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valorieI was just testing skype for a person in #kubuntu in 13.04 -- seems ok in 32-bit, but sound is horrible in 64-bit08:24
valorietbh, I didn't test the sound in 32-bit, but it didn't core-dump like it did for the person in #k08:24
smartboyhw_Mamarok: How many 4.10.2 updates have you received now?09:11
lordievaderGood morning09:12
smartboyhw_Hello lordievader:)09:13
lordievaderHey smartboyhw_, how are you doing today?09:14
smartboyhw_lordievader: good.09:18
smartboyhw_lordievader: Can you do some flavour for me and change the "IS RELEASED" on the topic to just "is"? You don't need op for that.09:26
lordievadersmartboyhw_: I have never changed a topic before...09:26
lordievaderIs the command /topic "new topic"?09:27
smartboyhw_lordievader: Try.09:27
smartboyhw_lordievader: /TOPIC #kubuntu-devel (topic)09:28
=== lordievader changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | Upgrade QA : http://kubuntu-qa.dyndns.org/ | https://trello.com/kubuntu | https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-ninjas http://kyofel.dyndns.org/kubuntu/build_status_4.10.2_raring.html | Go test konvi 1.5 ! | Kubuntu 13.04 Beta 2 is OFFICIALLY released http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/13.04/beta-2
smartboyhw_lordievader um delete the OFFICIALLY please:)09:30
lordievadersmartboyhw_: Ah keep the link?09:31
smartboyhw_lordievader: Just delete the word OFFICIALLY. 09:31
smartboyhw_Keep the link.09:31
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: still incomplete, 09:31
Mamarokkde-workspace kde-workspace-data kde-workspace-data-extras kdeartwork kdenetwork kdeplasma-addons kdetoys kscreensaver-xsavers-extra kscreensaver-xsavers-webcollage plasma-scriptengines are held back09:31
=== lordievader changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | Upgrade QA : http://kubuntu-qa.dyndns.org/ | https://trello.com/kubuntu | https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-ninjas http://kyofel.dyndns.org/kubuntu/build_status_4.10.2_raring.html | Go test konvi 1.5 ! | Kubuntu 13.04 Beta 2 is released http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/13.04/beta-2
lordievadersmartboyhw_: Like so?09:32
=== yofel changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | Upgrade QA : http://kubuntu-qa.dyndns.org/ | https://trello.com/kubuntu | https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-ninjas | Go test konvi 1.5 ! | Kubuntu 13.04 Beta 2 is released http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/13.04/beta-2
Mamarokso not all 250+ packages yet09:33
Mamarokyofel: why did you remove the raring status? It's stil pretty incomplete09:33
Mamarokapparently google gadgets are still makred as a dependency, wasn't that removed already?09:34
smartboyhw_Mamarok um why not?09:36
smartboyhw_lordievader: Thanks809:36
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: Seems some dependency isuses, and when I try to install kde-workspace it tries to remove all metapackages09:37
Mamarokinstalling the rest, will tell you exactly what is wrong in a few minutes09:37
lordievadersmartboyhw_: Hehe, no problem ;)09:38
smartboyhw_Mamarok that's weird.09:41
smartboyhw_Mamarok our status page doesn't have build errors, just the lintian errors.09:41
smartboyhw_Mamarok: What metapackages does it want to remove?09:41
Mamarokkubuntu-desktop and the other kubuntu-* ones09:42
Mamarokbut I will tell you exactly what is wrong in a minute, when the current dpkg is done09:43
* smartboyhw_ didn't expect KDE SC 4.10.2 packaging will be such a problem compared to the previous ones.09:43
smartboyhw_Mamarok: Probably there is some problem with the source metapackage kubuntu-meta09:44
Mamarokyofel: apparently it still looking for the obsolete google gadgets, at leat that what cmake says, and I am pretty sure I have seen them removed in master09:44
smartboyhw_But then the last version is me adding plasma-mediacenter into active. Can't be.09:44
Mamarokas a dependency, but maybe after the 4.10.2 was tagged09:44
Mamarokhere we go: http://paste.kde.org/717722/09:47
smartboyhw_Mamarok: Maybe they aren't uploaded or accepted into the queue or got build errors. Lemme check.09:51
smartboyhw_Mamarok: Eee there are upload problems with kde-workspace .09:53
smartboyhw_Mamarok: Clearly the amd64 package wasn't fully built.09:57
yofelMamarok: that's the raring PPA status, *that* is done09:58
yofelI need to add a check for missing packages to that script and add support for tracking the archive at some point09:59
yofelbut that's for next time09:59
smartboyhw_yofel: I'm checking what's the problem with kde-workspace09:59
yofelINFO Upload was rejected:10:00
yofelINFO Server said: 10:00
* yofel retries10:01
smartboyhw_yofel: OK10:02
yofelthere's plenty 4.10.2 missing in raring10:06
yofelat least when going by the upload mails in raring-changes10:06
smartboyhw_yofel: Yesterday one guy asked why Ubuntu Studio doesn't use Unity. I and zequence (our Project Lead) wrote our longest G+ comments to rebutt him:P10:06
smartboyhw_yofel: DAMN10:07
smartboyhw_Somebody take off the 4.10.2 announcement please (AGAIN)…10:07
smartboyhw_Riddell, shadeslayer: ^10:08
Mamarok*sigh*, why do you folks not TEST stuff before you make announcements?10:10
MamarokI didn't say it worked AFAICR10:11
yofelsmartboyhw_: wait10:11
smartboyhw_Mamarok: Be 10:11
smartboyhw_because it DOES work in Ninjas PPA10:11
yofelMamarok: we usually do test - this time for some reason things went wrong AFTER testing10:12
yofelpartly because launchpad became a bit unreable lately10:12
smartboyhw_yofel: +110:12
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: ninja is not a valid test apparnetly, I have seen numerous build problems in backports in the past10:12
Mamaroknext time ask me to test the backports PPA before publishing announcements10:13
yofelsmartboyhw_: nevermind, seems like some mails vanished here10:13
yofelsmartboyhw_: so it looks up10:13
smartboyhw_yofel: Go to #launchpad and complain? :P10:13
smartboyhw_Mamarok: We will do it:) But we can't ensure for Raring. If you want test, enable -proposed10:14
yofelMamarok: managing our backports has quite a few pitfalls lately. So I'm partly to blame for not writing those down before Riddell fell for them10:15
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: there have been so many problems between ninja and final in the past, I found a lot of them, so don't publish until you really have tested the ebd location10:15
smartboyhw_Mamarok: It is extremely well when we do 4.10 and
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: well, maybe, but there have been problems in the past, so not testing is stupid10:16
Mamarokand as I said, you need to test the final location before publishing10:16
yofelMamarok: that's not *his* fault alone10:17
Mamarokelse that is not what I call testing10:17
Mamarokyofel: I didn't say it was10:17
MamarokI said *folks*, not a name10:17
yofelah ok10:17
smartboyhw_Mamarok: And when we put it in -backports people might have been upgraded before we can finish off the testing in -backports.10:17
yofelI do test when I publish the backports. Problem was that I was *theoretically* on vacation last week10:17
Mamarokyofel: I know10:18
Mamarokwhy not ask me? I am usually around10:18
Mamarokjust don't ask me to build packages10:18
smartboyhw_And you can't blame me anyway, I didn't do the packaging for 4.10.2. Just that people have lifes.10:18
yofelheh, sure :)10:18
smartboyhw_Mamarok: LOL please learn:)10:18
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: I didn't blame you10:18
smartboyhw_Mamarok: We do make mistakes. 10:19
smartboyhw_We didn't ex10:19
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: nah, I hat the debian build system with passion, I never managed to build something working10:19
smartboyhw_pect it to go so wring10:19
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: stop appologizing, that is not going anywhere,let's just do the tests correctly, again, I didn't blame you for anything10:19
Mamarokit is our way of testing that is not good apparently10:19
Mamarokone person is not enough10:20
smartboyhw_Mamarok: I cant now anyway10:20
smartboyhw_!testers | please test KDE SC 4.10.2 in raring-proposed and the Backports PPA10:20
ubottuplease test KDE SC 4.10.2 in raring-proposed and the Backports PPA: Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan, lordievader for information.10:20
Mamarokyofel: so what should I enable to test?10:21
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: I know that10:21
Mamarokis there a wiki page detailing the steps? That should be in that testers call10:21
Mamarok"in raring-proposed" is unknown to me, so where and how?10:22
smartboyhw_OK we need to put Mamarok in the testers factoid.10:22
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: no10:22
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: I can't give help, I need instructions10:22
yofelsmartboyhw_: I'm not sure whether we should call for testing in -proposed10:22
lordievaderI can test this, will take a while though. Old raring install.10:22
lordievaderBut I too need to know what to enable.10:23
* Mamarok waits for isntructions, a wiki or a website, anything...10:23
smartboyhw_ubottu: no !testers #kubuntu-devel is <reply>: Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan, lordievader for information.10:23
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: don't add me in there10:24
yofelalso wait10:24
Mamarokand without a link to precise isntructions that factoid is pointless10:24
yofelthere's no sense in testing raring until kde-workspace amd64 is done10:24
smartboyhw_yofel: Mamarok: I will add a wiki link when you give me one10:24
smartboyhw_Tm_T: please hold the factoid.10:24
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: I am the one needing to know, don't ask me :)10:25
Mamarok*sigh* at so much confusion, could we talk less and just give the isntructions correctly?10:25
lordievaderMamarok: That would be helpfull :)10:25
yofelthat's why I said, wait10:25
smartboyhw_Mamarok: :p The problem is that there mighr not be one.10:25
Mamaroksmartboyhw_: please stop highlighting me10:25
Mamarokthat is very annoying, I am reading10:26
smartboyhw_Mamarok: OK.10:26
* smartboyhw_ has never been told off of highlighting people...10:26
yofel-proposed is meant as an embargo location for packages while they haven't finished building10:26
yofelso lets wait till kde-workspace is done, then test raring WITHOUT proposed10:27
smartboyhw_yofel: OK.10:27
lordievaderyofel: So let me get this staight, update without enabeling any extra repo's?10:28
yofellordievader: right, but only once https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace/4:4.10.2-0ubuntu1 reaches 'release'10:28
yofelcurrently it's in 'proposed'10:29
lordievaderSounds like a plan :)10:29
Mamaroklordievader: can you ping me if you see it earlier?10:32
lordievaderMamarok: Will do.10:33
smartboyhw_Need to go for dinner, see ya.10:35
Quintasanshadeslayer: ping10:42
smartboyhwHello! About to eat dinner at a Chinese restaurant:)11:18
smartboyhwIs kde-workspace amd64 built?11:19
Mamarokstill building11:20
Mamarokdo you want a ping when it is done?11:20
yofelfinished building now, now it needs to be published, accepted to release by britney. Will take a bit11:21
lordievaderHow long does something like this normally take?11:21
yofelkde-workspace needs at least an hour to build, the publishing usually at most half an hour. But I'm not sure how fast britney ist with the release move11:22
Mamarokis britney a bot or a person?11:23
yofelbot, a modified version of the software that handles the unstable->testing move in debian11:23
lordievaderOk thank you, yofel :)11:24
yofelgeh, we need to test MESA https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2013-April/037008.html11:34
MamarokOK, 50 more packages showing up now, kdeartwork kdenetwork kdeplasma-addons kdetoys kscreensaver-xsavers-extra kscreensaver-xsavers-webcollage still held back11:59
Mamaroklordievader: ^11:59
lordievaderMamarok: Ah it is released :).12:04
Mamaroknow I have this http://paste.kde.org/717752/12:10
lordievaderPhew that is going to take a while 227 packages that can be upgraded.12:14
Mamaroklordievader: well, still some missing stuff12:15
MamarokI upgraded over 250 by now12:16
lordievaderMamarok: We'll see how far this goes, and if it succeeds...12:16
* Mamarok shakes fist at Arch for screwing up their Amarok package...12:17
lordievaderI'm going to go to the supermarket, be back later.12:17
Mamarok10 days ago, and still not fixed, and tehy call themselves a Linux distro12:17
Mamarokoh wow, the Ubuntu wiki is terribly slow in saving a small edit12:22
yofelMamarok: most of those packages should be dep-wait on kde-workspace. Should fix itself in a few hours12:30
* yofel off12:30
lordievaderBack, lets see where the update is.12:45
lordievaderUpdate is done without errors.12:45
lordievaderRunning 4.10.2 on that machine, rebooted and logged in without problems.12:49
MamarokI still have 6 packages held back12:55
lordievaderMamarok: Dist-upgrade wont install them either?12:56
Mamarokonly one of them12:56
smartboyhwwill disconnect, back at home and switch to wifi13:00
BluesKajHiyas all13:29
shadeslayerQuintasan: pong13:35
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Mamaroknow I have all the packages, 28 were missing16:37
smartboyhw_Mamarok: \o/16:45
Mamarok22 actually, part were others16:45
MamarokOK, food now16:45
smartboyhw_yofel + shadeslayer uh hum look at http://kubuntu-qa.dyndns.org/17:20
yofelsmartboyhw_: that is not actually doing anything productive17:27
yofelsmartboyhw_: my test runs still yield very varying results, like http://kyofel2.dyndns.org/upgrade0/ or http://yofel.dyndns.org/kubuntu/upgrade2/17:28
yofelthat should MATCH17:28
Mamarokhm, restarting KDE after the upgrade, my external monitor is not used anymore, although the kcm shows the correct settings. All I get is a "Display port no signal" message on the monitor. Hardware works, that only happens when starting KDE17:43
MamarokI have to unify the outputs and then reconfigure the monitor to make it work correctly, on loging out and back in again all is lost17:46
* Mamarok tries to find the config file for that17:46
yofelkscreen has config files in .kde/share/apps/kscreen/17:46
yofelnamed by some profile hash17:46
Mamarokyes, and strangely I have two of them, one only has the primary screen configured17:48
Mamarokwould erasing that one help? The date is from a week ago, strange enough17:49
Mamarokthe other file from a few minutes ago, has both configurations17:49
Mamaroklordievader: what is this Quest guy doing, learning to administer a server? He should maybe read the LPI 101 first17:53
yofelno idea, afiestas_ would know what's stored in those files17:53
MamarokI moved the old one out of the way, and we will see how it behaves when I log back in17:53
lordievaderMamarok: He is trying to limit what sftp can do or something... I'm not really sure.17:54
Mamarokwell, I have the impression he is trying to configure a file server, but doesn't have a clue17:54
yofelsetting up FTPS would probably be easier...17:54
yofelor just limiting the user permissions17:54
lordievaderAsk/suggest, I'd say.17:55
Mamarokhow about asking him?17:55
Mamaroklordievader: but what he does there is material for #ubuntu-server18:02
Mamarokas it has nothing t do with KDE18:02
lordievaderMamarok: I believe I already told him once to go to #ubuntu-server...18:03
Mamarokyes you did, and maybe it would be good to remind him that channel again18:03
kubotu::qt-bugs:: [1155687] KDE session didn't start after upgrading from Quantal to Raring Beta 1. Fixed after instal... @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1155687 (by avlas)23:19

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