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* Symmetria is finally back home for a few days :)06:50
Symmetriahttp://www.inetpro.org/pastebin/11873 <=== lol, now THAT is what you call routing hardware07:09
Squirm...for now07:26
SquirmMaaz: coffee please07:26
MaazSquirm: There isn't a pot on07:26
SquirmMaaz: pot on07:26
MaazSquirm: *blink*07:26
SquirmMaaz: coffee on07:27
* Maaz starts grinding coffee07:27
SquirmMaaz: hurry07:27
MaazMaking decent coffee is an art Squirm and should never be rushed07:27
MaazCoffee's ready for Squirm!07:31
magespawn_good morning 09:10
Squirmmorning magespawn_ 09:37
magespawn_hey Squirm09:37
magespawn_how was the skiing09:37
Squirmthere was a cold breeze though, water was nice09:38
magespawn_wetsuit? 09:41
Squirmit's really hot outside today. but the mate of mine has to take a friend back to Stanger today09:41
Squirmnot needed09:41
magespawn_ah well one of those09:41
magespawn_i tried that once, was not very good09:46
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magespawnwas an experince up on harties near jhb09:47
Squirmas with all, it's practice09:48
SquirmI don't like that dam :/09:48
magespawnno you tend to get infections from the pollution09:48
SquirmI had family who used to have a house in Pecanwood09:49
Squirmskiing in the Zinkwazi lagoon is fun :P09:49
magespawnno crocs there?09:53
Squirmapparently not but not sure :P09:54
Squirminetpro: Pinnacle Africa expects to have stock of the Samsung Galaxy S4 by 30 April 2013 and is asking R7,099 excl. VAT for the device, according to information received by MyBroadband.09:55
SquirmProcessorExynos Octa 5410: 1.6GHz quad-core Cortex-A15 + 1.2GHz quad-core Cortex-A709:55
* Squirm opens a "Raise money for Squirms new phone" fund09:56
Squirmdonations more than welcome09:56
magespawnnice one Squirm09:56
SquirmI can't afford that :/09:56
magespawni think that is out of the price range for a lot of people09:57
Squirmalthough, through work, we have an account with Pinnacle :/09:57
Symmetriaheh im waiting for an s4 as well09:58
magespawnmaybe see if they will let you but it on the company account but pay it off your salary monthly09:58
SymmetriaI just hope they have fixed the one major complaint I have with the s309:58
Symmetriain bright sunlight, you cant read the screen on an s3 for shit09:58
magespawnthat seems to be a complaint of most phones/tablets09:59
Squirmmagespawn: they probably would. but alas, cause I'm on contract, It'll be paid off by the end of the year. so will still be too expensive09:59
Symmetriaheh I couldnt wait for my cell phone contract, so took out a new contract and wil buy the s4 cash10:00
Symmetriaand then find someone to buy the s3 I just got on the contract10:00
* Squirm points Symmetria to the "Raise money for Squirms new phone" fund10:01
Squirmyoh, my internet is terrible today10:02
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Kilos-hi superand all others10:16
Kilos-superfly: 10:16
magespawnhey Kilos-10:19
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Kilossomething funny with konversation10:20
Kiloshi magespawn 10:20
Kilosit kinda logs in twice10:20
Squirmlo Kilos 10:21
Kilosbut the second on actually comes online10:21
Kiloslo Squirm 10:21
Kiloshi kodez 10:23
kodezhi uncle kilos10:23
kodezhow are you?10:25
kodezgreetings everyone10:27
Kilosgood ty kodez and you?10:29
kodezi'm great, not withstanding that my pc is dead10:30
Kilosaw whats dead ?10:32
Kilosdrives power?10:33
kodezmy computer. i think it got a power surge from a lighting10:34
Kilosouch that sucks10:35
kodezi think it is the power supply. i will be trying to diagnose it today10:35
Kiloscheck the fuses in the power supply10:35
kodezi know. the interesting thing is that i use a power surge plug10:36
Kilosoh hasnt that tripped10:37
kodezi just opened it and it doesn't have fuses10:37
Kilostry removing the surge protector10:38
Kilossome of them pop inside and need replacement10:39
Squirmeasiest way to check if it's the psu, try find a working one just to test if your pc starts10:40
kodezi had tried using different plugs and also  tried to reset the cmos10:40
Trixar_zaYeah, 9/10 the fuse in the power supply goes before allowing the surge to reach the motherboard or CPU10:40
kodezi'm waiting a friend to bring his power supply10:41
Trixar_zaI once had a fried power supply and motherboard, while the CPU and RAM survived10:41
Kilosgood luck lad10:41
Squirmit's lightning, probably would have just shorted out the fuse :/ We lost 10pcs in our one lab due to lightning10:41
SquirmTrixar_za: all 10 of these were like that10:41
Trixar_zaBut that was because the power supply was faulty...10:41
Kilosouch with all that protection 10:42
Squirmbut this was cause of lightning10:42
SquirmAlienware released an Ubuntu gaming PC10:43
Squirm3rd gen Ivy Bridge Core i710:43
kodezi wish it's only the power supply that is dead, ubuntu13.04 is around the corner10:46
kodezi saw those news but it is way above what i can afford10:46
Squirmoh yes10:46
* Squirm pats his dual core10:46
kodezthere's someone who wrote an article about Microsoft losing their pc kingdom because of the dominance tablet is gaining10:48
kodezand he failed to articulate that the more people are drawn to Android, some will ultimately move to linux10:49
SquirmLinus is working with Microsoft for the new Windows10:50
Kilosoh my10:51
SquirmI did see the post 5 days ago10:52
Kiloskeep your friends close and your enemies closer10:52
kodezSquirm, wow i didn't know that. where can i read more about that?10:52
Squirmlike I said10:52
Squirmit was posted 5 days ago10:52
Squirmlet me try and find out if it was legit. or quite a bad April fools joke10:53
Squirmwas an April Fools joke :p10:54
SquirmI thought it may have been when I read it10:54
Kiloshi Tonberry11:05
Kilosall three of you11:05
kodezthat would be a nice colab11:06
kodezi'm dreaming about M$ adopting linux11:07
Trixar_zaGood luck with that11:08
magespawnnice about alienware supporting linux though11:14
* Squirm yawns11:15
Squirmmagespawn: yeah11:15
Squirmnow just for the games to come :P11:15
kodezi love the alinware specs but i am an amd fan11:16
magespawnhas anyone had a look at steam for ubuntu yet?11:16
SquirmI have11:16
Squirmnot many games available11:16
Squirmat all11:16
magespawnsuppose the will come11:16
Squirmyou can't just play any steam game, needs to be supported11:16
Squirmit will11:16
Squirmcan't even play Dota 211:17
magespawnjsut heard that sony is working with indie game developers for the ps411:17
Squirmnot a console person myself. but I enjoy it for social gaming11:18
Squirmgoing to boot into Windows and try Sim City 4, otherwise maybe some CoD11:19
magespawnhome time for me, later all11:21
Kiloslater magespawn 11:24
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Kiloshi Trix[a]r_za 11:34
kodezgot to go. let's chat again later11:42
SquirmSim City 4 got boring really quickly12:41
Kilosyou need action games Squirm 12:45
Squirmgames are overrated12:45
Kilosna i really enjoyed and spent days/weeks on AOE and red alert12:47
Kilosnow i just play freecell12:47
Kilosoh an OAD inubuntu but its still under developement so can only get better12:49
Kiloszero ad12:49
georgelappieshi all13:31
charlgood afternoon13:38
charlMaaz: coffee on13:38
* Maaz starts grinding coffee13:38
charlit's been a while since i had Maaz's coffee13:38
charlhi Kilos, georgelappies 13:39
georgelappieshi Charl13:39
Kilosohi charl georgelappies 13:39
georgelappieshi Kilos 13:40
KilosMacoffee please13:40
KilosMaaz: coffee please13:40
MaazKilos: Okay13:40
KilosMaaz: large13:40
MaazIn a beer mug just for you Kilos13:40
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!13:42
KilosMaaz: danke13:43
Squirmbeer mug13:43
SquirmMaaz: coffee on13:43
* Maaz flips the salt-timer13:43
SquirmMaaz: mega13:43
MaazSquirm: *blink*13:43
SquirmMaaz: super13:43
MaazSquirm: What?13:43
SquirmMaaz: oversized13:43
MaazSquirm: Sorry...13:43
SquirmMaaz: large13:43
MaazIn a beer mug just for you Squirm13:43
Squirmbeats a cup :)13:43
Kilosgeorgelappies: maaz is our python bot written and maintained by some of the python peeps13:45
georgelappiesHi Maaz 13:47
MaazCoffee's ready for Squirm!13:47
SquirmMaaz: ty13:47
MaazYou are welcome Squirm13:47
georgelappiesWhat all can Maaz do?13:48
Kilosoh my goodness13:49
KilosMaaz: help13:49
MaazKilos: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.13:49
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.13:49
Kilosi mainly use him for googling13:49
georgelappiesMaaz help me with remembering things13:49
Maazgeorgelappies: I use the following features for remembering things: factoid, karma, meeting, memo and seen13:49
MaazAsk me "how do I use ..." for more details.13:49
georgelappiesMaaz how do I use karma13:50
Maazgeorgelappies: Keeps track of karma for people and things. You can use it like this:13:50
Maaz  forget karma for <subject> [[reason]]13:50
Maaz  karma for <subject>13:50
Maaz  [reverse] karmaladder13:50
Maaz  <subject> (++|--|==|ftw|ftl) [[reason]]13:50
georgelappiescool ;)13:50
Squirmgeorgelappies --13:51
Kilostakes some getting used to but great once you have the idea13:51
Kiloshe also keeps messages for peeps.. as by maaz tell nick so and so13:51
georgelappiesdid you guys see the new Ubuntu Alienware gaming machine?13:53
Squirmgeorgelappies: yeah, I pasted the link13:54
Kilosactually not badly priced for a gamong machine hey13:57
georgelappiesThe entry level one's specs is not that great, but it is the idea that counts :D13:57
Kilosoh is that the 599 one?13:58
Kiloswas gonna say an i7 will cost more in za13:58
georgelappiesThe Ubuntu-powered X51 starts at $599, which will get you a 3.3GHz dual-core Core i3-3220, 6GB of RAM, and a GeForce GTX 645 GPU with 1GB of GDDR514:00
georgelappiesAll we need now is for D3 and WoW to be ported to Linux 14:13
SquirmI've played WoW in wine before. was quite good14:40
georgelappiesBiggest worry is that Blizzard blocks the account if they detect any weirdness in the connection. Don't want to loose my characters ;) Those two games are the only reason I still boot into windows at home14:45
somaunnHi everyone16:11
Kiloshi somaunn 16:11
Kiloshows things16:11
somaunnHi kilos16:11
somaunnwhat's new here ?16:11
Kilossame i think16:12
Kilosguys getting ready for next release16:12
somaunnyeah !!!!16:12
somaunni'm actually testing UB 13.04 beta version16:12
Kilosaha and ??16:13
somaunnvery fast and a little bit stable16:13
Kilosthats good16:13
somaunnjust realized that still few tricks need to be done on the graphical side16:13
Kilosstill got those fading windows?16:14
somaunnexcept that, everything works just like a charm 16:14
somaunnout of the box, faster,beautyful and i can even do few things i'm doing with W...816:14
somaunneveryhting works, even the window snapping function its just.... working16:16
somaunnlook like i will take the next ubuntu classroom onlinbe16:16
somaunninline sorry16:16
somaunndouble sorry, online16:17
somaunneven get surprised by firefox 20 release16:19
somaunnit's first came into my UB install but my w..8 couldnt take it16:19
somaunnhad to do it manually16:19
somaunnlet's see now what will be added unto the final UB16:31
Kiloshi smile4ever 17:28
charlhi smile4ever 17:28
Kilosstormers cheetahs game was a major war17:33
Kilossup charl summer coming there yet?17:34
charlnope :)17:35
charlthe days are getting much longer17:35
charlbut the weather remains cold17:35
charlalthough at the moment it actually is a lot better already - 7 degrees here17:36
charlthe maximum temperature for the next few days is predicted to be 10-14 degrees17:36
Kilosnights are cooling down here fast17:37
charlyeah it's the nights you feel the quickest17:37
Kiloswow and the minimum?17:37
charlaround -1 to 617:38
charlsounds warm to me17:38
charli only start complaining if it falls below -5 or so17:38
Kilosi suffer at 10°c17:38
charlwow! ok17:38
Kiloshate the cold17:39
charli'm the opposite - i can't handle the heat17:39
charlwhen it gets 30+ in the summer - you kill me17:39
Kilosi was ok when young and active17:39
charlif you want to kill me please do it quickly don't let me suffer :)17:39
charlwhere i work we have aggressive heating but no cooling17:40
charlso in the winter it is always warm inside (too warm even for my taste - 20+ degrees inside)17:40
Kiloscrazy hey they just cater for winter17:40
charlbut in the summer i am fortunately on the cold side of the building away from the sun, but it's still way too hot17:40
charlon the other side of the building the people suffer17:40
charlyeah and in NL our climate is bad in the summer, sometimes it can get ridiculously hot17:41
charlthey call it "trope" (tropical weather)17:41
charlthen we can go home in the afternoon and work in the evening17:41
charlit's only bad because we have such a damp climate17:41
Kilosyeah very humid17:41
charlthe humidify here is standard 80+ percent17:41
Kiloslike durban17:42
Kiloslekker place17:42
charlat the moment it's good - according to google we have 46%17:42
Kilosim sure you get more oxygen in in humid weather17:42
charlthe moist air makes the winter and the summer worse17:42
charla colleague of mine says in switzerland it can be -10 and you don't feel it so much17:42
charlwhere here it gets -5 and you feel it seriously17:43
charlbut it's drier in switzerland17:43
charlthere high up in the mountains17:43
Kilosya there by heidi's grandpa17:43
smile4everhi Kilos :)17:43
smile4ever& charl17:43
charlwho's heidi? you mean the anime character?17:44
charlwow i watched that as a kid, was a sad story17:44
Kiloshavent you seen the movies17:44
charlthe tv series yes?17:44
Kiloslol 17:44
charlnot the movies no, didn't even know about it17:44
Kilosthey made some with peeps acting17:45
charli think that was probably the first japanese anime series to make it big in the west17:45
Kilosnot drawings17:45
charloh i see, my goodness, lemme look it up17:45
charldo you know which year?17:45
Kilosmaybe ten years back or less17:46
charlthat's from 193717:46
charli'm searching17:46
Kilosunless our stupid tv peeps showed a very old one17:46
charlthere's a 1955 one: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0048152/17:47
charloh here's a 1993 one: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107099/17:47
charli think i got it: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0439197/ (2005)17:47
charlwow so many17:49
charlnever seen any of them17:49
Kiloshaha kids love them17:49
charltoo much drama for me, sad story17:50
Kilosian used to sit and cry everytime heidi fell down17:50
Kiloshe musta been 3 or 4 then17:50
charlyeah that was around the time when the anime series was on17:50
charlwhich i also watched17:50
Kilos30 years ago17:51
charlsorry i meant around the age i was :)17:51
charlnot the time17:52
Kiloshey have you made a plan with picks or postcards for maia?17:52
charlnot yet, not sure what to send actually17:54
charlwhere i live there isn't much interesting, just forest17:54
charlwe have a harbour along one of the rivers that branches out from the rhine17:56
charlbut that is also not pretty17:56
charldespite being in NL there are no windmills here either17:56
charland we have the same cheese everybody else eats :)17:57
charlso yeah no idea17:57
Kilosill try get her to be at the meeting on the 15th then she can tell you guys what she is looking for actually17:59
charlok good idea :)17:59
Kilosshe never missed one but lately life has caught up with her17:59
charli know the feeling17:59
charli used to have that too17:59
Kilosjust plan to be at the meeting, and dont say you forgot 18:00
charli will try, i don't see a problem18:01
charlalthough i don't have much to contribute :)18:01
charli normally just sign my name and then don't say anything :) feels a little silly18:01
Kilosnp just being here counts in the reports18:01
charli do read the conversation though18:01
Kilosi wonder why this channel doesnt grow18:02
charli don't think irc grows much in general at this point18:02
Kilosohi not_found 18:02
charlit's the same old crowd, most new people are on facebook/twitter/google+18:03
Kilosno man other channels have 3  or 400 peeps18:03
Kilosnot all of course18:03
Kiloswhen i see so many i run18:04
charlyeah but those are also the channels who have been around for some time and have the same old crowd18:04
charli hang out on about 3 or 4 different networks18:04
charlthe scenery doesn't change much :)18:04
charlit's the people i have been talking to 4 years ago :)18:04
Squirmheh, charl, I coded a bot that allows people to chat on irc from Facebook, jabber, gtalk, yahoo18:04
charlSquirm: url?18:04
SquirmI wonder if the auto-accept still works18:05
Squirmfor gtalk18:05
charlthere are a number of cross-protocol scripts and bots i have seen18:05
Kilosinetpro: ?18:05
charlbut most of them stop working after a while18:05
Squirmit's really just an advanced relay bot from a bitlbee server. It connects on my side as a server, creates psuedo users. So you actually join the channel18:06
charloh yes i have heard of bitlbee18:06
Squirmso I run a bitlbee server and this python bot18:06
charl"BitlBee brings IM (instant messaging) to IRC clients. It's a great solution for people who have an IRC client running all the time and don't want to run an additional MSN/AIM/whatever client."18:07
charlso you wrote something going in the opposite directionA?18:07
Kiloshow did you manage to get that A there18:08
Kilosfunny kinda typo that18:08
charlno idea18:08
charli was just wondering the same thing actually :)18:08
Squirmpretty much. basically the bot connects to the server, with all it's accounts18:08
Squirmso people are adding the bot connected to bitlbee18:09
charlwhere's the code at?18:09
Squirmhaven't open sourced it yet18:09
Kilosyou getting too clever hey Squirm 18:09
charli was working on a java irc bot myself but to do something different, lemme find the url18:09
SquirmKilos: I did this a few years back :P18:09
Kiloswhew as well18:10
SquirmI developed the first one with mirc script, then tried with delphi(never got it to work so well). now a friend of mine and I did this one in python18:10
Squirmit's been the most advanced and the most stable18:10
charldelphi ?! people still use it?18:11
Squirmonly about 2000 lines of code though18:11
Squirmcharl: that was in '09 :P18:11
Squirmor '0818:11
charleven so :)(18:11
Kilosthats when i first heard of linux and ubuntu18:11
SquirmI've only been on irc since about '0518:12
charllast version of delphi i used was delphi 200518:12
charland by that time delphi was already on its last leg18:12
* Squirm shrugs18:12
SquirmI enjoyed python18:12
Squirm(not a big programmer)18:13
Squirmbut I can and do when I want/have to18:13
Squirmnothing overly advanced and gui based though18:13
Squirmcharl: add  analogueirc@gmail.com18:14
Squirmand you can see18:14
* Squirm shows off18:14
charlas shocking as it is, delphi was bought over by another company18:14
charl"Create Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion applications from a single codebase"18:14
charllol tenet broke18:19
charlall the *.ac.za people going offline now18:20
Kiloscheers charl 18:20
charland they're back18:21
charlok i need to go off and do other thing18:21
charlciao all!18:21
charlciao Kilos 18:21
Kilosbe good18:21
smile4everbye, good night18:30
smile4evergood night, charl :)18:30
smile4everbyebye, Kilos :)18:30
Kilosnight smile4ever 18:30
Kilossleep lekker18:31
smile4everthanks :)18:31
smile4everjy ook18:31
Kilosdankie boeman18:31
Kilosnight all. whoever is still around18:33
Kilossleep tight18:33
somaunnActivity or not 21:12

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