KakaduHey. I continue writing script for package system and now I want to do this thing08:08
KakaduLet I'm on revision 5. If I execute `bzr pull` than I will be automatically switched to revision N. Are there any way to rint changed files between this two revisions?08:09
KakaduN.B. I don't know concrete numbers of revisions. It will be great if magic option for pull exists.08:11
LarstiQKakadu: -v, so `bzr pull -v`08:31
KakaduLarstiQ: And how should I grab in my script changed files after that?08:35
LarstiQKakadu: ehm, what is your script trying to do?08:36
KakaduI want to check updates from remote repo and print changed files (if they exists)08:37
Kakadufor example `git diff ` have `--name-only` option08:37
LarstiQKakadu: aha08:39
LarstiQKakadu: so why not use `bzr status -r old..new` then?08:40
Kakaduto use it my script should know these two numbers. Can I easily get them or should I parse `bzr log`?08:44
LarstiQKakadu: `bzr revno` before and after the pull for example08:48
KakaduLarstiQ: great!08:56
fullermdMay not be reliable depending on your workflow; may want to grab the revids instead.10:32
lifelessshould be fine as long as you set the option to prevent mainline revno pivots10:46
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