smartboyhw_dholbach: What made you so happy that you want to kiss G+?:P09:23
IdleOneWhere does someone go to get info on Ubuntu Certification Exams?17:07
bkerensaIdleOne: They don't exist anymore17:07
IdleOnebkerensa: any official announcement I can point a user to?17:07
bkerensaIdleOne: No but this was the original http://www.ubuntu.com/news/ubuntucert17:08
bkerensaLPI and Canonical stopped offering them17:08
bkerensaIdleOne: my understanding is that some of the content still exists in one of the LPIC modules but that you cannot get "Ubuntu Certified Professional" certs anymore17:09
IdleOnebkerensa: thanks for the info17:11
IdleOneWould be helpful if Canonical mentioned somewhere that the certs are no longer offered.17:13
bkerensaIdleOne: :) They do need to clean up portions of ubuntu.com lots of tidbits hanging around that are not relevant and confuse people17:16
bkerensaIdleOne: they still have a release somewhere about a conference they used to do with O'Reilly as a result people have asked in past where that is but it too ended17:16
IdleOneheh tidbits, funny choice of words for a huge chunk of missing/erroneous info17:20
IdleOnebut I hear ya :)17:20
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