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DIFTOWGood morning :)03:30
DIFTOWI'm a long time03:30
DIFTOWFuckin hell, typing in the dark03:30
DIFTOWI'm a long time Ubuntu user. Since Hardy something, 7 or 803:30
holstein!language | DIFTOW03:31
ubottuDIFTOW: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:31
holsteinDIFTOW: welcome!03:31
DIFTOWI use the latest Ubuntu on my computer. It's fast, so I could go KDE without any issues.03:31
DIFTOWBut I have another computer in the house for my mother, its actually my old PC from 2003, with a 2005-2006 GPU03:31
DIFTOWIt runs XUbuntu03:32
DIFTOWCPU is 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 Intel (so Single Core and 32bit); 1 GB of System Ram; 320 GB HDD PATA 7200 RPM; Nvidia 7300 GT (8x AGP, 512 MB vRam, DX9, don't know clock)03:33
DIFTOWWhen running Firefox and the system monitor, 26% of the Ram is used. That leaves enough for something else to run, surely.03:33
DIFTOWThe computer is able to run Amnesia: The Dark Descent on 720p medium graphics with decent frame rate.03:34
DIFTOWThe issue is that, it seems to have trouble running Farmville 1 and 2, and probably flash in general, but especially those flash apps.03:34
holsteinDIFTOW: i use chrome.. not chromium. the actual google-chrome browser.. chrome has the most recent version of flash that is available to linux03:35
DIFTOWNow, I personally think Farmville is an abomination of a game, but my mom like most middle aged chicks seem to like this crap. I find it sad that superior games can run, and this crap can't, but I'd like to see what can be done to improve performance for it.03:35
holsteinDIFTOW: try chrome03:36
DIFTOWWas using Firefox, I'll try Chrome.03:36
DIFTOWDoes flash run better under chrome?03:36
Unit193You can also technically use it under chromium if you prefer.03:37
holsteinDIFTOW: as i said, and the link above states... adobe provides chrome with the current version of flash..03:37
holsteinUnit193: oh yeah!.. you can copy the flash player out of chrome to chromium.. i forget about that, DIFTOW03:37
Unit193Otherwise, you'll only get security updates to 11.2.03:37
holsteinDIFTOW: but, for you, i would just install google-chrome real quick and test.. then, if you like it, and prefer chromium, you can get that flash player to work in chromium03:38
DIFTOWAlright, Chrome and Chromium are separate though?03:39
DIFTOWRight now I'm installing Chrome.03:39
DIFTOWWhat is the difference?03:39
holsteinDIFTOW: chrome may be downloaded by the link i gave.. chromium is in the default repos03:39
holstein!info | chromium03:39
ubottu'chromium' is not a valid distribution: extras, hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, raring, raring-backports, raring-proposed, stable, testing, unstable03:39
Unit193One is open source, another isn't.03:39
holstein!info | chromium-browser03:39
ubottu'chromium-browser' is not a valid distribution: extras, hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, raring, raring-backports, raring-proposed, stable, testing, unstable03:39
Unit193http://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/ChromiumBrowserVsGoogleChrome here it is.03:40
Unit193!info chromium-browser03:40
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 25.0.1364.160-0ubuntu0.12.10.1 (quantal), package size 26084 kB, installed size 95401 kB03:40
holsteinnot sure why im piping...03:41
DIFTOWI have both03:41
DIFTOWill try Chrome first03:41
Unit193holstein: No idea.  Tracking is the main difference, and I didn't know chromium supported less audio/video codecs.03:42
DIFTOWFirefox needs to get it together03:44
DIFTOWStarting to remind me of my bad memories with IE03:44
xubuntu644Any ideas why my computer can't load xubuntu 64 bit?03:44
holsteinDIFTOW: flash support has nothing to do with ff03:44
DIFTOWFirefox though has had lots of issues though in the past.03:45
DIFTOWMemory leaks03:45
DIFTOWWhen other browsers didn't.03:45
holsteinxubuntu644: but it can load the 32bit version?03:46
DIFTOWi have to close this out to give the computer maximum cpu/ram03:46
DIFTOWill be back03:46
DIFTOWIve checked the Nvidia documentation for the 304 experimental driver04:10
DIFTOWAnd it says it supports the 7300 GT model04:10
DIFTOWBut when I'm on the Farmville page, it says it doesn't detect graphics acceleration.04:11
DIFTOWSo, if I can fix that, performance should improve greatly.04:12
DIFTOWStandard games appear to utilise graphics acceleration, or they'd lag just as bad, so its obvious that the browser or flash is not detecting it.04:12
DIFTOWWithout the GPU im working with 1 GB of Ram, and a 2.4 Ghz Pentium 404:18
DIFTOWWith the GPU: 350 Mhz clock, 333 Mhz memory clock, 512 Mb ram, 4x AGP04:18
DIFTOWDinosaur hardware, but can make a huge difference with an app like this.04:18
DIFTOWIf it can run Amnesia in 720p, then it can run this crappy flash game. But I need graphics acceleration.04:19
DIFTOWIt won't even run youtube without lag.04:28
DIFTOWBut I can play a DVD full screen.04:28
DIFTOWSo its definitely Flash04:28
DIFTOWYeah, i checked video info in youtube04:53
DIFTOWits using software rendering and software decoding04:53
DIFTOWNo hardware acceleration at all! O_o04:53
DIFTOWThis is bull04:53
heoyeause youtube-viewer05:35
DIFTOWIs there anything for Farmville?05:36
DIFTOWTrying to save my mother from throwing a perfectly good computer away.05:37
DIFTOWIF it can run TF2 and CSS, its not worth trashing if she only wants to play a stupid flash game.05:37
DIFTOWYoutube-viewer doesn't show up btw05:39
heoyeaon github05:51
heoyeafarmville, just get an offline game, install wine and play 1 of those similar05:52
DIFTOWits not for me05:55
DIFTOWIts my mother05:55
DIFTOWi wouldnt waste my time on a crappy game like farmville, its her that loves it so much05:55
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jaysqlall of a sudden after a few upgrades, xubuntu has become a bloat on my lapto14:52
jaysqlidont know14:53
drcOK: 1) Define upgrades; do you mean from 11.10 ->12.04 ->12.10 ->13.04B or application updates; say firefox 19 -> firefox 20.  2) define bloat.14:55
jaysqli think i downloaded 12.10 in january14:56
jaysqlit ran fine for a while, recently i just been doing apt-get update, then upgrade without seeing things14:56
jaysqlbut with firefox especially its slow.. probably since 19.02 update14:57
TheSheepfirefox is slow, especially if you have a lot of extensions installed15:09
TheSheepthat's just firefox being firefox15:09
David-Ajaysql: is the disk becoming full? can you see if the laptop is short of ram? (yes, it is a long time trend, many programs use more and more resources, barely noticable, a little at a time)15:14
recon_lapwhat has happened to my bookmarks on firefox, the menu is now dwarf size and none of the bookmark folders open!! is this happening to just me or everyone?16:13
TheSheeprecon_lap: just you16:14
drcI assume you are talking about firefox 20...mine's fine :)16:15
recon_lapyep, FF 20, and my bookmarks are fubar16:25
recon_lapfolders dont open :(16:25
drcTest: 1) close FF; 2)rename ~/.mozilla; 3) reopen FF.  If it remains the same, uninstall FF (remove new ~/.mozilla) and reinstall. If still the same, dunno :(16:27
recon_lapdrc: I'll give that a try. thx for the suggestion16:28
David-Arecon_lap: (not a solution, but, make copies of the bookmarkbackups in ~/.mozilla in case your profile is intentionally or unintentionally removed in the process of fixing this)16:28
David-Awelcome, number 24116:36
* drc looks out for number 2, while shouting "I am not a number, especially not 9."16:38
drcrecon_lap: Still having that FF problem?16:50
recon_lapdrc: yep, but I've not tried to fix it yet16:52
drcrecon_lap: OK, just wondering...have fun.16:55
recon_laplovely, found the problem, my screen is not wide enough lol16:57
drcrecon_lap: you using FF on a phone? :)16:58
recon_lapdrc: on, 15.5 inch screen, the folders open if i get the bookmark dropdown in the middle of the screen .16:59
recon_lapseems the want to open left and not right.17:00
InokiHi there, does anyone know how to backup GIMP shortcuts?19:19
baizonInoki: ?19:19
baizonwhat shortcuts?19:19
Inokibaizon: the regular GIMP shortcuts for tools and such.19:19
Inokibaizon: when you customize GIMP, I mean shortcuts, there has to be a way to back those up.19:20
baizonInoki: http://askubuntu.com/questions/85182/how-do-i-put-back-gimp-scripts-brushes-fonts-etc-after-installing-11-1019:22
Inokibaizon: thanks but that does not cover GIMP keyboard shortcuts.19:23
baizonInoki: http://askubuntu.com/questions/100360/where-are-keyboard-shortcuts-stored19:24
bazhangtry in #gimp Inoki19:24
Inokibazhang, baizon, thanks guys, I'll try.19:25
Inokifound it, it's under /home/<username>/.gimp-2.8/menurc19:34
HerbertWesthello there19:35
HerbertWestI need to open file manager with root privileges, do u know the cmd for terminal?19:37
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)19:37
HerbertWestty iknow that19:37
bazhangand thats it19:38
bazhanga file manager is graphical19:38
HerbertWestyup i know that.. I need filemanager name19:38
bazhangthunar ?19:39
HerbertWestgksu nautilus19:39
bazhangfor xubuntu?19:39
HerbertWestfor xubuntu19:39
HerbertWestdone, fi ty19:39
HerbertWestthunar lol .. I have long time without use xubuntu19:40
amilo-l7310whello, i have an old notebook and i just installed xubuntu. The problem is that the usb ports doesn't seem to work19:57
holsteinamilo-l7310w: i would test the hardware inependently of the OS19:58
amilo-l7310wif i restart my notebook an plug  the mouse into the usb it works but very slowly19:59
amilo-l7310wi have tried many mouses and behave the same20:00
amilo-l7310wholstein you have a point, because i have tried 3 distro of linux and the same problem20:03
baizonwell, then its hardware related i think20:04
amilo-l7310wi have to mention that the notebook is new, i have just opened after so many years20:05
amilo-l7310wit has 3 usb ports and they behave the same way, they can recognize the mouse (which moves slowly) only if i restart my netbook20:08
xubuntu247what are the requirments for xubuntu?20:13
Unit193What do you have?20:13
xubuntu247its a old toughbook with a p3 in it. im trying to breath new life in it haha20:14
bekksxubuntu247: How much RAM does it have?20:15
xubuntu247256 mb20:15
bekksYou're better of with lubuntu then.20:16
daz646New to xubuntu so just saying hi.20:16
xubuntu247ok thankyou20:16
Unit193daz646: Howdy!20:16
GridCubeO: OH NO20:18
GridCubei didnt realized and updated firefox20:18
xubuntu247do you know of any other flavors that will work for me?20:23
Unit193GridCube: Problem?20:24
Unit193xubuntu247: AntiX, SliTaz, Puppy, maybe siduction, etc.20:24
trollboyHowdy, A quick question.. if I click an icon on the bottom bar, is there a way to make it just bring the currently running app to focus in lieu of launching another copy?22:08
David-Atrollboy: you need a dock, there are several, I don't know which is best22:10
trollboyah, I see.. sorry I thought it was a dock.  Thanks David, I'll start shopping!22:10
GridCubetrollboy, yes, a dock like docky or avn22:11
GridCubenot to be confused with the other avn tho22:11
David-Atrollboy: it is just a panel with launchers, with settings not to use the whole width (if yours is not using the whole width, that is)22:11
trollboyYup I gotcha, thanks.  I was just running off a false assumption, I'm dock shopping now.  Thanks GridCube I'll check those out, and yeah I've got to the AVN Awards several times so I'm sure I don't need on of those right now22:13
David-A:) I assume you've already googled it with corrected spelling22:16
jacklkWill Xubuntu run on a 2.8GHz Pentium + 1GB RAM?22:22
Dr^Fetslikely well22:26
Dr^Fetsmore than 512mb should be fine22:30
Dr^FetsI am running one system with athlon xp2400 and 1gb22:31
Dr^Fetsand a vm with 512mb22:31

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