tataafter installation of Lubuntu 12.10, when I start computer, I dont have choice of windows or Lubuntu, how to fix that?09:58
lxlehow do i access virtual terminals? (usually accessed through Ctrl-Alt Fn)16:18
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CompyHey guys, On lubuntu 12.10, I am trying to disable the screensaver. I did so through the power management options, I even made a cron that calls xscreensaver-command -deactivate once a minute. If I just leave the PC at the desktop, the screen never blanks, if I run a custom application that runs in fullscreen mode, the screen will blank after 10 mins until I hit a key on the keyboard.. What gives?18:53
CompyI am running xfce18:53
CompyI also tried xset s off and xset s noblank to no avail18:54
gomiboyCompy: i once fought your same battle, iirc i won using xset -dpms19:01
Compygomiboy: Yeah, I did that as well, xset -q states that DPMS is disabled19:01
gomiboyCompy: mmm... try setting the options in xorg.conf then... like: Option "NoPM"19:19
cerebrate2 virii detected by clamscan, then what?20:02
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Vivekanandaanoone here23:20
Vivekanandahelp plz I have my fonts stuck23:20
Vivekanandathey have all turned white for some windows and a white background . I dont know how to get them back up23:20

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