hazmatanybody around..14:44
hazmati'd liike some vetting of my approach for deploy-to14:44
hazmatin core14:44
fwereade_hazmat, heyhey15:41
fwereade_hazmat, didn't know you were planning to grab that, but I'm delighted if you are :)15:42
hazmatfwereade_, twas assigned to me friday, and i did say i'd take it up.. so yeah.. diving in.15:47
hazmatfwereade_, do you have a minute for a g+?15:47
* hazmat preps a diff15:47
fwereade_hazmat, sure15:47
hazmatfwereade_, here's a diff of the approach.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5686584/15:47
hazmatfwereade_, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/1a13f8d6e06fde8d8ce9f9f4a1219b62f75ee409?authuser=0&hl=en15:49
thumperoh ffs22:06
thumpertrunk tests failing for me22:06
thumpergah, in two places...22:07
thumperhi davecheney23:34
thumperdavecheney: how are you doing?23:34
thumperdavecheney: as usual, I have questions :)23:34
davecheneythumper: and you believe I have answers ?23:41
thumperdavecheney: for some at least :)23:41
davecheneythis is becoming increasingly untrue23:41
thumperdavecheney: firstly...23:41
thumperdavecheney: can I get you to pull trunk,23:41
davecheneyscience says that you cannot be just an observer in a system, you are also a participant23:41
thumperdavecheney: and cd into the bzr package and run the tests23:41
davecheneythumper: sure23:41
davecheneytwo secs23:41
thumperdavecheney: I'm guessing it will fail23:41
davecheneyyeah, i saw that proposal23:42
davecheneywell, read the title23:42
davecheney... testing23:43
thumperif it fails, then go `bzr merge lp:~thumper/juju-core/fix-bzr-test` and rerun the test23:43
davecheneygetting regex match23:44
davecheneythis whole multiple series thing is getting me down23:45
davecheneyeither we all use one series23:45
davecheneyor we need build bots on every series23:45
thumperdavecheney: so you're tests pass/23:45
davecheneythey do not pass23:45
davecheneymatch == fail23:45
davecheneybzr_test.go:69: c.Assert(string(output), Matches, "(?s).*revision-id: "+revid+"\n.*message:\n.*my log message\n.*added:\n.*myfile .*")23:46
davecheney... value string = "" +23:46
thumperok, can you merge my branch and rerun23:46
thumperI'm happy to merge a test failure like this with one approval :)23:46
thumpers/test failure/test failure fix/23:46
davecheneythumper: tests pass23:48
davecheneyLGTM, please submit23:48
thumper https://codereview.appspot.com/8500043/23:48
thumperwanna mark that23:48
thumperand I'll submit23:48
thumperdavecheney: worker/uniter/context.go around line 14223:50
thumperdavecheney: it seems to me that we are closing the outWriter pipe before waiting for the process to finish23:50
thumperdavecheney: this looks suspicious to me23:50
thumperdavecheney: am I missing something, or does it look weird to you too?23:51
thumpermy first assumption is that I'm missing something23:51
davecheneythumper: that is the subject of literally months of arguing23:51
thumperah... wat?23:51
davecheneybeforewarned that digging in there involves interfacing deeply with roger and willam23:51
davecheneythumper: are you fixing a test failure bug ?23:52
thumperwhat was the arguing?23:52
davecheneythat one comes up over and over again23:52
davecheneythumper: about the correct way to fix it23:52
thumperdavecheney: no, I was looking around the serialisation of hook execution on a machine23:52
thumperso reading the uniter code23:53
* davecheney finds the bug23:53
thumperI'm wonering why if this was after a long time of arguing, why there is no comment there23:53
davecheneybecause most of our arguments end in a stalemate23:55
* thumper cracks open a can of worms23:56
thumperdavecheney: do you know the area of code where multiple hooks can be executed at one time?23:56
thumperit seems to be related to subordinates23:56
davecheneyand this causes deadlocks on the apt cache etc ?23:58
davecheneyisn't this william's 'serialized hook execution'23:58

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