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Frankb_Hi, is there an admin of launchpad.net?15:22
Frankb_I have problem with uploading a file, anybody can help?15:23
maxbFrankb_: It's a weekend, you'd probably be better off filing a question for someone to answer later. https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion15:32
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dobeysigh. someone is spamming the crap out of launchpad bugs with "out of office" messages, which of course replies to its own messages in an infinite loop23:48
StevenKdobey: Link me the bug numbers, it's being handled23:48
dobeyStevenK: ah, well i am not seeing mesages on the bugs, but am seeing lots of e-mails coming in23:49
lifelessdobey: the mail headers should have a bug number in them23:52
dobey1162178 is one of the bugs23:53
wgrantThe Bugs UI suppresses consecutive identical messages23:56
wgrantBut that bug doesn't seem to have any23:56
wgrantThe emails are *empty*?23:56
dobeynot sure if body is empty. my procmail is filtering them all to /dev/null, so i can't really see the headers so much, outside of the subject line. but there are a lot of them so its kind of making my procmail go nuts23:58
wgrantThe body is empty, and they've now been stopped23:59
wgrantThanks for letting us know23:59
dobeyand a lot of them don't seem to even have the bug headers23:59
wgrantThough I suspect I'll find out once I open my email client...23:59

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