stlsaintduanedesign: ping01:36
holsteinrostam: what you are trying to do is something i personally havent done, but if you need more space, i would try and claim that space02:39
holsteinshould be able to mount a new partition on a hard drive to whatever directory you need02:39
r4yUnhandled error in Deferred:Traceback (most recent call last):Failure: twisted.internet.error.DNSLookupError: DNS lookup failed: address 'deluge-torrent.org' not found: [Errno -5] No address associated with hostname.02:40
holsteinr4y: what are you trying to do?02:41
r4ydeluge doesn't upload and alsomakes Firefox not work or not work well, either that or something else os the problem02:41
r4yI didn't look in the xsession-errors file when I was talking to geirha02:43
holsteinr4y: i use transmission.. i would try and isolate what is going on02:43
holsteinif you think deluge is causing an issue with ff, close deluge and test02:43
holsteinwhen i ping deluge-torrent.org the results are not great02:44
holsteinwhat would i do? test from a live CD to rule out the OS. test with a different user to rule out my config. test with different dns servers02:45
r4yOK, try transmission then02:45
r4yDeprecationWarning) /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/deluge/core/core.py:508: DeprecationWarning: Use get_session_status().   warnings.warn("Use get_session_status().",02:48
r4yI tried sudo apt-get build-dep for all the dependencies I have installed for all I have installed related to Deluge02:49
r4yunless I am missing a packge and their were other pakages Deluge related I don't have installed02:50
holstein!info deluge02:52
ubot93deluge (source: deluge): bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.5-1ubuntu4 (quantal), package size 17 kB, installed size 89 kB02:52
holsteinr4y: i would just use the one in the repos02:52
r4yI am using 10.04 lucid lynx02:53
holsteini would upgrade to 12.0402:54
holsteinyou can always just try a 12.04 live CD, and see what works more easily02:54
r4yYou know how I feel about, sorry no02:55
holsteinactually, i dont02:56
holsteindesktop support is about over02:56
holsteinr4y: its just a live CD.. try the 12.04 xubuntu live CD, and see how similar it is to stock 10.04, and how much easier it is to get things working03:00
r4yThat's true03:00
holsteinyou just going to use 10.04 for a few more weeks and move to some other distro?03:01
r4ySorry, I just Ubuntu 12.04 the way it is mades me sort of sick to stomach03:01
r4yI really really like Ubuntu 10.04 with a passion, I don't see how I can move on03:02
r4yI don't see how others can move on so easy03:02
holsteinr4y: you will when the support is up, in a few weeks03:02
r4yit was perfect imo03:02
holsteinr4y: xubuntu is xfce03:02
holsteinxfce is a lot like the old gnome203:02
r4yI tried them03:02
holsteinr4y: enjoy the next few weeks then03:02
r4yI didn't give them enough I guess though03:03
r4yI don't see how meaning even if I new how to file bug reports I wouldn't know what to file but at least there are options03:04
r4yin the given as well03:04
r4yMore like hell inmy eyes03:04
r4ylol o well03:04
holsteinwell, "i dont like it" isnt a bug03:04
r4yno I am talking about the different problem I have been having03:05
holsteinr4y: you are installing applications not made for 10.04 in 10.04, which is near EOL03:06
r4ylubuntufor instance has the gecko plugin working03:06
r4yhow can that be ported over to ubuntu 10.04?03:06
holsteinr4y: you can port what you like where you like.. its all open03:06
r4yand fixing deluge, but at least there is other options for torrenting clients03:07
holsteinthere is likely nothing wrong with deglue03:07
r4yI asked here many times but no one was here about how to get that gecko plugin to work for Firefox03:07
holsteinr4y: for firefox in 10.0403:08
holsteinthats what you are asking03:08
r4yRight I didn't say yet that geirha said it could be my router for instance03:08
holsteini would just use a PPA, if there is one, to add the current ff to 10.0403:08
r4yyes gecko in Firefox 2003:08
r4yactually for lubuntu firefox is version 1103:08
r4yon 12.04 of lubuntu03:08
r4yHm, OK03:09
r4yppa, I guessI didn't think of that03:09
r4ywhat is current?03:09
holsteinr4y: i dont use ff03:10
holsteini would get a lubuntu or xubuntu live CD, and fire it up03:10
holsteinsudo apt-get install deluge... use the current ff03:10
holsteinget used to xfce or lxce03:10
holsteini have ff 19.0.2 in 12.0403:11
holsteinr4y: gnome2 is gone.. and ubuntu didnt do anything03:11
holsteinr4y: ubuntu is providing the most current version of gnome in the repos just like it always has03:11
wilee-nileeholstein, FF 20 is in the repos now. ;)03:11
holsteinwilee-nilee: i dont use ff03:12
wilee-nileeholstein, Ah,.03:12
holsteini have to say, i *loved* ubuntu 10.04.. i could set it up quickly.. and i liked the 3d stuff03:12
holsteini dont miss it for myself anymore though03:13
r4yI didn't use compiz fusion03:13
holsteinbut, when i set up boxes for others, thats when i miss it..03:13
r4ymy brother set it up and was a resource hog03:13
holsteinr4y: i cant imagine what about gnome2 i couldnt replace with xfce03:13
holsteinr4y: if i didnt use compiz03:13
holsteinr4y: some say, gnome2 is a resource hog compared to xfce03:14
holsteinr4y: i feel like you are on a boat that is going down, and im trying to convince you.. and you arent listening03:14
holstein..here are the facts03:15
holsteinthat desktop *is* EOL in a few weeks03:15
holsteinxfce *is* very similar to gnome2 in look/feel/functionality ...only a bit lighter03:15
holsteinthere is a new version of ubnuntu freely available for you to try out via live CD03:15
holsteinother than that, you are on your own03:16
holsteinin a few weeks, you wont even be able to ask questions about 10.04 desktop in support channels. it will be OT03:16
r4yI am trying but it means change, I just don't know where to go and how which is also about opinion I don't just know about intil I know and I don't know so it's not your fault03:16
holsteinr4y: it cant be my fault.. its also not *anyones* fault03:17
holsteinits an upgrade, and you dont like it.. and thats fine03:17
r4yI know03:17
holsteinbut its happening.. gnome2 is EOL..03:17
holsteinubuntu didnt do it... canonnical didnt do it.. its just EOL.. from gnome03:17
holsteinplus, i dont consider it much of a change from gnome2 to xfce03:17
holsteinwhat are you missing? nautilus? run nautilus.. i do03:18
holsteini use nautilus in openbox cause i like the functionality03:18
r4yI bookmarked openbox,I'venever tried it. I am really sorry about all this. Things will be fine, I will have to find a direction, I need to go03:32
flyinprogramersoo i'm dual booting my desktop; how do I disable ubuntu from mounting my windows partitions; i was hoping it would mean commenting out a couple lines in my FSTAB; but it appears with 12.10 something else is in charge; because only my root partition is listed there :|10:10
r4yAre evilduanedesign and duanedesign the same person?12:57
r4yholstein apparently my router doesn't support upnp15:38
r4ynow deluge doesn't say no incomming connections15:39
r4yAlso I gathered some links related to what I wasn't saying when you asked. I just didn't want to have to explain myself again, but I understand how that can be a bad thing so anyways, sorry for this but15:40
r4yOK, sorry but it took me a long time to gather those links15:43
r4yTake care peace out and sorry, bye15:43
r4yAlso this: http://imagebin.org/25311215:51
r4yAnd as shown before in one of the logs: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linuxquestions-org-member-success-stories-23/getting-flash-plug-in-to-work-with-older-cpus-4175420481/15:51
r4yWhat I last typed was for duan not holstein15:55
andreanyone here to help me please?16:19
wilee-nileeandre, Statew your problem for help. ;)16:24
andreok wilee16:27
andrei have ubuntu 12.10  and my graphical card is Mobile IntelĀ® GM45 Express Chipset x86/MMX/SSE216:27
andrebut the colors  appears that way http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/827/capturadeecrade20130407.png/16:28
andrei find a webpage with drivers maybe for my videocard  https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads/2013/2013q1-intel-graphics-stack-release16:29
andrebut i dont know how to install16:29
andremaybe you is my help16:30

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