jjessegreat coffee19:49
jjesseso the dude who owns Peets owns Caribu?19:50
rick_h_droidwhat's the fancy grocer?19:50
jjessewhich one?19:50
rick_h_droidthat does all the organic and such?19:50
jjesseWhole Foods or something else19:50
snap-lThe dide that bought peets bought caribou19:50
rick_h_droidyea Peets is the whole foods of coffee19:50
derekvi always liked indie coffee shops19:51
derekvbut they get crushed19:51
jjessei would prefer caribou over starbucks but that doenst seem to be any by me19:52
rick_h_droidyea caribou here. where I go each day19:52
derekvthere's a big coffee beanery near me19:52
derekvits south of the RO caribou19:52
rick_h_droidand hosted CHC for yesrs19:52
derekvcofee beanery has a different crowd19:53
snap-lI'm just getting a little sick of things that I like going away19:54
rick_h_droidhmm nothing in there on closing but the comments. I'll have to check with my local place we I go up in a bit.19:55
snap-lI think they just found out today19:55
rick_h_droidI know the managers up there.19:56
jjessewait you think caribou would close because of this purchase?20:08
snap-ljjesse: I know it's closing20:09
snap-lpurchase already happened20:09
jjesseall or just the one you guys normally go to?20:09
jjessejusta bit confused20:09
snap-lNo Bou in Michigan any longer20:10
snap-lOnly Peets, and only in limited locations20:10
jjessedid you get that from the aricle or something?20:11
snap-lNo, from an associate at the store20:13
rick_h_so just went up and talked to peek at my local place20:13
rick_h_they're done in a week :(20:13
rick_h_they're still telling employees, they don't all know20:13
rick_h_less than one in ten is staying open and they're turning into peets20:14
jjessethat scusks20:14
rick_h_sounds selfish but really really bummed. CHC is probably going to need to relocate again and my daily caribou 'work with coffee in the afternoon' is over20:15
derekvthe coffee hangout is dead. =[20:28
derekvwhere will anyone do their homework20:29
derekvI call conspiracy.20:30
derekvIts a slippery slope that leads to ban on public gatherings.20:30
rick_h_droidtalked with the manager and looks like the Woodward store will stay open and turn into Peets eventually. lol one closes the doors next Sunday at noon :-(21:58
rick_h_droid /lol/local21:58
snap-lWEll, that's somewhat of a relief22:12
rick_h_droidwill be interesting to see how it transforms.22:15
rick_h_droidcan't help but wonder if they'll shut down, re-theme and if that means the room would go away.22:15
snap-lI think we might want to plan for that eventuality22:22

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